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Jun 17, 2017

Wonder Woman the Movie : It was WONDERFUL!

I caught the movie last Friday and boy was it good! I'm sorry if I'm blowing the entire mystery of this entry to bits by disclaiming so early in that this movie is amazing!

I've watched many blockbusters recently and one just disappoints me more than the other. Even the stuffs from Marvel weren't able to pump me up as much as Wonder Woman had - and no, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the heroine is a female.

Feb 13, 2014

If my life was a novel, it would be a comedy



Happened a few nights ago when I was fumbling with the power sockets under the table. I cannot even remember what I was doing. I only remember crammed under the table and moving inwards clumsily. And when I moved my first step, my kneecap hit me in the face. The shock of the hit then made me jerk my head backwards and then I hit myself on the underside of my table =_= Was so loud my mom asked about it.


And my wardrobe finally gave way -_- The rod to hold the clothes gave way one morning while I pulled it to climb up and see what’s on the top shelf. Yeahyeahyeah, I know that sounds so graceful but I always pull the rod and use it as a handle whenever I climb up. I don’t really climb over the wardrobe though, I merely step on this area at the bottom to get some height . The rod is not locked down so you just need to pull upwards to release it. And released it I did, see the photo above? The entire pile just came toppling down onto the floor -___- ;;


Had to rehang all the clothes and accessories again -___-;



However I think the rod is too fragile and well, they gave way again. ZZZZ___zzzzz



Dad and bro finally stepped in and helped me step up a new wardrobe rod Open-mouthed smile I love my family =)



Went to a friend's place to BaiNian last sunday and there was a piece of land that says it is state land. But apparently they still employ wild dogs to guards the place. Because there were 3 relatively big dogs (45inch long maybe?) guarding it. I was trying to find my way around and crossed over to their side of the land without noticing them. All 3 of them dashed to me like I was enemy and started barking. At that point I was so thankful that my years of “animal loving on the internet” taught me a few things about dog. I knew they would go even more berserk if I ran and I know animals usually don’t like it when you have eye contact with them. They were probably 1 meter away from me but I was so calm and collected I could be called queen lol