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Jun 18, 2014

My week in photos (Ok not really)

Incoherent rambles ahead. Proceed with caution.


Took Totoro to Gardens by the Bay last month. Awesome blessing from my Pastor (She paid for my entrance lol)

Jun 4, 2014

13 things I learn as a twenties

Inspired by the many many “ 10/20/30 things I learnt ____________________” webpages I’ve read, this is my humble rendition of wisdom nuggets I wish I had known 10 years earlier.


Sequence 01.Still001


Every day and every year, I grow older, uglier and weaker (we all die yea? Lol) but if there’s anything I fear about aging, it would be to grow old but not grow any wiser. What kind of life would I have lived if I don’t go through situations and learn from the struggles? Anyway, these are just some stuffs I put together. Not any life mandates and you don’t have to agree with me, I am after all, just a little nobody xD


May 26, 2014

Samsung Note3 doodle + marathon weekend

Can't believe how affected I am by the recent bad news in my life. So so heartbroken , sigh. The disappointment of multiple people rolled into one heart is proving too much for me. Which makes me start to face palm at how weak I am, alamak! Poke me with a fork and I'll probably die Lol!



Anyway life as been busy and mweh as usual. I mean life is good! But I've just been feeling a little low :/

I've been on a doodling craze recently.  it all started last month (or early this month) when I sort of maxed out my data plan. Android tends to do a lot of things in the background that sucks up the data usage! So yeah I maxed out and had to abstinent from surfing or doing any sort of SNS on boring train rides. So I started doodling with my Samsung note3 stylus.

It turned out to be so therapeutic and de-stressing!


The stylus control on note3 is amazing and drawing on it despite the size and all is pretty comfortable. 


1782397_10153080261300476_2300112409046121557_o 10383479_10153086722940476_1388556540376472821_n

I wonder if anyone can recognise the characters above XD

I'm going to cosplay a classic Chinese movie with Yuanie and Seiyume soon so the characters in the movie naturally became my doodle subject ahhaha.


Captain Levi! (or is he a Corporal?)


On a totally different note, I have to say how annoyed I am with myself. Whenever I have no time to blog , my head would be full of things to say. But when I sit down and get to it (actually I'm standing on a train now) , my mind goes blank =_=;


Bachelorette party and staycation with the girls yesterday! We had a lot of fun playing the games  and watching movies~ (Rise of the Guardians and Captain America 8D !)


It's been a long and fun but tiring weekend hahaha. Its like a triathlon and I'm finally at the last lap of the race ahaha!!  Racing home to get ready for a wedding dinner (last stop!) now lol.


Photo: Managed to shower, wash hair, curl hair,  change and makeup within 1.5hr! So proud of myself 8D ! Shall not bother self with little flaws in hair & makeup , I'm not the highlight of the wedding anyway heheheee :3

I am so mighty proud of myself. I managed to shower, wash hair, curl hair, change and do my makeup within 1.5hr! In the past just makeup alone would have taken me 45minutes minimal! Kaika haz levelled up!  Shall not bother self with little flaws in hair & makeup , I'm not the highlight of the wedding anyway heheheee. And I love the photo editing app called Meitu XiuXiu, it’s capable of making anyone look pretty =3=b


Ok. End bimbo post. Goodnights!

Feb 13, 2014

If my life was a novel, it would be a comedy



Happened a few nights ago when I was fumbling with the power sockets under the table. I cannot even remember what I was doing. I only remember crammed under the table and moving inwards clumsily. And when I moved my first step, my kneecap hit me in the face. The shock of the hit then made me jerk my head backwards and then I hit myself on the underside of my table =_= Was so loud my mom asked about it.


And my wardrobe finally gave way -_- The rod to hold the clothes gave way one morning while I pulled it to climb up and see what’s on the top shelf. Yeahyeahyeah, I know that sounds so graceful but I always pull the rod and use it as a handle whenever I climb up. I don’t really climb over the wardrobe though, I merely step on this area at the bottom to get some height . The rod is not locked down so you just need to pull upwards to release it. And released it I did, see the photo above? The entire pile just came toppling down onto the floor -___- ;;


Had to rehang all the clothes and accessories again -___-;



However I think the rod is too fragile and well, they gave way again. ZZZZ___zzzzz



Dad and bro finally stepped in and helped me step up a new wardrobe rod Open-mouthed smile I love my family =)



Went to a friend's place to BaiNian last sunday and there was a piece of land that says it is state land. But apparently they still employ wild dogs to guards the place. Because there were 3 relatively big dogs (45inch long maybe?) guarding it. I was trying to find my way around and crossed over to their side of the land without noticing them. All 3 of them dashed to me like I was enemy and started barking. At that point I was so thankful that my years of “animal loving on the internet” taught me a few things about dog. I knew they would go even more berserk if I ran and I know animals usually don’t like it when you have eye contact with them. They were probably 1 meter away from me but I was so calm and collected I could be called queen lol

Oct 9, 2013

My week last week

<St>I always seem to end up blogging here on Sundays. xD maybe because its usually the only slow day of my week. </St> Okay, so I ended up finishing this on Wednesday. Sometimes I wonder where did my time go to -__-;

I overslept today ( last sunday) and totally missed church :( feeling pretty damn mweh and guilty because I was up till 5am last night editing the elf makeup video. Not at all a good reason to be missing church for. 

Video of transformation here.

Check out this Before & After makeup comparison. Such a big difference I feel embarrassed /_\

Spent the previous few waking hours trying to understand some SNS stuffs and trying to draft my Kirito sword. I feel like crap whenever I prop because my propping skills are horrendously poor. Also feeling a little ashamed of myself for not spending more effort into my prop making skills despise cosplaying for more than a decade. But I guess to give myself some credit , I did focus more on dressmaking :( but now that I have decided to buy my costumes instead, I suddenly feel a weird sense of regret and waste. Like all the lousy skills I have been levelling the past decade is suddenly irrelevant :(

Anyway, enough of the emo crap. I'm more than happy to buy costumes because now I suddenly can Cosplay a lot of the characters I always wanted to but could never muster enough resolution to make xD 

But now I'm stuck with the props /OAO\|||| *flips table*

I bought mahjong papers to help me draft my swords and I felt so badasses holding it like a weapon xD

All the costumes I bought I always choose to make the weapons myself. Partly to save money and mostly  because because because because.... I don't want to be labelled as  a pretty face cosplayer />_<\ nooooooo~~~~~

Though I'm beginning to regret my choose -,- 

*slaps self * kaika snap out of it ! You've decided and its time to stick to your decision! BE A MAN! 

But wait .... Why should I be a man ?! I'm a woman ! 

Ahhhhhh but never mind I think I get the drift I am typing. Do you understand my dilemma and nonsense? Comment and let me know ;( 

My Gakuen from taobao came but I think the fit is wrong :( 

My Daiso loot last Saturday. The brown sugar banana chips is awesome !!! I highly recommend it xD 

Sep 29, 2013

Some melancholy, much joy and many reflections

After the completion of this major milestone in life, I've really been taking the time to relax and do stuffs I couldn't previously.

I've been so busy hanging out with my friends and doing well, stuffs. A lot of research and just getting things to sink in. Trying to make sense, analyse information, organise plans and find directions.I know I sound incoherent now but have mercy on me as all these are spoken through a very confused mind. 

I was very on fire with wanting to do skincare reviews because trying out new stuffs for my face never dulls me. But the urge to write about my observations seems to have disappeared. Maybe I really am too burnt out to feel any passion at the moment. Maybe I just need a moment. Or maybe two. Lol. 

TCC is on officially hiatus now but I'm thinking about how to improve it. 

Anyway I just bought two lovely shoes for $10 each at Old Navy @ Bugis Street !!

And on a totally irrelevant note, I seriously need to get my fringe cut. Damn thing kept poking my eye! And I don't feel like cutting myself because I think my skills are not good enough even though I always cut my own fringe *cheap* . But yeah , I just want to have nicer fringe lol. 

It looks nicely anime now but it's just a facade. 

Took this on the way to the seminar today. I don't know why I look so sad and my eyes totally looked monolid -_-; that's what you get for having hooded double eye Lids. 

Bought some cheap makeup from Daiso a few days ago. The blush and highlighter works reasonably well though I'm not too sure about the lips. I'm not very acquainted with lip products but this thing seems to smart my lips :/ the colour's pretty awesome though. Maybe it's just me. 

I have the lip colour on in this pic. Pic has been brightened and beautified with Meitu xiu xiu so the colour's actually darker. 

This entry is so disgustingly narcissistic and incoherent . But anyway ... God bless u ! Have a good sleep, good day , good everyday guys ~~~!

May 30, 2013

Keep calm and keep walking

And so I'm feeling extremely stressed up these few days. With the schedules i live by and my inherently dumb personality, I always feel stressed . I kept having random dreams when I go to bed at night which is always a lousy thing because I'm not getting sleep! Last last night I dreamt of Toni Starks plucking mushrooms -.-;

But this past month has been particularly trying.

In fact I would say this entire first half of 2013 has been.

Hard to believe 2013 is already half gone and I still feel like the same loser I was last year.

Oh, don't mind me calling myself a loser. It's just this thing I do to myself when I'm feeling down. No biggy! I'm not phishing for compliments , I'm just in a negative self thrashing mood and i need a place to throw all these negativity and stress out! Lol!

The thought about the year and my own approaching birthday had me asking myself "what have I achieved?".

Well to give myself some credit, this year I took part in 2 contest and emerged as finalist for both. And if all goes well, I will accomplish a milestone in life soon.

One of the contest I took part in is OMY. sg's Blogger's contest. I am running in the Vlog category. While I am extremely honoured to once again be considered good enough to be the top 10 vlogger in Singapore. The challenge entry that needs to be submitted by 9th June is having me wallow in defeat.

By the way guys, if you think my main blog; The Cosplay Chronicles is Worthy of a support , please vote for me here T. T you can vote everyday !

So 2013 had been an alarmingly fruitful year despite my lack of attention. Ok , I take my word back, all the fruits I gained are through all the hardworking I ploughed. So I guess I deserve them. But like I mentioned on my Facebook, I've always been hardworking but the past 2 years had been particularly exciting and fruitful and I think it's all thanks to God for bringing me to the right places at e right time.

Unfortunately this year also saw a lot of heartaches. I had people I believed in do or say things that made me felt really bad. Things which I felt was unwarranted and unnecessary. It wasn't entirely my fault but i always ended up paying the price for it.

Getting misunderstood is no stranger to me. But it was an old friend I thought I had sent away.

Goes to show how old haunts never fails to trap you when you least expected. It also shows that continuous self reflection is needed for everyone.

And It suddenly dawned upon me that this must be the pain God felt when we betray or reject him . Maybe all these unhappy incident was to make me appreciate His love more.

Every time it happens, I always felt like I could never forgive that person for his / her mistake. But then I realise God forgives so readily and never brings it against us once we confesses. Makes me feel both like an asshole and thankful. LOL.

There is so much I want to talk here but I have 2 exams, 1 event , 1 concept and 2 commission /contest videos to complete within 2 weeks. So I'm off to chase time !

Wish me luck in all things ><!

May 21, 2013

What is smartness ?

When I was younger, I strived hard to be smart. But as I grow older with accumulated painful experiences, I started to learn to act stupid. I wanted to fit in. It was liberating at some point but I soon started to believe I am indeed stupid.

Was it a good trade ?

May 17, 2013

Life score

I really don't think I am a famous or popular Cosplayer. Whatever tiny fame or achievements I have are shamefully laughable.

But even for someone like me, there are times when I hope they agree with me because I'm doing the right things.  I hope people really like me for who I am and not anything else. As a friend they will defend, a bridesmaid at their wedding and a God-mother to their future kids. That is the kind of relationship I want with people around me. I have that with some and not with some. At the moment a 1:1 score LOL.

Jan 23, 2013

One man's poison is another man's meat

There was some event the day before yesterday and there was a pile of muffins and cakes left behind. So I was assigned to bring 2 box back, unwillingly. Nobody in my family is a fan of such pastries and nobody have time for them. So I brought them home fully aware that they will likely end up in the bin.

Then i went about my own business and proceed to have dinner. While I was having my dinner at an open air food centre, an elderly couple approached me to tout tissue papers. I took out a dollar and bought 3 packs.

Then it struck me that maybe I've found someone to dump the cakes to!

But I contemplated for a while , wondered what to say and imagined how they would respond. I wasn't sure if they would be receptive to it and was worried that western pastries might be too buttery for their generation.

Eventually I finished up my fish ball noodles and went on my way to find someone to pass the cakes to. After 2 rounds I knew the elderly couples had left but then I saw another wheelchair bounded uncle around. Seemingly waiting for another elderly auntie nearby to finish closing her shop.

I was hesitant but I thought its now of never , and what do I have to lose? So I stepped up and asked " Uncle do you like cakes ?"

The uncle seemed to understand my motive immediately and his eyes darted to the package in my hand within a split second. He didn't lose a moment to tell me immediately " Yes I want".

I was pretty taken aback but very pleased and I don't know why but I went on to explain that these were some leftovers and I wonder if he would accept it. Which he again responded positively and almost yearningly the same 3 words.

I had 2 box and I gave him one because I was toying with the idea of giving the rest to my dad. Maybbbbe daddy will like it. But 20 steps later and I started regretting not giving him both ><|||

I felt so ashamed of Myself for entertaining the thought of just throwing the cakes away.

Definitely Food for thought.