Aug 25, 2015

Doing Root Canal (dental) in Manila

*Sponsored review* 

I went to Manila (Philippines ) last month for some dental treatment. Many people were curious why I went to Philippines and whenever I told them I was going there to fix my teeth , I got the exact same reply "What?! All the way there?!".

Seriously guys, you guys must have superbly blessed teeth to not understand the extend of damage and COST dental works can jack up.

So a couple of months back, a big filling from one of my molar teeth fell off and I was left with a gapping hole in my molar teeth; the teeth at the back that does most of the chewing. I went to 2 dentist in Singapore and both suggested doing root canal treatment to save the teeth. As it seemed like the nerve of the teeth was already affected, the only way to save the teeth was to do root canal. The other alternative was to yank it out completely and then install a fake tooth in. I'm not sure about you but at my age, root canal seemed like the best solution. I bring age into the equation because your body health plays a part in the resistance of your teeth and how long it can last. That's why most elder people go for dentures instead while younger people would do root canals.

Anyway I digressed.

So I inquired about the cost of a root canal treatment and was bewildered to find out how much they cost. Left with no choice and a gapping hole in my teeth, I turned to the Internet and found DentalWorld Manila. Dental world Manila is spearheaded by Dr Malony L. Santos of St Luke’s Medical Center. St Luke’s Medical Center is Philippine’s foremost hospital. Dental World Manila’s website informs me about their expertise and specialisation in Dental treatments and best of all, they can cater to foreign travellers who are travelling just for dental! Dental World Manila


Dental World Manila:

Dental World Manila currently has 5 branches situated in prime landmark areas in Manila. They are located in Mall of Asia, Glorietta, St Luke’s Medical Center and SM North EDSA. A branch at Centuria Medical Makati will be opening soon. Check out their website for address of the branches.

As a disclaimer,  my treatment was sponsored by Dental World Manila but my opinions are my own. I sincerely hope my review will help give you an insight into travelling abroad for dental care.

I flew into Manila on the 22nd June , 6:30am and flew out the evening of 26th June. I stayed a total of 5 days 4 nights and did around 13 cavity fillings and 1 root canal all within the 5 days. My first appointment was 10:30am in the morning at MOA. I had chosen the clinic at Mall of Asia because it was a landmark hard to miss and has no lack of places to shop and eat.

Here is the lovely crew ! Apologies for the poor photo quality!
Dr Hazel did a quick preliminary check of my teeth with her mirror tool and counted around 13 cavities. Even though I had previously done X-rays before,  the root of the affected molar tooth could not be seen and accurately assessed. So the first thing we did was take X-rays of my teeth. We did a panoramic one of all my teeth and then a focus one of my molar tooth.
My molar with a ridiculously big hole

Dr Hazel took a lot of time to explain my X-rays and teeth conditions to me. She pointed out the necessity of the treatment and the different places of cavities. Dr Hazel assessed that Root Canal treatment was indeed required for the molar teeth and asked if I've had breakfast. Apparently an empty stomach doesn't go well with anesthetics haha. So I went for a short lunch and jumped back into the seat.

Within my short 5 d 4 n stay there, I  went for 3 visits.

The first visit, Dr Hazel started by applying anaesthetic to my gums before injecting them with stronger anaesthetic to fully numb my gums. I was visibly nervous ( I'm not a fan of the Dentist's chair) and Dr Hazel repeatedly told me if I feel painful, I can raise my right hand to inform her. Then she cleaned up whatever was inside my molar teeth and applied a medication to kill my nerves. After that she sealed the hole up and moved on to fixing my 13 horrendous cavities ^_^;

For my first visit, she filled around 4 cavities on the lower right jaw because that's where the anaesthetic was applied. I must say anaesthetic is a queer and funny thing;  for the next few hours my lips felt like they didn't belong to me.

The first visit was done in less than 3 hours with minimal pain. I walked out from the clinic pleasantly surprised to find shopping time for myself!  Because the clinic was right inside MOA, i didn't bother going anywhere else since there was no lack of things to do and buy in MOA. I went for a haircut, dye and basic treatment for around 1400 peso. See my gleaming red head! I also bought random stuffs (like sachets and beauty soaps :x) from the Hypermarkets which was a few steps away from the clinic.

A photo posted by Kaika (@elpheal) on
My lovely dinner of Sinigang and flavoured French Fries. I took a cab back to my accommodation and it cost me around 120 peso.

The 2nd visit was scheduled the day after (Wednesday ) and this time Dr Hazel took out the nerve of my molar tooth. The first task Dr Hazel set about doing was checking up on my molar tooth and removing it's nerve.

I have done my fair amount of research on Root Canal but I was still really surprised when Dr Hazel formally introduced me to my own nerve. Yes, nerve. The nerve looked exactly like how you imagine nerves to look with all its tapered ends. The nerve was very very tiny though, so tiny that it was attached to the end of something that looked like a needle.

Photo found online : Pinterest
When you do Root Canal treatment, it essentially means you take out the nerve of that tooth to stop any abscess bacteria from spreading and then placing a manmade structure in the middle as a pillar for the now "dead" tooth. Of course you will then need to seal the top up to pack everything in. An optional last step is to do a crown on the tooth to further protect and encase the tooth in.

After the nerve has been removed, more medication was needed to clean up the wound before the final pillar goes in. So Dr Hazel sealed the molar tooth with some temporary cast and went on to fix more of my cavities.
Tokidoki x Karl Lagerfeld in MOA

I met some friends after the treatment and they all asked if I was in pain. It seemed like everyone expects the treatment to be awfully painful haha. But thanks to Dr Hazel's tender loving care, I was able to walk away feeling just fine. I did feel a bit of sensitivity on the left side of my teeth though but that was due to the fillings. The top and bottom tooth turned out a little too tight after the fillings and my jaw wasn't adjusting well. But my root canal tooth was just fine!

My friends and I went to the Cat Cafe afterwards!
The 3rd visit came !

Dr Hazel cleaned up the molar and inserted a pillar into my tooth. The new pillar serves as the support for my teeth now. All that's left is to cover everything up! Dr Hazel is a perfectionist here as she did the filling twice. She wasn't very satisfied with how my first filling turned out and set out to create a filling that will not only last me longer, but looks like real teeth too! I am too embarrassed to take a photo of my teeth and it’s too hard to take pictures of your mouth yourself so please excuse the lack of photographs here.
I am so happy my teeth are fixed and there are no more holes to trap morsels! Seriously there’s nothing more embarrassing than being caught trying to get those annoying morsels out!
Enjoying sugary donuts before my dental appointment xD

The whole procedures would cost me PH13,440 (Without crown) where else in Singapore it would probably set me back twice as much. And in 3 times as much time! You can check out Dental World Manila’s full list of Dental Service rates here.


If you are looking to have some dental work done to your teeth and wants to tie an exciting holiday in,  definitely check out Dental World Manila! I felt like I was in good hands and the staffs were extremely friendly to me.

Dental World Manila offers excellent service, world class equipment, dedicated staff and are located in prime locations!


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