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Jan 13, 2013

Psycho Pass (Anime)

And so, I finally jumped on the bandwagon of following a series before its broadcast completion. I don't think I've ever done that before ... Well except Shakugan no Shana iii (final) but even that , I took forever to finish the final few episodes ( I couldn't bear for it to end T. T).

But for Sci Fi thrillers like Psycho Pass and Higashi no Eden, it only took me a few days to finish most of it.

Anyway , psycho pass is cool. Way too gore for my liking yet I cannot stop myself from hankering after it because like most thrillers, it keeps you at the edge of your seat. Yes, I have a spot for detective / investigative stories even though I don't follow a lot of it.

I still feel a little creeped out by it -.- images of the bodies and the scenarios accompanied me to bed last night. And I found myself looking out of the windows and half expecting something to jump in :x

Anyway, I wonder why would happen to Akane. I hope she stays saint and pure T. T I'm actually pretty angry with her in Ep 11. I mean come on , you may be nice but you are a law enforcer. You signed up knowing what you would need it do. Because of her hesitation , she allowed her innocent good friend to be killed in front of her. Sigh. What would you do if you were her ? Am I too rash to say I'd definitely pick up the rifle and shoot the guy ?

I guess most of us have to thank God we aren't put into such difficult situations. The task of deciding and sculpting a life is harder than we think. Which is also what makes the job of a mother, a father, a guardian and a teacher so important.

Did I talk too much again ? Ok I'm sorry. Look, here's some nice fruit tarts to make up for it.