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Nov 14, 2013

Thor 2 - The Dark World

Watched Thor-The dark world last night and it was goooood! Let me disclaim that I am neither a Thor nor Loki fan. I mean, the first movie was boring. Thor didn't have a lot of scenes in Avengers and Loki was so weak in Avengers he shouldn't have dared to call himself 'god' =_=;;;

BUT this movie changed things xD 

The entire movie was filmed beautifully. I guess the difference for this movie was that most of the scenes were in Asgard (Green screen FTW!) and the graphics were as usual of most Hollywood productions these days; breathtaking. Thor and Loki were given more chances to exhibit their fighting skills. And Loki exhibited that he was entirely capable of handling a handful of Dark elves with just a dagger >_>. And I never knew their mother was also a warrior herself with powers to make illusions/tricks. Jane FOster also had a much bigger role this time which is welcomed since women are always sidestepped in american movies.

There were many scenes this time also made the actors looked so charming *_* Fans of Tom Hiddleston/ Loki will be delighted at the scenes he got. This time, I myself feel a little smittened by the 2 actors too *_* <3

The storyline was relatively easy to get and while the converging of the 9 realms was technically a fuzzy thing to explain much less present on screen. The show managed to display the teleportation nature of the portals that form when convergence happen pretty well. I love how they even made comedic effect of it.  

And oh, there was so many unexpected funny moments in the movie that was very welcomed.There was a big twist towards the end which I shall not spoil xD