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Jan 16, 2016

Review: Lush Solid Shampoo

I travel frequently and because I tend to travel alone, any extra ounce of weight is really a huge burden. So it should’t come as a surprise that in my quest for the lightest and most compact travel gears, I’d venture into solid shampoos. 

While I was in France early this summer, I stayed over at a friend’s place and heard her gush over Lush’s solid shampoo. I tried a little of her’s and feel intrigued to get one of my own. Reckon I could break it apart and bring it along for a vacation. I did a bit of google work and was appalled to find out that Singapore sells the same thing for a whopping $10.81 MORE !!! It’s almost 70% more than in France! Do I need anymore reasons to get one? The staff at the store recommend I get Lullaby since I told her I wash my hair almost everyday.

Read on for my short review of the Lush Solid Shampoo.

Dec 22, 2015

Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun 3D Perfect Gel (Review)

Name: Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun 3D Perfect Gel
Price: 1,695Yen (SGD$19.42)
Volume: 100gm (Jar) 
Rating: 4/5

I bought this in Japan early this year when I was in Kansai for the Cherry Blossoms. I’ve been a fan of Hada Labo for a long while now and my favourite moisturiser from them is their Koi-Gokujyun Whitening Perfect Gel . I ran out out of moisturiser halfway through the trip (travel size container problems!) and decided to try their 3D perfect gel. Then, this product has not reached Singapore yet and it’s novelty caught my attention.

Dec 14, 2015

More Daiso makeup review !

I reviewed a few Daiso Makeup earlier this year in another blog post. But I thought I'd do a video review and cover some new products I've bought from Daiso. In this blog post, I'll share pictures of the product and give my written reviews. Some of the products have appeared in the first blog post and will not be repeated here.

Daiso is a Japanese thrift store that sells everything for a set price of 100yen. In Singapore, Daiso sells everything at just SGD2. Ever since the huge dip in Japanese yen, I've been saving all my Daiso purchases for Japan because 110yen (100yen + 10yen tax) is just SGD$1.3!! That's 70cents cheaper than Singapore!

Dec 9, 2015

Queen Helen’s Avocado & Grapefruit masque (Review)

It’s been a while since I reviewed any products. Not because I stopped my quest for the next skin saviour but more because I’ve been too tired and lazy from travelling to do any reviews haha. Anyway, I started my Christmas shopping last Sunday. Watsons was having a buy 3 get 1 free promotion and as my fourth item, I picked this baby up.

Name: Queen Helen’s Avocado & Grapefruit masque
Price: $7.50
Bought from: Watsons SG
Rating: 2/5




I’ve been struggling to keep my pores clean for the longest time but nothing seems to work by themselves. It always needed to be the whole arsenal of multiple cleansing with multiple cleansing tools , exfoliators and Sebum control gel , so on and so forth -_-.


So I decided to try a masque that promise to not only deep cleanse my pores but leave my skin moisturised as well.



Dec 6, 2015

The ugliest face mask ever (Review)!

As part of my Transsiberian trip a couple of months back, my last stop was China. And being such a fan of Taobao, it was impossible not to lug something back. I ordered a tonne of stuffs from Taobao to be shipped to my last hotel in Mt Emei. The Face mask I’m going to review here was one of my loot. Yes, it’s probably the ugliest and most disgusting looking facemask you will ever see.




Sep 1, 2015

Review: Schützenbach Backpackers & Camping / Hostel

I had a dormitory Bed with Schützenbach Backpackers & Camping / Hostel while I was in Lauterbrunnen for 6 nights. This is my review of the place.
Name: Schützenbach Backpackers & Camping / HostelAddress: Schützenbach, 3822 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Tel: +41338551268
Price: €33.5 (price varies depending on season & room types)


Aug 28, 2015

Review: Garni Wolf (Val Gardena, Italy)

I stayed 3 nights amongst the magnificent Dolomites and stayed in Garni Wolf. Here's my review of the place.
Name: Garni Wolf
Address: Street Plan de Gralba 25, 39048 Selva Gardena Valley (BZ)
Tel: 0039 0471 795035
Fax: 0039 0471 794359
Price: €40 - 70 (price varies depending on season)

Aug 25, 2015

Doing Root Canal (dental) in Manila

*Sponsored review* 

I went to Manila (Philippines ) last month for some dental treatment. Many people were curious why I went to Philippines and whenever I told them I was going there to fix my teeth , I got the exact same reply "What?! All the way there?!".

Seriously guys, you guys must have superbly blessed teeth to not understand the extend of damage and COST dental works can jack up.

So a couple of months back, a big filling from one of my molar teeth fell off and I was left with a gapping hole in my molar teeth; the teeth at the back that does most of the chewing. I went to 2 dentist in Singapore and both suggested doing root canal treatment to save the teeth. As it seemed like the nerve of the teeth was already affected, the only way to save the teeth was to do root canal. The other alternative was to yank it out completely and then install a fake tooth in. I'm not sure about you but at my age, root canal seemed like the best solution. I bring age into the equation because your body health plays a part in the resistance of your teeth and how long it can last. That's why most elder people go for dentures instead while younger people would do root canals.

Anyway I digressed.

So I inquired about the cost of a root canal treatment and was bewildered to find out how much they cost. Left with no choice and a gapping hole in my teeth, I turned to the Internet and found DentalWorld Manila. Dental world Manila is spearheaded by Dr Malony L. Santos of St Luke’s Medical Center. St Luke’s Medical Center is Philippine’s foremost hospital. Dental World Manila’s website informs me about their expertise and specialisation in Dental treatments and best of all, they can cater to foreign travellers who are travelling just for dental! Dental World Manila


Dental World Manila:

Dental World Manila currently has 5 branches situated in prime landmark areas in Manila. They are located in Mall of Asia, Glorietta, St Luke’s Medical Center and SM North EDSA. A branch at Centuria Medical Makati will be opening soon. Check out their website for address of the branches.

Aug 21, 2015

Review: Sommerhostel Salzburg (Hostel)

I stayed 3 nights in the Sommerhostel Salzburg hostel and liked it a lot. Here's my review of the place.
Name: Sommerhostel Salzburg 
Address: Strubergasse 1, Lehen, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Check in: 14:00 - 16:00 hours
Check out: 14:00 - 16:00 hours

Aug 18, 2015

Review: Sony Alpha 5000

I am a photo enthusiast who currently owns a Canon 700d along with 2 other canon Point and shoot cameras (Canon g12 & Canon ixus 1000). I am nothing near a good photographer but I have been trying to learn and has gotten some progress with my canon 700d. However for my 5 weeks Europe trotting trip, I've come to the conclusion that lugging a dslr around is not only extra bulky but also extra dangerous since i will mostly be staying in dormitory hostels.

Here is my simple /non - technical  review of the Sony alpha 5000 after lugging it around for 5 weeks. I am writing based on my experience as a simple user who wants nice photos easily and not as a hardcore photographer .

Model: Sony Alpha A5000 (White coloured)
Kit Lens: 16mm - 50mm
Free gift: Sony 8gb SD card (15mb/s)
Price: SGD$364 (*Price fluctuates) + SGD18 (shipping)
Bought from: Qoo10

*Edit: I recently dropped my camera lens down & the lens is now wonky. I contacted the Qoo10 seller multiple times but didn't get a respond. While dropping and spoiling the lens is not covered under the warranty, I just thought I should let you guys know about my less than desirable experience with the seller - after all, someone else might have a problem with the camera that is covered under the warranty. Granted though the camera is incredibly cheap and if you are careful with it, there isn't too much to fear. Just thought I should follow up on this entry.


Jul 25, 2015

Jun 8, 2015

Review: LAM SAM YICK 林三益 Clean Acne Bye-Bye Brush

Name: LSY 林三益 X 柳燕粉刺焕颜限定组
Price: $700 TWD - SGD$18.90 on Qoo10 (Price varies )
Website: Lam Sam Yick Official Website & Qoo10 sale page




Lam Sam Yick was a calligraphy brush making company that started in 1917 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The company relocated to Taiwan in 1946 and has since spanned across four generations. With the decline in use of calligraphy, the business has since ventured into the world of beauty brushes. Lam Sam Yick’s brushes are said to be incredibly soft and comfortable.


This Skincare brush range is made in collaboration with the Beauty Guru/ Skincare Teacher from Taiwan;  Liu Yan Teacher. She is most famous for being a regular on the hit Beauty talk show; Nu Ren Mo Zui Da. This Bye-Bye brush specifically targets removal of blackheads. The brush has a ring of short soft bristle on the outside while the inside consists of extreme fine but tough and flexible synthetic fibres.






Clean Acne BYE-BYE Brush

Teacher Liu Yan is very particular on cleansing as cleansing is the most important step for a beautiful and healthy skin. With the collaboration with LAMSAMYICK (LSY), they have specially designed a two-layer brush which has a mix of different diameters in the inner and outer layers.

Clean Acne BYE-BYE Brush is made of Synthetic Fibers 化纖 where bristles will not break. Designed with a softer-touch exterior and a harder-touch interior bristles.With the inner layer bristles smaller than your pores made of 0.07 mm, it is able to penetrate deep into the pores where the underlying dirt are. While the 0.10 mm outer bristles are responsible for loosening the blackheads/whiteheads and acnes, accelerates the acne health and boosts metabolism time.

For those with healthy skin, this outer layer of brush can also be used to clean the deepest part of the skin, to help adjust the skin so as to prevent the growth of any blackheads and acnes.
Able to use this for your nose, hairlines and other parts.”

~ Info from Qoo10


Apparently the Bye-Bye blackhead is so effective in removing blackheads, Taiwanese Singer & TV host Pauline Lan even managed to remove a 10 year old blackhead with it.



May 14, 2015

Review: Dolphin House Osaka Hostel (Japan)

When I impromptu-ly decided to fly to Japan for the sakuras (Cherry Blossoms), the first obstacle I faced was the unbelievable lack of accommodation during the last weekend of March to the 1st week of April. Hotels and hostels everywhere were sold out! God must have taken pity on me as I somehow chanced upon this little place in Osaka.
Here is my review of the Dolphin House Osaka .
Hotel Name: Dolphin House Osaka
Address: 577-0801 Osaka Prefecture, Higashi-osaka, Mikuriyaminami 2-1-38-A802, Japan
Contact: +81(0)80-9554-5580
Price: SGD16 - SGD20 (Price varies)


Apr 30, 2015

Review: K-Palette 1 day Tattoo Micro Eyeliner

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this eyeliner! This has got to be one of the most unique eyeliner product I’ve come across the past year or so. This product was sent to me for considerations. I’m sorry I took so long to review this awesome product.


Name: K-Palette 1 day Tattoo Real lasting Eyeliner 24h WP Micro
Price: $21.90 (SG). Also available @ selected Watsons & BHG





K-Palette is a popular drugstore makeup in Japan. Products from this brand can be seen in pretty much every drugstores, beauty stores or pharmacies in Japan when I was there. K-Palette is most famous for their 1 Day Tattoo liquid eyeliner that boast an amazing 24 hours of lasting power and has been the No.1 best seller for the last 4 years. In Singapore last year, they launched the offspring of their top selling product; the 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP Micro. Haiyo, these Japanese people must really stop giving their products such long and tongue twisting names lah! Anyway, back to review.

Apr 23, 2015

Review: B’liv Off With Those Heads

I have a love hate relationship with this product. In fact so intense is my grudge against it that merely thinking about writing a review on it makes me angry. I have used it since 2006 and for anyone to use a product for this long, it either means one doesn't care for a change or one finds a product very effective. I belong to the latter.

But then why do i get so angry with it you ask?


Name: b.liv - off with those heads (used to be known as Cellnique)
$44.95 (15ml) $69.95 (30ml) $94.95 (45ml)




Because it's expensive as heck , runs out super fast (for the price) , can only be bought in Sasa (or online) and is by far, irreplaceable. Such a toxic concoction! It makes me upset to know I need to continuously rely on a product so much, much less such an expensive one! Each 40ml bottle cost  $94.95 without discounts and only last me 3 months since I use it on the entire face.

My grudge might have been wrongly placed but just talking about this product pains my heart as I quietly mull over the thousands  I've spent on it. I'm sorry but I need a moment T.T

Ok lah ok lah. Damn drama I know LOL.


Mar 25, 2015

Review: TFS Arsainte Ecotheraphy Crystal Water Ultra Cream

I’ve been through maybe 3 jars of this and I’m finally here with a review! This is the Arsainte Ecotheraphy Crystal Water Ultra Cream from the FaceShop.


Name: Arsainte Ecotheraphy Crystal Water Ultra Cream
Weight: 100ml

Price: $24 (Online price) $58:00 (Retail Price. Price may vary)




Item Description & Application method

A cream that contains pito collagen keeps the skin moisturized for 25 hours. Gives elasticity and miniaturization. After putting toner & emulsion, get adequate amount and apply from inside to outwards

Info from:

Mar 15, 2015

Review: Daiso Makeup review!

I have been a big fan of Japanese thrift store franchise ; Daiso, since it first came to Singapore. I always have fun going through aisles of it’s budget makeup section while pondering over which to purchase. In case you are unaware, Daiso is a Japanese thrift store that sells everything for a set price. In Singapore, Daiso sells everything at SGD2 with a few exception. 

While Daiso Makeup is a good place to start your Makeup adventures, not everything that’s cheap is good. So here’s my review on some of the makeup I’ve used!

1) Ellefar Princess Eye shadow palette (Twilight)


I really really liked this! I was expecting it to be absolute thrash but I found myself reaching for it all the time. It is also the Eye shadow palette you'd find most often in my travel makeup pouch because it has all the colours necessary for a basic to smoky eye look. Yes, it’s that versatile.


Feb 26, 2015

Updated Review: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)

After trying out and reviewing the sample sized BB cushion, I decided to buy the full sized compact. This is my short review on the packaging, design and price point after going through one pack of it. Hopefully my review will help you decide whether you want to buy it.


Name: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)
Weight: 15 gm X 2 (they sell 1 + 1)

Price: $35:90 - $39:90 (Online price) $58:00 (Retail Price)
Buy from: Qoo10






I bought my Laneige BB cushion from Qoo10 for $36.90. The set includes the compact with the BB cream and an additional refill pack. The seller was nice enough to include some free samples too.


Feb 16, 2015

Review: Za True White Whitening series

I  bought Za's annual 2 Way foundation Bundle package recently and the travel size Whitening series was packed together as complimentary gifts.  The bundle includes the Toner, lotion and night cream. I've used the entire series for a couple of days and I think I'm ready to share my thoughts.


Dec 24, 2014

Review: Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun Whitening Perfect Gel

Name: Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun Whitening Perfect Gel
Price: SGD$ 21 - $38.90 (Price varies drastically depending on where you purchase)
Volume: 100gm (Jar) 80gm (Refill) 

I've really been sitting on this review for far too long but here it finally is! I'll just cut to the chase, this is my favourite Hada Labo moisturiser by far ( and I've tried mannnyyy of HL's moisturisers) and if i go back to Japan again I'm gonna buy at least 3 packets of refill back!

photo source: Hada Labo (SG)




Product looks translucent white in the jar however goes on clear.

Texture & Absorption

The product is easy to spread and has a pretty watery effect (pretty not very).

It takes a bit of time to get absorbed into the skin but after you are done it doesn't feel sticky at all! This has got to be the first Hada Labo moisturiser I’ve use that doesn't feel sticky at all after patting. It felt light on the skin and skin feels well hydrated.


This is what i consider a 'Hydrating Moisturiser'. A product that works on pumping moisture into the skin and while it’s not the most hydrating moisturiser out there, I personally think it does a pretty darn good job! I'm not really into whitening; partly because i think I'm fair enough and partly because I don't think any products that claim to whiten the skin has worked for me before.

However this is the first time I felt that this moisturiser, with continuous use, has really brightened my overall complexion. While we can argue that brightening is not whitening , it's hard to deny the fact that it has evened out my overall complexion. My skin looks significantly hydrated and healthy.


Singapore Sasa sells each jar of this for $38.90 for 80gm (not sure why this jar is 80gm instead of 100gm) . After knowing how much this sells in Japan I refuse to buy it in Singapore!! The refill pack sells for roughly 1400 yen in Japan and that’s like just SGD$15.3!!!! What we get in Singapore is twice the cost!

Objectively, i think this is considered expensive for a drugstore product.


For anyone who’s hoping to get one shade lighter , this might not be the holy grail you’re looking for. But if you tend to have dull, sallow skin; this product should help brighten and even out your skin tone. 

Would I recommend you to buy it? Well, I absolutely love everything about this product! From how it gets absorbed, how it isn’t sticky to how well it hydrates and brightened my skin! The only thing stopping me from replenishing my stock in Singapore is the exorbitant price tag. Now I beg friends who are travelling to Japan to lug a few packs back for me ^_^;; 

If you are not too concerned with the price tag, have oily, normal, acne prone, uneven skin; then this product is suitable for you. Because it hydrates reasonably well yet gives a non-sticky finish. So I presume it would be good for people with oily or acne prone skin who don't need any more oily stuffs on their face. 

For people who have dehydrated or dry skin ( like mine, it's oily on the outside but dry on the inside) I would suggesting using another cream moisturiser on top of it to enhance your skin's ability to retain moisturise.