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Jun 1, 2014

Review: Graymelin 100 % Pure Beta-Glucan

Name: Graymelin 100 % Pure Beta-Glucan
Bought from: graymelin on Qoo10
Price: $26.00 (+ $3.00 shipping)
Rating: 4.5/5





Before this, I was using Arsainte ECO-THERAPY ideal essence from TheFaceShop. Then I went on to use their  Serum with Essential. But the thing about skincare is , it has to evolve with your skin and well, unhealthy skin gets influenced by the condition around it easily. Ok, cut the story short, I felt like my serums didn’t seemed as effective anymore (It could just be me asking for too much) and I decided to try something different. 

What is Beta-Glucan?

According to the seller’s webpage; Beta Glucan is a “ Third generation New concept of moisturising ingredient”.


Basically, this product promises to deeply moisturise, brighten, tightening and relax skin. It is also free from synthetic fragrances , artificial pigments, paraben , benzophenone, mineral oil and alcohols.

How to Use?

Apply this after using your toner and before your moisturisers. Just drop a suitable amount onto your palm and then pat it into the skin.


The packaging is predominantly black and white and reminds me very much of Kiehl’s products; very science and doctor-ish lol. The bottle seems to be made from some high quality plastic instead of glass which is a is made out of glass (according to my mom lol) but it feels very durable and not overly heavy. As I mentioned in the video, I like the packaging as it emits an image of quality , professionalism and trust (LOL, machiam buying insurance) and makes for a good gift idea.

Texture & Colour:

50% viscosity, nice runny texture that isn’t too watery. Product is clear in colour with no fragrance.

Absorption rate:

Gets absorbed into the skin very fast, especially on dry skin.

Effects on the Skin:

Intensely hydrates without greasing up the skin. Did not break out my skin nor irritated it.


- Intense hydration
- Affordable
- Does not irritate the skin
- Absorbs very well
- The seller ships and deliver very fast!


- none


Overall, I give this product 4.5 /5 stars. I really like this product and can’t find anything bad to say about it. That said though, this serum won’t allow you to replace your usual moisturisers with it. You will still need your usual gels, creams and sunscreens to take care of your skin.

According to my Qoo10 purchase record, I bought the product on the 26th March and received it on the 29th March evening. Talk about efficiency! The product came bubble wrapped in a small cardboard box . The delivery guy called because nobody was at home and he stuffed the box into this little gap around my door haha.

May 3, 2014

Mar 10, 2014

Review: Evangelist BB Cream + Tokyo Luxey Invite!

Name: Evangelist BB Cream
Bought from: TokyoLuxey
Size: 40g
Price: JPY 3,990 (US$ 41)
My Rating: 3.5/5




The nice people from Tokyo Luxey invited me to an introductory session last month and generously gave each of us a bag of goodies to try out.  Chie-san enthusiastically raved about this BB cream from beginning to end and apparently, this product is a 2 year Winner for Best BB cream on Cosme (leading Japanese beauty and cosmetics website).  OOohh~ I feel excited already *_*

Okay, on to some product stats!


An award winning “3D” BB Cream that combines all-in-one makeup functionality with skin-care from ingredients such as placenta and EGF.


Use this BB cream and you will enjoy smooth, natural-looking skin, due to the cream’s splendid “concealing” ability, as well as skin-care benefits that come from its beauty ingredients, such as placenta and EGF. Although this new BB Cream will help you to create 3D make-up effects, it is so light that, soon enough, you will even forget that you are wearing it!


•- Sold 10,000 bottles in four-and-a-half months - from May 15, 2010 until the end of September

•-Sells 2,000 to 3,000 bottles monthly through ecommerce alone


•- No.1 BB Cream for 2 years running on the leading Japanese beauty and cosmetics website, @Cosme

•- No. 1 best selling product in the “Make Up” section of Japan’s leading ecommerce site, Rakuten

•- Best-selling product in two divisions of Amazon’s Health and Beauty section (moisturizer and pore concealer)

•- Featured in 30 magazines



Feb 28, 2014

Review: Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel

I tried this in autumn Japan last year when I went to bunk over at a friend's place to save some accommodation money. Awesome friend enthusiastically introduced this product to me, sharing how good and easy it was to remove makeup. She even did a live demonstration xD

You use it on dry hand and face. Just put some in your palm and gently massage the whole face. Rinse off thoroughly.  You can continue to use a facial cleanser afterwards to remove dirt and sebum.

Name: Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel
Bought from: Borrowed from a friend’s stash!
Size: 130 gm
Price: SGD$`19.80
My Rating: 2/5

Here’s some information about the brand.

Curél - Fundamental Solutions for Sensitive Skin
Curél's Approach to Safety of Usage
- Hypoallergenic
- Fragrance-free
- Colorant-free
- Alcohol free *
- Clinically tested on sensitive skin
- pH balanced
*Applies to all face products & selected body care products

Japan's No. 1 Brand for Sensitive Skin* is now available in Singapore!

Curel Singapore hopes to free Singaporeans with sensitive skin problems, with solutions from face and body to scalp and hair. Live with confidence and peace of mind, 365 days a year with Curél.
Formulated from Kao's extensive dermatological science research, Curél's hydrating and moisture retaining ceramide care targets the actual causes of sensitive skin and provides highly effective solutions to improve skin conditions. Curél's range of products also contain Eucalyptus Extract that vastly enhances the skin’s ability to produce ceramide naturally so sensitive skin stays moisturized longer.

*Based on INTAGE Inc SRI data, Curel is the No. 1 brand for sensitive skin in Japan from Oct 2009 to Dec 2011 “

info from:


Its packed in a simple and efficient tube packaging and Tube can stand by itself.  I would have preferred a pump container but I guess this isn’t too bad either. The back of the tube has a size indicator for the amount of product to use each wash. Naiiise~~~ =)


Came out like normal facial cleanser or toothpaste actually.  Gel like consistency and transparent in colour.


I'd say it removes the makeup pretty averagely but I guess i was too absorbed by the uncomfortable tingles in my eyes to observe more.  While rubbing the gel into my face, it became very evident that this product is not for me.
First my eyes started to sting and I quickly wash them (WHILE I was still cleansing). After I finished cleansing, i assumed everything was fine and I went on to apply my usual Insolution sheet face masks.  After I removed the face masks my skin started to feel dry and itchy and redness around the mouth started to appear. 
Though I cannot remember exactly which InSolution mask I used, it was definitely something my skin was used to. Henceforth I am under the impression that my skin can only be reacting so violently towards the Curel Makeup remover .


My first encounter with them was free but I did see a lot of pharmacies in Japan selling them. I honestly cannot remember how much they cost there but some google research tells me Singapore sells it for $19.80. That’s pretty expensive compared to the quantity you’re getting.

Then again, a small amount can go a long way since this product will foam up on your face.


Works very well for my friend who, according to herself, said she has sensitive and dry skin. The product doesn't require cotton pad to remove makeup so I guess the convenience factor is a plus.


It react to my skin (which is combination , sensitive and dehydrated) instantly . My skin became slightly red after one wash.
To be fair, it might be due to my skin's already declining condition (skin was not adapting to Japan’s dry climate well and was starting to dry out, itch and become sensitive) that such a reaction happened but the gel felt harsh on my skin and I'm not sure if it was cleaning as well as I'd like. If it could react to me , there is the possibility it could react to you too. But then again, everyone's skin is different so it might work for you. I’m sorry if I  sound contractive haha!!


Overall to cut the story short, the curel makeup remover gel is not as mild as it says. Even though it is meant for sensitive skin, it reacted to mine instantly. I guess it removes the makeup fairly well though i needed an extra pump for around the eyes. That’s pretty unfortunate since the brand philosophy seems like such a great direction but since it reacted to my skin, this is a product i will not be touching again .
I must disclaim again that everybody’s skin is different and what works (or don’t work) for me might have an opposite effect for you. I hope you found this review useful. If you are a fan of the product, please feel free to comment and share your experience.

Jan 8, 2014

Review: TheFaceShop Aqua Sun Gel

Product Name: Aqua Sun Gel SPF40PA+++
Bought from: TheFaceShop (available here too)
Price: $16 – $18 (varies)

Photo credit:


My Experience & Thoughts:

I’ve been using this for 2 years and more. Bought it due to pressure from the store assistant and it turned out to be one of my best TFS purchase ever.

It is a gel based formula henceforth it is good for combination or/and oily skin.

Like I mentioned in the video, prior to using this, I was actually using Za’s sunscreen which is cream based. What I like best about this product is how, unlike traditional sunscreen which tends to feel heavy and thick, this product feels super lightweight on my face.

Due to my dehydrated skin and bad allergy history, I tend to need to pile a lot of hydrating and moisturising product onto my face to prevent it drying it out (then risk allergy-ish reaction returning). Previously with my old sunscreen, I return home everyday with a face full of blocked pores. Everyday I exfoliate with Ginvera’s exfoliating gel and manually pick out blackheads/whiteheads or whatever disgusting gooey oil stuffs from my face with a picker tool. I know it’s gross of me to say but my face used to be so blocked that just a gentle squeezing with my nails can bring the oil stuffs (pus lol?) up. After using this sunscreen I found myself with a lot less oil and dirt and a harder time picking my face everyday haha

It is SPF 40 too which means it can shield my skin from the sun 40 times longer than if my skin didn’t have it. I googled the meaning of PA+++ and essentially it refers to the “Protection Efficacy” for protection against UVA. It’s a rating system and the more + means the higher the rating.

Dec 6, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( AC Dressing)

Price: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( AC Dressing)

Bought from: Gmarket ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg)

Price: $1.5 - $3

Rating: 4.5/5

Introduction: A friend of mine loves this particular mask and even gave me a red packet masked in one of these used mask packet for my birthday xD  If you don't understand what I describe , it's okay x.x

According to my research online, this mask helps in soothing skin irritation and redness. Relieves troubled and sensitive skin and supples moisture. 

Texture: Pretty much the same as the other Insolutions masks.  It's loaded with product and adheres to the skin very well. It doesn't drip either unlike some other masks. It has a slightly stingy effect and smells more medicated when its applied to the skin. 

Effects: My skin is significantly soothed out and surprisingly fairer! And my face stayed healthy looking the next few days.

Effective in perking up tired skin and pumping moisture into the skin. 

Cons: Difficult to buy and might be expensive if it's bought from the stores 

Conclusion:I have found a new love. While the Aloe Vera mask was good for soothing & calming very sensitive skin, AC Dressing is fabulous for skin with mid range problems. 
I hadn't had much chance to sleep for a while and my skin was definitely showing it. It was dull, saggy and dry. After using this, my skin was very much better! It became more supplied, fairer and healthier. 

I would definitely order more of this soon and use them as yet anther emergency rescue product xD 

Sep 9, 2013

Qoo10 Review: Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System


Item name: [Olay]Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Face Brush 女人我最大 - Alternative of Clar
Bought from : LittleTots
Price: $39.90 (Original price $52 )+ $3.00 (Shipping)
Rating: 4.5 /5

Seller: Seller was very helpful & friendly. She sent an SMS to notify me about when to expect the product and the product came with printed instructions from her..

Delivery: Ordered in the morning (1am maybe?) of 2th September and received it on the 4th September! Super fast delivery! It came wrapped in a plastic envelope, I cannot remember if it was bubble wrapped or not but my product came nicely boxed (check out the photo above)


Price: I won’t lie, I’m cheap. Even though I tend to spend quite a bit on skincare, I still feel the pinch when I purchased it. When I first saw the price tag, I wasn’t that keen on purchasing it. But a friend bought it and had so much praises for it, I was instantly sold.

$39.90 is a sum that might be low to some people and too high for others. But seriously, if keeping your skin clear is always a struggle and you’ve tried many products without success, then give this a try. It’s near 50 bucks (depending on how much you get it for) but you can use it for around 3 months henceforth if you divide the money this way, it feels a lot better on the wallet. LOL.

But anyway, Clarisonic costs 10 times more so…

Product Review: It is the 9th September today and as of now, I’ve used the product for 5 nights (I only use it at night , my morning facial cleansing routine involves only water and sponge) and it’s save to say I love it! It cleanses the skin intensely without tugging or pulling too much and it leaves the skin feeling very refreshed and it feels like my pore’s all empty! It doesn’t dry out the skin too much even though it is still a bit more drying than cleansing without it.

Some people said it’s better used with foam cleanser but I just use my gel-like Cetaphil facial cleanser with it. I pump 3 pumps and just rotate away.

While it is not exactly a holy grail for acne-prone skin, as I still noticed a pimple that came out from nowhere. I believe this product is still a big keeper as keeping your skin clean means half the battle won in skin maintenance. This theory ties in with the logic that most acne-prone skin are unable to dutifully expel dirt by themselves thus requiring their owners to work double hard in maintaining them.

The only down side I faced is in keeping the product, especially the brush clean in my bacteria filled toilet. Thankfully, the entire product is waterproof so I at least don’t have to worry about losing my grip in the bathroom. The other down side I foresee is in the continuous purchase of brush heads (according to the website, it is recommended to change every 3 months) and battery.

But I am so addicted to how good it makes my skin feel and look that I probably cannot stay away from it for at least a long while. My skin looks smoother, pores looks finer and overall complexion looks slightly brighter and even.

Overall comments:

Awesome product, honest seller and speedy delivery. <3

Jul 4, 2013

Review: Daiso Silicon Mask

Name: Silicone Moisture Mask
Bought from: Daiso
Price: $2
Rating: 4.5/5


Chanced upon this product randomly and felt so amazed that someone actually made this! I've entertained thoughts of making something similar because even though I love face masking, I find that piece of fabric pretty troublesome some times.

Silicon, what else were you expecting ?

Keeps the mask snugly onto your face. Prevents moisture and skin care products from evaporating prematurely.

- Affordable
- Reuseable
- Helps keep the face mask in place while you go about your daily business. The forehead, nose and chin area is slightly raised and curvy to allow space for the natural reliefs in the face
- easy to clean


- Prolong wearing hurts the ears. But then the product wasn't meant for long usage.

I can see this product being very useful for people living in the cold and dry climate. When my skin allergy was at it's height and I had to travel to colder countries. It was such a torture to my skin because not only were the dry air in the country hurting my face, the super dry air inside the plane was also a challenge.

When I went to Australia last July, I put my hoodie on and covered my face with a serviette (like a mask) to minimise the contact my face had with the dry air inside the plane. My friends laughed at me but I daresay it works! So if a tissue can achieve some results, I'm sure an impermeable silicon can do better.

Now I mostly use it to stop my face masks from falling or drying too fast. Sometimes I also use it as a sort of sealer / steamer to promote the absorption of my nightly skincare routine. It's hard to assess how effective this product is in promoting absorption but at $2 each, its more a hit than a miss to me .

Jun 24, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Aloe Vera)

Bought from: Gmarket ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg)
Price: $1.5 - $3
Rating: 4.5/5


Ok, so some of you might think I'm trying to buff up content by splitting reviews for this mask. I had every intention to go the lazy way and review the product as a whole but then I realise I would not be doing the product justice and neither would my readers know which masks to buy.

Anyway back to the review. I bought this along with my usual bright up mask for the sake of trying. And I reckon since I was already taking the effort to do online purchasing, might as well buy more right? (that is such a dangerous shopaholic mentality O. O;;; )

My initial impression with it was pretty mweh. Its not that it's bad, it's just that it wasn't alarmingly good. While my face felt hydrated after it, nothing really shouts out about it. I'm not a very observant person.

Until my skin allergy struck again. To read more about my skin issues and what it has went through, read this. My skin was flaky, painful and disturbed. Using the bright up mask could only hydrate it for a short while before my skin cries out in protest again.

Then I tried the aloe Vera mask and it turned out to be the holy grail! Granted it did not single handedly saved my allergy but it did significantly made my skin felt so much better afterward. My skin calmed down and was able to slowly recuperate.

Soft, thin and heavily coated with the product. Adheres to skin very well. Unlike the Vita Bright mask, this one seems to be made from a gauze like fabric though you can barely tell.

Calms redness, soothes the skin and acne while hydrating.

Effectively calms and soothes the skin. Relatively affordable.

Difficult to purchase.

Good, will and have bought again. Now I use this as a first aid remedy when my skin needs some rescuing or there is pimples or redness I want to calm. If I feel like my skin allergy is creeping back, I use this mask first.

If you are interested to purchase it, this is where I always buy mine. Yes, i might earn some commission if you buy via the link but I tell you, that is the store that sells it cheapest on Gmarket! Many other stores adds addition cost afterwards .  They take 2 weeks to ship though…. maybe it’s because I’m cheap and always opt for the $0 shipping option =x

Have fun masking xD! 

Jun 20, 2013

My Skin History

Be warned, this is a LONG entry. It's probably a weird decision to start this blog with an entry to explain the history of my skin. But I feel it will help you guys understand where I've been and why I have a certain perspective on the products I might review in the future. This post was drafted and supposed to post long ago but I never got around to completing it so yeah…

All right, on to it!


I've always had combination, acne-prone, dull, dehydrated and easily scarred skin. On top of that, I am also relatively fair skinned.

Growing up with acne prone skin was bad. But having awful scars that took forever to heal on fair skin was the biggest horror.

Surprisingly, I almost never get big pulsating pimples. It was all the small little pimples that never seem to 'mature' and my itchy fingers that did me in. The epidermis layer of my skin is relatively thin so sometimes, just squeezing whiteheads alone can cause it to bleed or scar =( 

In my attempts to salvage, I turned to harsh products like Benzoyl Peroxide (who hadn't?), Tea Tree Oil, strong facial scrub, acid peeling and etc. None of them were really lasting. Of course, I paid my fair dues to saloons after saloons in an attempt to fix my skin but with little cash to spare, I found it hard to maintain this lifestyle.

Don't ask me why I didn't turn to a dermatologist. I think I was just afraid of the unknown =\

It was a constant struggle to keep my face clear and nothing works until B’liv Blackhead Sebum Gel (formerly called Cellnique) came along. It saved my world and for a short while, my face was totally cleared.

Then, I believe I was using Olay's moisturising facial foam. And with the recommendation of a friend, I turned to DIY oil cleanser. It was a blend of Jojoba, Grapeseed and Castor Oil.

Photo credits Wellnessmama

It was supposed to deeply cleanse and moisturise my skin. Maybe it did but I honestly couldn't tell. But it didn't give me any trouble either so I just continued using. Until one day, a few pimple popped out and said friend recommend me to apply the cleansing oil onto my pimples to help heal it. I went to bed with dabs of the oil on the pimples.

I bet you're face palming now.

Yes, as you expected, the condition worsened. As it appears, my friend might have been talking about using the castor oil only and Silly me used the entire 'jojoba x grapeseed x castor oil' Concoction -__-||| Naturally, the grease made the pimple worse and it spread the germs to other parts of my face.

And then it was all downhill from there.

My life went back to the usual roller coaster struggle to keep my skin condition in check and Cellnique didn't work as miraculously anymore.  I was constantly trying out new products and ways to help my skin.

Things sort of floated until 2 years ago where I met with the worse condition my face ever had.

I remember it was after my Kagamine Rin “Regret message” shoot by the beach (not above photo). After a long day of exposure to the sun and sea breeze, my face finally broke down and gave me a sudden skin allergy reaction.

My face swelled, was red with raised bumps and was itchy as can be!

After that day, my skin felt so hurt and painful! It rejected pretty much every skincare product I use, even those that I've been using all along! I believe during that period and prior to it, I was using ZA's deep hydrating gel. I believe this product is currently discontinued, never seemed to find it in the stores anymore.

It was a very sad skin period for me. I can apply something on my skin and it would immediately tell me whether this product has ingredients that was reactive or not.

My skin was extremely delicate and sensitive. On top of that, it was also super dry! It was so dry and flaky that I could just dab water on my face and rub dead skin off ! Serums, gels, creams all didn't work!

Eventually I turned to a doctor (Polyclinic first) who prescribed me skin moisturizing cream and antiseptic cream. Then to another popular skin doctor many of my friends recommended. The doctor prescribed me 10 items to be used on my skin and advised me to focus on healing the dryness first.

I was hardworking and religiously dedicated at least 15 minutes(day & night) to applying skincare products everyday. Thankfully, the products did eventually heal the direct skin problem. But my skin condition became awfully dry after that. For someone who had previously only dared to use Gel based moisturizers, I now survive on creams. Not lotions but CREAMS!

Rosken’s Dry Skin Cream was one of the product that proved very useful then. I would still recommend their product to friends with dry skin. This is a very affordable product that moisturizes very well.

After the whole incident though, I did realise that the allergy reaction wasn't a sudden occurrence but rather, a gradual build up. I was so used to thinking that because my skin had pimples, I should use products to get rid of it. Because I have scars, I should work on making the scars disappear without thinking about the core of my skin's need.

Photo credits Foodembrace.

The week before the allergy broke out, I did the Oatmeal mask twice because I was so in love with the velvety effect after using it. However, I found out afterwards that even though Oatmeal is good for sensitive skin and is touted for it's healing and soothing properties. It is also an exfoliator with very good oil absorbing and cleaning properties.

Meaning to say, the excessive use of Oatmeal mask was sucking hydration out from my skin and probably making it loses it's balance.

And prior to that, I was also using Olive oil as my daily Makeup remover for a couple of months (likely longer since I did went through a couple of those bottles...or did I remember incorrectly @@? ). I always thought using olive oil for removing makeup was 'moisturising' but as it turns out , it was stripping my skin of it’s natural oils gradually.

I eventually found Bionike’s Defence Rosys and my skin started picking up. Of course, it wasn't just with the use of one product but a change in a few couple on top of acquiring a new lifestyle.

Because this entry is getting too long, I'll talk about the individual products/methods in a review next time.Unfortunately for me, my skin still continud to suffer from occasional relapses whenever I used the wrong type of skincare or failed to notice the subtle changes in my skin in time. So it is a continuous job making sure my skin is happy xD

The final ending to this long entry is that we should all learn to understand how our skin works.

Different treatment will work differently for each person and the same person can have different skin quality at different times. The biggest mistake I made was thinking just because I’ve been using this product or method for a while, nothing bad will happen.

Understand that our skin can change due to climate and stress so be observant about it and be open to changing your skincare routine when you need to. Some skin care products/methods works great on the first trial but doesn't work well for our skin in the long run.

I'm still learning to work with my skin and it's far from perfect. But at least it is healthier now.  xD

May 22, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Vita Bright)

Name: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Vita Bright)
Bought from:
Gmarket  ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg) 
Price: $1.5 - $3+ 
Rating: 4.5/5

Photo credit:

Introduction:  Initially, I didn’t want to try this mask because it was twice as expensive as my usual ones. But a friend highly recommended it when we were in the middle of a Watsons Members sale. Seeing how it was selling at half price, I grabbed one and stayed a fan till now.

As a disclaimer, I’m not paid or sponsored for this review. I bought everything myself.

According to my online research,

“ LEADERS Cosmetics Group has owned and operated over 10 Professional Skin Clinics across South Korea; Seoul, Daegu City since 2001.

LEADERS InSolution is COSMedical brand that was created and tested by dermatologists of LEADERS Skin Clinic.

No.1 Dermatologist tested masks in KOREA! No Paraben, No Mineral Oil, No Silicon & No Artificial Pigment.”


Texture : Depending on the different mask type, the texture of the paper differs. But they are generally thin, translucent and adhere to the skin very well. The 'bright Up' one almost feels like water silicon. It just feels incredibly supple and ... for the lack of a better term; jelly-like. 

Look at the photo below, doesn’t the mask looks like it’s merging into my skin?!



Effects: This is my first insolution masks and the one that started everything. So it's not surprising I would have nice things to say about it. 

As the name mentions, it's a 'Brightening ' mask and it delivers that. Unlike some of the other masks I have used that brightens up my skin significantly after but the effects never last. This mask has a moisturising effect that lasts till the next day even though the brightening effect might not be alarming on first trial. The first time I used it I observed that my face was shine free the next day until late afternoon. Of course there are factors that attribute to that and it might not work exactly for you but it has been a mask i continuously reach for.

To explain a little on what 'Brightening' means, it doesn't mean whitening and changing your skin colour. It means deep hydrating and conditioning your skin to make it so much healthier, it glows. Dull skin is the biggest reason why my face is darker than my neck. 

It’s a nice overall effect masks for people who wants a bit of everything.


Pros: It adheres to the skin well, feels almost like your second skin and delivers what it promises.  It is also quite affordable if you know where to purchase. I always ship mine from this shop. 


Cons: It is hard and expensive to get in countries outside Korean. In Singapore, we can only get them from Watsons that sells it $3/ sheet. 



Until I find something that surpasses it in terms of quality and price, I will continue to use it. I guess I might already have used 40 over sheets of it LOL!

If you are interested to purchase it, this is where I always buy mine. Yes, i might earn some commission if you buy via the link but I tell you, that is the store that sells it cheapest on Gmarket! Many other stores adds addition cost afterwards .  They take 2 weeks to ship though…. maybe it’s because I’m cheap and always opt for the $0 shipping option =x

As you can tell from my many facebook posts, I have purchased from them numerous times and with the exception of once (one of the masks leaked) they have never failed me. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and have fun masking!

May 2, 2013

Review: Hada Labo retinol firming + lifting cream

Name: Hada Labo retinol firming + lifting cream
Bought from: Watsons
Price: $28.90
Rating: 3/5

I ran out of my favourite Hada Labo moisturiser recently and decided to try their retinol firming one. I had previously done some research online and the bloggers mostly spoke positively about it. Only one particular blogger mentioned that the retinol lotion (which is kinda like toner) actually made her super sensitive hands peel and advices against using it in the day as it might react negatively with the sunlight.

I bought this 50ml product from Watsons for $28.90. Like the rest of Hada Labo's product, It comes in a simple plastic jar. Nothing fancy about it, no magnifying material or empty walls around the jar to make it look bigger than it actually is, which is good.

I've tried this cream for 2 nights and day and must say I'm not super impressed.

The cream is opaque white in colour and has a very viscose texture which made it really hard to blend. It is super sticky , probably due to the collagen ingredients and takes around 10 minutes for my skin to absorb it. It is so sticky that when I cringe my face I can feel the skin around my eyes stick together lol !

I'm not sure whether had I been using too much of it at a go thus the unwanted stickiness or it is really meant to be this sticky.

I have combination, dehydrated and sensitive skin. And I'm in air conditioned environment most of the time so I really appreciate a product that can keep my face from drying out.

Unfortunately with all it's viscosity and stickiness , it didn't seemed to hydrate my skin as effectively as I'd like. I still need my hydrating essence to boost its moisturizing effect. I'm not sure if it's just me not using the product correctly or my expectations were just too high. Either way, the product's not too bad but I guess I was expecting more.

Apr 24, 2013

How I treat my pimples

I'm here with an entry on treating pimples on the face. 

I've always struggled with acne and while I have not totally won the battle yet ( they still come back occasionally and stay very long!) I found out that by following this routine , my skin has become a lot more manageable. 

Firstly , to set your mindset straight. If you've always struggled with bad skin or you want better skin then you must be prepared to be commit to taking care of your skin. To have healthy skin is not easy ( unless you're born with them !) . The most important thing about taking care of your skin is ensuring they are clean and well hydrated. 

I always wash my face with a cleansing sponge like this because it helps to clean the face better. I also cut a hole through my sponge and let it hang through a suction hook in my toilet. This is to ensure the cleanliness of the sponge and to prevent it from getting mouldy. The sponge can usually last me for 3 months before they wear out. 

Then like I mentioned in the video, I apply a generous amount of benzoyl peroxide RIGHT ON TOP of the spot and then stick cosmetic tape over it. If you can’t find those tape, you can subsitute it with Plasters… but tape is cheaper xD.

It pretty much works like those commercial Acne Care stickers but cheaper. I usually only do this at night because it is obviously sexy enough for the street. 

Like I mentioned in the video , benzoyl peroxide works by burning the bacteria in our pimple away. And while that's good for treating pimple, it can be detrimental for normal/ unaffected skin. If you’re not careful, the benzoyl peroxide can burn and hurt your delicate skin. Which is why I use the cosmetic tape to keep the medication on top of what it is supposed to heal and not anywhere else.
I've had a few personal experience where by I was so oblivious to how my skin was reacting to the benzoyl peroxide and kept piling the product on even though my skin was crying out in dryness. My skin eventually "broke down" and I started going into this allergy reaction condition on my face and neck. My face and neck became SO DRY and red and bumpy and painful. Everything I applied on my face would cause it to react and become red. Even products that I have been using peacefully for the past few years would make me cry out in pain! Literally ! It took my face well over half a year to recover =(

Anyway I hope you guys found this video useful, please subscribe to this other Youtube Channel of mine for more girly/skincare videos!

Apr 8, 2013

Hard core face masking

And so... I went back to my self developed hard core face masking. Which is using 1.5 face masks together on both my face and neck. And it's not good when I do things like that. Because that means my skin allergy is back -_-;;;;;

My neck is dry and flaky again. Touching it is like touching sandpaper -_-;; and I'm trying my best to remediate it before the dryness creeps to my face. Which has happened before T. T

The pink and black thing is supposed to help achieve a V shaped face when you use it with their lifting face masks. But I tried that like once and didnt give it another chance. Maybe I should try it again.

Oh dear God, please help heal meeeeeeeee.

Mar 28, 2013

How to cure back and chest Acne

I finally decided and filmed some non cosplay related beauty video! I don’t consider myself a beauty guru though…. I’m just a vain girl who wants to share what she knows about tackling her problems.


I’ve been plagued by skin problems since I could remember and while I still struggle with them, they are a lot more manageable than they used to be. And yes, the video is on a separate YouTube account called Starfood because I think it would be weird to talk about body acne in my Cosplay YouTube account haha. Please subscribe to it !!

argh, hate the way i look in my video thumbnail =_=

The way I take care of those nasty back & chest acnes is simply by making sure I clean the skin very very well with a long body scrubber when I bath.

I double cleanse the problem areas (back & chest) with a facial cleanser after that, again utilising the shower scrubber.

After I’m done with my shower, I then apply a thin layer of pimple medication. In my case I use old fashioned Benzoyl Peroxide. I’m impatient so I use the Maximum strength one.

As I mentioned in the video, Benzoyl Peroxide is a drying/peeling agent that WILL dry the skin. So you would go through a process of peeling first before the skin totally clears up, depending on how much benzoyl peroxide you use and how severe your acne is.

Benzoyl Peroxide can also discolour clothes so I wouldn’t use it with clothes that I care a lot about.

I admit, this method might not be the most pleasant for really bad cystic acne. But I believe what this routine does is making sure the skin is clean, doesn’t get clogged up by dead skin and eliminate budding pimples before they grow into full-scale monsters.

I hope someone benefits from this entry Remember to comment and share ~~ <3

Elp <3

Mar 24, 2013

Sasa loot! Snail rejuvenating face mask!

Check out my skincare loot from Sasa a few weeks ago xD total damage $90+!!

The snail rejuvenating face mask isnt too bad. The paper felt papery and the solution was liquid like. But after having it on my face for a 2 hours, I did observe a very well moisturised skin after wards. I went to bed with just a bit of moisturiser instead of my usual essence and moisturise routine and woke up with hydrated and shine free face.

Will try it again to verify its effectiveness if I can find time to drop by. Hopefully it's still just $1!!! Hehe

Jun 22, 2012

Review : Hada labo moisturiser

Product name : Hada labo moisturiser
Price : $20+
Bought from : Watsons
Rating : 4/5

I love the range for its highly moisturising properties and non irritant effect. I started with their highly popular toner and serum and found both to be very soothing even when my face was going through an allergy reaction and terribly disturbed. In fact, my skin had no reaction to it at all.

This cream is no different. Not irritating and no fragrance. I especially love it's gel like texture. It's opaque white and feels more like some water gel than cream.

It is absobed fairly well but tends to be a little sticky. I'm not sure does that mean my skin hasn't absorbed it yet or?

To conclude, this product is very hydrating and suitable for sensitive dry skin that doesn't like creams.

Jun 14, 2012

TheFaceShop hauls (Arsainte series etc)

Actually I think I bought these early May. What happened in between ?!? So busy!

I bought like $100 worth of TFS skincare product to get their membership and promotional freebie. But Of course I like their products too la xD

Basically I retuned and bought their Arsainte ideal essence , Arsainte daily moisturiser, Gel sunscreen and Damange Coating Essence for my hair.

The promotional freebie was a travel size set of Arsainte Eco Therapy products. I'm pretty fond of this series for its moisturising properties and they don't break me out. I should really try to do a review soon but I just suck at observing difference unless they are super drastic.

Kinda mweh at the fact that they deliberately skimmed on the more expensive product (essential cream).