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Feb 7, 2017

Kose Babyish High Moisturising mask (50 sheets)

Name: Kose Babyish High Moisturising mask
Retail price: SGD$19.90 (50 pc )
Quantity: 50 pieces
Rating: 2.5/5

I bought Kose's Babyish High Moisturizing mask (50 sheets) at my local department store recently because I thought they were selling it at $15.50. Turns out the promotion price was only applicable if you purchase another $15 worth of stuffs. Anyway, here's my short review of the product.


It's a 50 piece mask pack. It's basically a big aluminium Ziplock bag with 50 sheets of mask all stacked together in the watery essence. Pretty standard pack mask design though some might worry about the air-tightness of the Ziplock and worry about leakage or premature drying.

I say, just be sure you've fully pressed the Ziplock down. Unless very intense pressure was applied on the bag, it's unlikely to leak though I've been careless enough to allow that to happen haha.

50 sheets of mask piled together while soaking in the Essence. This is how they roll.

The bulk mode of the packaging might put some people off as questions about hygiene and product (mask Essence) distribution can be raised. I'm personally not too bothered by that since I always wash my hands before applying face masks. While Essence distribution is indeed a worry factor for bulk facemasks - remember you also pay much lesser per piece so imho, it all evens out. But each to its own. I personally enjoy bulk facial masks as they forces/ encourages me to keep using them Everyday.

Texture & effect

The facemask seems to be made out of some thin paper fabric. Quality and moisture retention ability of the face mask is average. The quality of the masks are definitely below say, Leaders Insolution masks. The masks tends to be on the slightly dry side and my forehead is a little too high to be fully covered. The mask feels cheap (sorry) and doesn't fit the face as well as I hope.

But the fit isn't too much of a problem as I always wear my face masks with DAISO's silicon face mask on top of it to keep everything in place. If you haven't tried the DAISO Silicon mask yet, and you're a big facemask junkie - you need to check it out. It is such a game changer!

The essence from the facemask is watery and tends to drip a lot when worn.

Unlike many of my other face masks, I often remove the mask after an hour or so to a "just-as dull" face. Because the mask was not able to retain as much Essence, the skin starts to feel a little dry after an hour. The skin is slightly plumped after the treatment but nothing to rave about.


Overall, there's nothing to boast about here. Kose's babyish high moisturising face mask borders on the disapproval zone.

With a label that claims (and a few others) to be topping the popularity chart; I'd say I was more than a little disappointed. While I understand it's only meant to be a daily maintenance face masks and is cost at only 39 cents each - it is still the most under performing facemask I've ever used.

Unless your skin is super dehydrated and unable to retain its own moisture which forces you to face mask every day (like me) , or your skin is super good and you just need some basic hydration, otherwise I say just give this product a miss. Spend your time on something better.

Since I'm stuck with this product now, Ive devised a way to make it work twice as hard. I apply a layer of sleeping gel mask to my face before slapping the mask and the result is a brighter and more hydrated face when I remove the mask.

Hope this review was helpful. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think or what you want me to review next time !

Jun 18, 2016

Review: Pure Smile Face Masks (Japan)

Name: Pure Smile Face Masks
Bought from: Japan Drugstore
Price: S$4.19 (¥324) (Qoo10)
Rating: 4/5

My skin has been feeling pretty happy after the Pore Shrinking treatment at CNP much to my relieve and joy. But starting from a few days back, my skin suddenly took a turn for the worse. Suddenly the itch and redness is back and I have no idea why! I’m still trying to find the culprit but before that, time for some skin SOS! The only thing to rescue the skin now is a lot of face mask and some serum.


In this blog entry, I’ll review the Japanese face mask collection called Pure Smile. It is a drugstore face mask with a range of benefits and price tags. However I'm only going to blindly review the funny faces ones as those are the only ones I've tried. 

According to the english wordings at the bottom of the masks, it seems like the funny face mask are all designed to contain collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. Sorry for the unexpectedly long introduction , let's jump straight into the review. 

May 21, 2016

Review: SKII

Name: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
Price: SGD$189 (Qoo10)
Volume: box of 1
Rating: 3/5

I’ve had this prized baby in my arsenal for one and a half year. I bought it on a whim on my flight back from Sydney, flamed on by the $50 savings. A box of 10 would cost me $189 in Singapore but on air, it cost just $139. I was flying with Scoot in case any of you is curiuos.

I was cajoled into splurging on it due to it’s overwhelmingly positive reviews online and it’s non-stop marketing campaign. If this indeed is a miracle product then I’m not gonna miss out! After all, my dehydrated and lacklustre skin could do with some boosting.


Dec 9, 2015

Queen Helen’s Avocado & Grapefruit masque (Review)

It’s been a while since I reviewed any products. Not because I stopped my quest for the next skin saviour but more because I’ve been too tired and lazy from travelling to do any reviews haha. Anyway, I started my Christmas shopping last Sunday. Watsons was having a buy 3 get 1 free promotion and as my fourth item, I picked this baby up.

Name: Queen Helen’s Avocado & Grapefruit masque
Price: $7.50
Bought from: Watsons SG
Rating: 2/5




I’ve been struggling to keep my pores clean for the longest time but nothing seems to work by themselves. It always needed to be the whole arsenal of multiple cleansing with multiple cleansing tools , exfoliators and Sebum control gel , so on and so forth -_-.


So I decided to try a masque that promise to not only deep cleanse my pores but leave my skin moisturised as well.



Dec 6, 2015

The ugliest face mask ever (Review)!

As part of my Transsiberian trip a couple of months back, my last stop was China. And being such a fan of Taobao, it was impossible not to lug something back. I ordered a tonne of stuffs from Taobao to be shipped to my last hotel in Mt Emei. The Face mask I’m going to review here was one of my loot. Yes, it’s probably the ugliest and most disgusting looking facemask you will ever see.




Dec 6, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( AC Dressing)

Price: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( AC Dressing)

Bought from: Gmarket ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg)

Price: $1.5 - $3

Rating: 4.5/5

Introduction: A friend of mine loves this particular mask and even gave me a red packet masked in one of these used mask packet for my birthday xD  If you don't understand what I describe , it's okay x.x

According to my research online, this mask helps in soothing skin irritation and redness. Relieves troubled and sensitive skin and supples moisture. 

Texture: Pretty much the same as the other Insolutions masks.  It's loaded with product and adheres to the skin very well. It doesn't drip either unlike some other masks. It has a slightly stingy effect and smells more medicated when its applied to the skin. 

Effects: My skin is significantly soothed out and surprisingly fairer! And my face stayed healthy looking the next few days.

Effective in perking up tired skin and pumping moisture into the skin. 

Cons: Difficult to buy and might be expensive if it's bought from the stores 

Conclusion:I have found a new love. While the Aloe Vera mask was good for soothing & calming very sensitive skin, AC Dressing is fabulous for skin with mid range problems. 
I hadn't had much chance to sleep for a while and my skin was definitely showing it. It was dull, saggy and dry. After using this, my skin was very much better! It became more supplied, fairer and healthier. 

I would definitely order more of this soon and use them as yet anther emergency rescue product xD 

Jun 24, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Aloe Vera)

Bought from: Gmarket ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg)
Price: $1.5 - $3
Rating: 4.5/5


Ok, so some of you might think I'm trying to buff up content by splitting reviews for this mask. I had every intention to go the lazy way and review the product as a whole but then I realise I would not be doing the product justice and neither would my readers know which masks to buy.

Anyway back to the review. I bought this along with my usual bright up mask for the sake of trying. And I reckon since I was already taking the effort to do online purchasing, might as well buy more right? (that is such a dangerous shopaholic mentality O. O;;; )

My initial impression with it was pretty mweh. Its not that it's bad, it's just that it wasn't alarmingly good. While my face felt hydrated after it, nothing really shouts out about it. I'm not a very observant person.

Until my skin allergy struck again. To read more about my skin issues and what it has went through, read this. My skin was flaky, painful and disturbed. Using the bright up mask could only hydrate it for a short while before my skin cries out in protest again.

Then I tried the aloe Vera mask and it turned out to be the holy grail! Granted it did not single handedly saved my allergy but it did significantly made my skin felt so much better afterward. My skin calmed down and was able to slowly recuperate.

Soft, thin and heavily coated with the product. Adheres to skin very well. Unlike the Vita Bright mask, this one seems to be made from a gauze like fabric though you can barely tell.

Calms redness, soothes the skin and acne while hydrating.

Effectively calms and soothes the skin. Relatively affordable.

Difficult to purchase.

Good, will and have bought again. Now I use this as a first aid remedy when my skin needs some rescuing or there is pimples or redness I want to calm. If I feel like my skin allergy is creeping back, I use this mask first.

If you are interested to purchase it, this is where I always buy mine. Yes, i might earn some commission if you buy via the link but I tell you, that is the store that sells it cheapest on Gmarket! Many other stores adds addition cost afterwards .  They take 2 weeks to ship though…. maybe it’s because I’m cheap and always opt for the $0 shipping option =x

Have fun masking xD! 

May 22, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Vita Bright)

Name: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Vita Bright)
Bought from:
Gmarket  ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg) 
Price: $1.5 - $3+ 
Rating: 4.5/5

Photo credit:

Introduction:  Initially, I didn’t want to try this mask because it was twice as expensive as my usual ones. But a friend highly recommended it when we were in the middle of a Watsons Members sale. Seeing how it was selling at half price, I grabbed one and stayed a fan till now.

As a disclaimer, I’m not paid or sponsored for this review. I bought everything myself.

According to my online research,

“ LEADERS Cosmetics Group has owned and operated over 10 Professional Skin Clinics across South Korea; Seoul, Daegu City since 2001.

LEADERS InSolution is COSMedical brand that was created and tested by dermatologists of LEADERS Skin Clinic.

No.1 Dermatologist tested masks in KOREA! No Paraben, No Mineral Oil, No Silicon & No Artificial Pigment.”


Texture : Depending on the different mask type, the texture of the paper differs. But they are generally thin, translucent and adhere to the skin very well. The 'bright Up' one almost feels like water silicon. It just feels incredibly supple and ... for the lack of a better term; jelly-like. 

Look at the photo below, doesn’t the mask looks like it’s merging into my skin?!



Effects: This is my first insolution masks and the one that started everything. So it's not surprising I would have nice things to say about it. 

As the name mentions, it's a 'Brightening ' mask and it delivers that. Unlike some of the other masks I have used that brightens up my skin significantly after but the effects never last. This mask has a moisturising effect that lasts till the next day even though the brightening effect might not be alarming on first trial. The first time I used it I observed that my face was shine free the next day until late afternoon. Of course there are factors that attribute to that and it might not work exactly for you but it has been a mask i continuously reach for.

To explain a little on what 'Brightening' means, it doesn't mean whitening and changing your skin colour. It means deep hydrating and conditioning your skin to make it so much healthier, it glows. Dull skin is the biggest reason why my face is darker than my neck. 

It’s a nice overall effect masks for people who wants a bit of everything.


Pros: It adheres to the skin well, feels almost like your second skin and delivers what it promises.  It is also quite affordable if you know where to purchase. I always ship mine from this shop. 


Cons: It is hard and expensive to get in countries outside Korean. In Singapore, we can only get them from Watsons that sells it $3/ sheet. 



Until I find something that surpasses it in terms of quality and price, I will continue to use it. I guess I might already have used 40 over sheets of it LOL!

If you are interested to purchase it, this is where I always buy mine. Yes, i might earn some commission if you buy via the link but I tell you, that is the store that sells it cheapest on Gmarket! Many other stores adds addition cost afterwards .  They take 2 weeks to ship though…. maybe it’s because I’m cheap and always opt for the $0 shipping option =x

As you can tell from my many facebook posts, I have purchased from them numerous times and with the exception of once (one of the masks leaked) they have never failed me. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and have fun masking!

Apr 8, 2013

Hard core face masking

And so... I went back to my self developed hard core face masking. Which is using 1.5 face masks together on both my face and neck. And it's not good when I do things like that. Because that means my skin allergy is back -_-;;;;;

My neck is dry and flaky again. Touching it is like touching sandpaper -_-;; and I'm trying my best to remediate it before the dryness creeps to my face. Which has happened before T. T

The pink and black thing is supposed to help achieve a V shaped face when you use it with their lifting face masks. But I tried that like once and didnt give it another chance. Maybe I should try it again.

Oh dear God, please help heal meeeeeeeee.