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Dec 22, 2015

Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun 3D Perfect Gel (Review)

Name: Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun 3D Perfect Gel
Price: 1,695Yen (SGD$19.42)
Volume: 100gm (Jar) 
Rating: 4/5

I bought this in Japan early this year when I was in Kansai for the Cherry Blossoms. I’ve been a fan of Hada Labo for a long while now and my favourite moisturiser from them is their Koi-Gokujyun Whitening Perfect Gel . I ran out out of moisturiser halfway through the trip (travel size container problems!) and decided to try their 3D perfect gel. Then, this product has not reached Singapore yet and it’s novelty caught my attention.

Mar 8, 2013

Clinique Moisture surge intense (review)

Name: Clinique Moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator ( very dry to dry combination)
Bought from: Pink Beauty
Price: $15:90 (15ml)
Rating: 4/5

I'm not a big fan of brands and Clinique. But a while ago I was feeling the limits of my Hada Labo Moisturiser and decided to explore other moisturisers that would hydrates intensely without a sticky residue.

I went into one of those neighbourhood beauty stores and found them selling trial size of many departmental brands. After a bit of research, I picked up this product.

Overall , I like how watery the texture is . It glides onto the skin and gets absorbed very easily and the best part is, the skin stays hydrated for a long time.

I'm not at all fond of the pretty rancid plastic smell that it carries. Yes, it smells like burnt plastic. The smell fades over time but it was still nasty and made me thought I bought an expired product. but the 2nd jar smells the same so...

Pink Beauty sells a 15ml jar for $15:90 and 2 jars for $30. That roughly means this product is $1 per ml. That's pretty steep if you ask me but looking at how it's my 2nd jar, I think it is still worth the buy.

To maximise the product, I pair it with my lovely hada labo moisturiser. Which is also not super cheap but at least cheaper.