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Jan 30, 2017

Cheap, Easy & Fun Bachelorette Games That Are Not Raunchy

It's time to celebrate your BFF’s closure to her exciting single life and you've been assigned to conjure up activities for her bachelorette party. But not every bride is into wild and raunchy parties (strip tease? Boring!) And not every guest is age appropriate so you're not quite sure what to do.

Here are some bachelorette party activities you can consider that are fun, wholesome and won't break the bank. The highlight in this line up is maximum impact for minimal effort because, let's be realistic, who has time to slave over games preparations?

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Aug 18, 2015

Megabus Stops in Rome, Venice, Milan & Paris

I just returned from a 5 weeks trip and to facilitate my budget travel, I took Megabus coaches a lot from one country to another.

If you are not familiar with Megabus, it is an intercity Bus service that is pretty famous for their low fares. Their wikipedia description attached below.

Megabus website:

" Megabus, branded as, is an intercity bus service of Coach USA/Coach Canada and DATTCO (a non Stagecoach company, under contract) providing discount travel services since 2006, operating throughout the eastern,southernmidwestern, and western United States and in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Megabus is notable for using curbside bus stops instead of traditional stations, low fares starting at $1, and in recent years, operating a point-to-point network of routes with buses making few stops en route to their destination. "
source: Wikipedia

I took the Megabus for the following routes; Paris to Cologne. From Rome to Venice. From Venice to Milan and from Milan to Paris.

This blog entry is to share details about the bus stops for Rome , Venice, Milan and Paris because Megabus does such a lousy job of describing their Bus stops to their potential customers. The information here will be useful for anyone planning to travel with Megabus and departing/arriving from these points.