Dec 21, 2015

PMS jokes are not funny. Period !

I hate the end of a month. Not because I'm down to my last few penny but because I'm given the monthly reminder of my birth burden. Other than the nausea, headache, giddiness and lethargic-ness. The thing I abhor the most is the emotional roller coaster. Oh, I think they call it PMS -_-

Pic credit: found on the internet =X 

It feels like all your insecurities just jumps on you and everyone hates you and you should just stay under the rock. That's how I feel like whenever I'm in or around those dates.

It also makes you super lazy. I was supposed to be researching for upcoming trips, research on possible new life plans, write blog entries and edit videos but.... all I want to do now is watch Anime , watch Variety program and scroll through Facebook endlessly. I'll be like, "This program is quite boring, I don't like it", but I'll still be stuck there staring at it for the next 10 minutes because I simply cannot bring myself to move away. Like now, it's 3:46am over here and I really should be sleeping but I cannot bring myself to go brush my teeth -_-.

It's also the time of the month where even a glance from someone can make you question your very purpose for being on earth. When you suddenly remember every single mistake you made and all the people who offended you or you offended them. Where you see all the flaws on your face and body and is reminded of how much of a loser you are.  It's like level 1 in Hell where you continuously loop the things you hate or are afraid of -_-;

And yes, PMS jokes are not funny! Period! (LOL)

Don't get me started on how annoying the above pic is . It's like one of the most disgusting scams ever and you want to punch someone for the lie! Making you waste your sanitary pads and going through the trouble of erm, 'dirt proof-ing' your bed only to be cheated.... by your own body -_-. You feel like taking a parang and threatening the culprit but the most you can do is look at her in the mirror and death stare her awkwardly. But you'll probably regret doing that soon because you look closely and you found some freshly emerged hormonal pimples. Yeah \(-_-)/~

Anyway, if any girls out there is reading this, (sorry for the uncomfortable topic if there's any guys read, but I doubt there are 8D), remember to relax and love yourself. The good thing is, at least it will be over soon! We will talk about next month when next month comes -__-