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May 23, 2012

Weekend with the church bells ringing ~

Last week was a really fast week ! Honestly things went so fast I barely understood it xD

Anyway last Saturday was my first experience as a bridesmaid. All the previous weddings I've only attended as a normal guest or stage emcee. it was a very different and tiring experience xD

I couldn't really sleep the night before so i went to bed around 1plus and woke up at 4:30am. Then took my time to do my makeup and get ready. For someone who sleeps 12 hour on undisturbed weekends, you bet I was sleepy and somewhat cranky. But the moment I stepped into the bride's room and saw my dear friend dressed in her full garb omg, the feeling was so unbelievable ! I could almost cry! Lol !

It was then a full and happy day of dance ( all the brides maid and brothers did a special mob dance xD ) and frantic-ness. Helping the bride with her gown , shoes , making sure the logistics were brought along etc. basically being a saikang warrior xD but I have to be thankful that I'm the only bridesmaid that didn't have as much dedicated job scope as the rest xD I think Vivian knows how clumsy I am so she spared me from those chores lol.

Macy and I stayed with the couple through out the day so we had a lot of time to crap with each other lol. And I have thereby labelled her as Scary Macy lol. Scary Macy insisted I change my hairstyle for the dinner so I wouldn't look exactly the same in the photos lol. Aiya, very sweet of her la.

This is the hair style she did for me. Some sort of straight plait.

Macy also gave a very random but interesting comment that she can really see a difference in the me who is not cosplaying. Hmmm I'll take it as a compliment that yours truly is a very nice and grounded person WAHAHAHA *needless self assurance xD *

They are such a nice couple to see xD the two of then are so different yet so compatible and cute together . So much good wishes and blessings to the two of them !

Sunday was also a packed day >.< church, foundation class and then some running around before I finally went to The Cathay for The Avengers !!!!! So glad Gin and Maria wants to rewatch the movie along with me xD pity the grand Cathay was just too big and took the impact of the movie away somewhat.

And the entire time , Gin was making fangirly sounds and hand signs about the brewing bromance xD hahah the fanarts have really changed a lot about the movie xD the first time I watched Avengers, I thought Loki was interesting but didn't entertain more thoughts. I must say all the fan reaction for Loki was really unexpected xD does this prove that most girls like bad boy xD ?

I liked captain America though I have to admit the movie didn't really do a lot for him :( too much heroes , too little time.

Apologies for the hugely messy entry. My brain is in different places now. Lol