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Jun 14, 2017

How to survive the Mongolian Gobi Desert!

Before I realize, it's nearly two years since I embarked on my Trans-Siberian journey and toured the Gobi Desert. Yes, I have a problem staying on top of this blog thing.  I know the Trans-Siberian journey is one of legends and myths and is on the Bucket list of practically every wanderlusts. And many young wander "lusters" like me, rely solely on the internet for our travel research because we're too cheap for Guide Books. So I'm paying it forward here with a short entry xD

- Click here to read about my 6 days in the Gobi Desert.


Other than being known for having the longest and oldest train routes on earth, the legendary Trans-Siberian journey is also famous for the diverse landscape and cultural experience it provides.  A trip into the exotic and charismatic Gobi desert is a must-do if you ever decide to take on the Russia –> Mongolia –> China route.

Without further blabbing, here is my short entry on preparing for the Gobi Desert while you are on your Trans-Siberian adventure because ... let me be honest with you, it's harder than you think.

Sep 23, 2016

How I made the Police siren ring in Mongolia

And so my travel adventures or rather, misadventures continues. Apparently even in a distinctively Asian Country, my vulnerable and suspicious tourist behaviour did not go unnoticed. After my pretty awesome 6 days 5 nights tour in the Gobi Desert, I found myself with 2 more nights in Ulan Baatar; Capital of Mongolia. The city was reminisce of Singapore in the early 90s but with really bad air pollution and close to zero form of public transport. 




Mongolia weather has always been erratic, it could be sunshine one day and hail storm the other. In October, snow flake flurries come and go. I had prayed to God to give me a bit of my first snow experience and he answered it by giving Ulan Baatar negative degree weather that day. I jumped awake 730am in the morning to the weather report on my sparkling new Samsung Note 4. My phone said UB was snowing, I looked out of the window and … it was snowing! i grinned like a kid and looked across the bunk to the only roommate awake. I gestured and excitedly mouthed the word "snow" to avoid waking anyone up. He didn't even bother to fake enthusiasm, much to my dismay.

Feb 25, 2016

6 days in the Mongolian Gobi Desert!

Mongolia has always been a mysterious land to me. Almost always portrayed either as an enemy nation in Chinese period dramas or just shown as a land of distinct barrenness. But there is an indescribably rustic yet romantic appeal to its' vast lands and nomadic life. And that was what brought me here. In fact, my entire Trans Siberian journey was motivated by Mongolia.

After some intensive online research, I decided to stay 8 nights in Sunpath Mongolia.  Other than its tourist friendly website, the fact that they do a lot of tours was the main reason I decided to stay with them.
Mu friends were surprised when I told them I joined a tour group in Mongolia. After all, I'm known to be a free spirited DIY traveller that couldn't care less for a rigid schedule. If you are Travelling to Mongolia, here's my tip; get a guide/driver or join a travel group. Because there is NO WAY you can enjoy the Mongolian wilderness by yourself without public transport or experience in outdoor camping and navigation. Another thing to be afraid of is being robbed when you are camping alone in the vast wilderness so no, don't go alone.
Since I was there for only 8 nights, I settled on a 6 days tour to the Gobi Desert . This blog entry shall document my experience of those 6 days. 

Sep 30, 2015

Misadventures by Bus to Mongolia

As part of my transsiberian adventure and desire to visit Mongolia, I decided to cross over to Ulan bator(Mongolia) from Ulan Ude (Russia ).

If you are here looking for information about crossing the UB from UU, then check out this other website and spare yourself my emotional roller coaster.

The horror of staying close to 24 hours on the train coupled with the high price, made me decide to take a bus over instead. With the help of my Ulan Ude Hostel owner, I was able to get my hands on a Ticket to Ulan Bator for 1500 rubles (no commission, nothing).

The plan was to stay 2 nights in Ulan Ude and then catch the 730am bus to Ulan Bator. Anna from the hostel indicated to me roughly where I should go to board the bus and I also went down personally (on the first day) to check the boarding station and route out.