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Sep 9, 2016

Review: Etude House Baking Powder Pore & Bb Deep Cleansing Foam

So I decided to finally try that sample packet of facial cleanser I've had it in my arsenal for God-knows-how-long . I'm not sure what piqued my interest in it but it did and I'm thanking my lucky stars (aka God) for that. The sample satchet was so old I worried it might have expired but thankfully it didn't hehe.
The product amazed me enough to purchase a full sized tube and here is my review after a few weeks of use.

Name: Etude House Baking Powder Pore & Bb Deep Cleansing Foam
Price : USD$9.80 (website), Qoo10 price
Rating : 4.5/5
Size: 150ml


The packaging is simple. Just a brightly coloured squeeze tube with a nice, stable foundation. It stands well on its own and that's all I can say about it.


The cleanser is opaque white and has micro beads in it to help exfoliate. The beads are small and doesn't scratch like some old school exfoliator does. After some massaging the beads seem to melt away.

The cleanser foams up very well and only needs a tiny amount to clean the entire face.

Effect & Usage

It leaves the face feeling squeaky clean without stripping it of it's moisture like some old foam cleansers. I've been avoiding foam cleansers like a plague for the longest time but it seemed like science have came out with new formulas that not only cleans extremely well but moistures too. In fact the skin actually feels supple enough for me to go buzzing around after washing - sans moisturiser .

Of course I don't recommend you do that often because it's best to follow up cleaning with proper skincare procedures. Especially since that is the time your skin absorbs products the best.
The official website says you can use it to remove everyday makeup and it received glowing reviews for that. I haven't actually tried that as I found it hard to clean the areas around my eyes without getting the foam into my eyes haha. Can someone enlighten me? Am I supposed to remove makeup around the eye with makeup cleanser and cotton pad seperately XD?

The amount of foam you create however, will directly affect the squeaky /dry effect on the face. For people with sensitive skin, I recommend getting your hand on a sample satchet like me to test it first. I also only use a tiny pea amount which I concentrate mostly on my T-zone.

Most of the time my face feels clean and nice after the wash and my skin doesn't feel like it's been stripped of it's natural moisture. But there are days that I feel like I overdid things and experienced a day or two of tautness which needed to be compensated with face masking or serum. I try to avoid applying serums these days unless I absolutely have to as they seem to break me out.

Someone on Instagram commented that after going thru a quarter of the tube, it started to dry her skin out a lot. So I alternate this with my Cetaphil cleanser to avoid drying my sensitive and dehydrated skin. Even though this is supposed to be a mild exfoliating product, it's better to be careful.


I highly recommend this cleanser to people with acne prone skin or suffer from blackhead and whitehead problems. My blackheads and whiteheads problem improved significantly after using this product and avoiding serums. My skin is almost acne free now except the occasional zits.

At just USD $9.80, this 150ml product will last a loonnngggggg time. This is my new holy grail!

Jun 8, 2015

Review: LAM SAM YICK 林三益 Clean Acne Bye-Bye Brush

Name: LSY 林三益 X 柳燕粉刺焕颜限定组
Price: $700 TWD - SGD$18.90 on Qoo10 (Price varies )
Website: Lam Sam Yick Official Website & Qoo10 sale page




Lam Sam Yick was a calligraphy brush making company that started in 1917 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The company relocated to Taiwan in 1946 and has since spanned across four generations. With the decline in use of calligraphy, the business has since ventured into the world of beauty brushes. Lam Sam Yick’s brushes are said to be incredibly soft and comfortable.


This Skincare brush range is made in collaboration with the Beauty Guru/ Skincare Teacher from Taiwan;  Liu Yan Teacher. She is most famous for being a regular on the hit Beauty talk show; Nu Ren Mo Zui Da. This Bye-Bye brush specifically targets removal of blackheads. The brush has a ring of short soft bristle on the outside while the inside consists of extreme fine but tough and flexible synthetic fibres.






Clean Acne BYE-BYE Brush

Teacher Liu Yan is very particular on cleansing as cleansing is the most important step for a beautiful and healthy skin. With the collaboration with LAMSAMYICK (LSY), they have specially designed a two-layer brush which has a mix of different diameters in the inner and outer layers.

Clean Acne BYE-BYE Brush is made of Synthetic Fibers 化纖 where bristles will not break. Designed with a softer-touch exterior and a harder-touch interior bristles.With the inner layer bristles smaller than your pores made of 0.07 mm, it is able to penetrate deep into the pores where the underlying dirt are. While the 0.10 mm outer bristles are responsible for loosening the blackheads/whiteheads and acnes, accelerates the acne health and boosts metabolism time.

For those with healthy skin, this outer layer of brush can also be used to clean the deepest part of the skin, to help adjust the skin so as to prevent the growth of any blackheads and acnes.
Able to use this for your nose, hairlines and other parts.”

~ Info from Qoo10


Apparently the Bye-Bye blackhead is so effective in removing blackheads, Taiwanese Singer & TV host Pauline Lan even managed to remove a 10 year old blackhead with it.