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Jun 28, 2013

Smoke shrouded Singapore

Entry is post dated.

I'm not a very politically inclined person. Most of the time I prefer to stay neutral and keep my comments to myself. Partly out of ignorance ( yes laugh at my insignificant brain) , partly due to the lack of interest but mostly because the situation doesn't need my comments. Yes , I'm a film believer of keeping my opinions to myself if they are not constructive.

Anyway Singapore's been seeing a very different sky lately. Instead of the piercing sunlight and white cloudy skies, it's all grey smoke. Yes, it's been hazy due to the forest burning of our neighbour.

Singaporean's been finding it hard to adapt to this change. Most of us have been blessed to grow up in Singapore with clean air, clean roads, clean seats and clean people. I admit , all this habitual cleanliness have some what cultivated a self absorbed and elitist society.

I'm ashamed I used those adjectives on my fellow countryman but there are times where the Internet and its abundance of irresponsible commenters makes me think that is true.

Yes we might tend to exaggerate matters but not maliciously. We are just not used to the situation. We were not raised in a place where the air smokes up periodically and hurts our eyes and throats. It was not a consequence of a decision made by the mass of us so naturally, it came as a shock.

While I agree in the above paragraphs that some Singaporeans reaction might have been over the top, I still find it hard to stomach the statements made by Indonesian ministers.

If you don't understand what I'm referring to, read some of the articles below.


Why is a minister of the state giving such irresponsible and condescending comments ? Likening our reactions to children on an international forum doesn't seem like a very matured act to me. But nothing beats the haughty comment that Indonesia would not accept any donations from Singapore unless it is a big sum.

If guts were exchangeable for gold , that guy is filthy rich now. Oh wait, he probably already is. That's why 1 million is peanuts to him x.x I don't know, I don't think you can blame me for having a bad impression of the country's politicians if they dish out comments like these.

Ok. As of current, the President of Indonesia has given a formal apology to Singapore and Malaysia. While a part of me would prefer more practical solutions to the burning , I appreciate the sincere apology from a man of status. I think that says a lot about the personality and pride of the man and I'm glad he is the president of Indonesia.

More glad than anything , is the fact that the psi has gone down significantly the past week. While I'm a bit annoyed that I just bought a box of 50 surgical masks for the haze, I'm 20 times happier to be able to see the sun and sky smiling again.

This incident also made me appreciate my environment better. It's a reminder that humans are mere inhabiters of Earth and Mother Nature has no shortage of ways to get back at us.

On a totally different , I am amazed (yet again) by the appeal of Hello Kitty to Singaporeans. Mac Donald has once again launched their Hello Kitty plushie promotion and it's taking the island by storm with the kitties selling out by mid-day. I cannot comprehend the obsession /_\