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Feb 2, 2017

Review: Heme Baby Q Silicon Sponge

Nme: Heme Silicon Sponge
Retail price: SGD$9.90  
Rating: 4.5/5

I’ve been wondering for a long time if there could ever be something that can replace a makeup sponge in application while being super convenient to maintain. And apparently, I’m not the only one lamenting the inconvenience of our old fashion sponges because someone came up with the idea of using silicon to apply foundation! I’ve tried this sponge for a few days now and here’s my quick review!


silicon sponge thumb

Jan 26, 2016

Japanese Makeup Review!

I finally did this review! It was quite a bit of work and took a while for me to really test the different makeup before I reviewed them. I love travelling to Japan and I love trying out Japanese drugstore makeup. So here are some of the Japanese makeup I’ve tried and reviewed! Enjoy!

japanese makeup!

Dec 14, 2015

More Daiso makeup review !

I reviewed a few Daiso Makeup earlier this year in another blog post. But I thought I'd do a video review and cover some new products I've bought from Daiso. In this blog post, I'll share pictures of the product and give my written reviews. Some of the products have appeared in the first blog post and will not be repeated here.

Daiso is a Japanese thrift store that sells everything for a set price of 100yen. In Singapore, Daiso sells everything at just SGD2. Ever since the huge dip in Japanese yen, I've been saving all my Daiso purchases for Japan because 110yen (100yen + 10yen tax) is just SGD$1.3!! That's 70cents cheaper than Singapore!

Apr 30, 2015

Review: K-Palette 1 day Tattoo Micro Eyeliner

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this eyeliner! This has got to be one of the most unique eyeliner product I’ve come across the past year or so. This product was sent to me for considerations. I’m sorry I took so long to review this awesome product.


Name: K-Palette 1 day Tattoo Real lasting Eyeliner 24h WP Micro
Price: $21.90 (SG). Also available @ selected Watsons & BHG





K-Palette is a popular drugstore makeup in Japan. Products from this brand can be seen in pretty much every drugstores, beauty stores or pharmacies in Japan when I was there. K-Palette is most famous for their 1 Day Tattoo liquid eyeliner that boast an amazing 24 hours of lasting power and has been the No.1 best seller for the last 4 years. In Singapore last year, they launched the offspring of their top selling product; the 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP Micro. Haiyo, these Japanese people must really stop giving their products such long and tongue twisting names lah! Anyway, back to review.

Mar 15, 2015

Review: Daiso Makeup review!

I have been a big fan of Japanese thrift store franchise ; Daiso, since it first came to Singapore. I always have fun going through aisles of it’s budget makeup section while pondering over which to purchase. In case you are unaware, Daiso is a Japanese thrift store that sells everything for a set price. In Singapore, Daiso sells everything at SGD2 with a few exception. 

While Daiso Makeup is a good place to start your Makeup adventures, not everything that’s cheap is good. So here’s my review on some of the makeup I’ve used!

1) Ellefar Princess Eye shadow palette (Twilight)


I really really liked this! I was expecting it to be absolute thrash but I found myself reaching for it all the time. It is also the Eye shadow palette you'd find most often in my travel makeup pouch because it has all the colours necessary for a basic to smoky eye look. Yes, it’s that versatile.


Feb 26, 2015

Updated Review: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)

After trying out and reviewing the sample sized BB cushion, I decided to buy the full sized compact. This is my short review on the packaging, design and price point after going through one pack of it. Hopefully my review will help you decide whether you want to buy it.


Name: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)
Weight: 15 gm X 2 (they sell 1 + 1)

Price: $35:90 - $39:90 (Online price) $58:00 (Retail Price)
Buy from: Qoo10






I bought my Laneige BB cushion from Qoo10 for $36.90. The set includes the compact with the BB cream and an additional refill pack. The seller was nice enough to include some free samples too.


Nov 5, 2014

Review: Benefit Cosmetics: They're Real! Push-Up Liner

I got this eyeliner from the October BellaBox. I have to admit this is probably one of my first high end eyeliner so I was understandably excited to try it out.
Photo source: Sephora
Before my review let's look at some information about the product from Benefit’s website.
Promo 1 

Aug 21, 2014

Review: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)

My first Laneige BB cushion Pore Control experience came as a sample on my monthly Bellabox subscription.

Name: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)
Weight: 15 gm X 2 (they sell 1 + 1)

Price: $35:90 - $39:90 (Online price) $58:00 (Retail Price)
Buy from: Qoo10 

* Update 2: I bought my own full size product via Qoo10 and have been testing it for the last 4 months and shared my new thoughts here! I bought #13 True Beige and while I love the brightening effect, I found the colour too light on me. Take note that I am a relatively fair toned person -__-; . To neutralise the colour difference, I lightly dust my ZA 2way foundation and always tried to avoid piling too much bbcream onto my face.

What is this Laneige Bb cushion?

The Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) is a new, cushion-type BB cream that has multiple skincare properties   “Pore purifying BB Cushion for a fresh-looking and semi-matte complexion all day” .

Some of the special points below.
  1. 1 - Contains SPF50+ PA+++, this high SPF amount means you can do without sunscreen. Strong protection!
  2. 2 - Utilizes a revolutionary cushion mechanism with 800,000 pores (the cushion thing where you get your bb cream from). The mechanism helps disperse the bbcream onto the customized puff in extremely fine sprays. When the puff is used correctly (in a patting/stamping motion), better adherence and hydration is achieved.
  3. 3 - The customised puff is an Air-cell puff that can instantly absorbs the moisture and transfers moisture onto the surface of the skin.
  4. 4 - Pore Purifying Complex ™ purifies pores and protects skin against pore trouble
  5. 5 - Excellent coverage of pore and skin bumps with soft focus powder which diffuse light.
  6. 6 - Semi-matte finish. Product has a powerful dual powder formula of anti-darkening and sebum control powder regulates shine for a fresh and supple-looking complexion.
  7. 7 - Water-resistant. Strong resistance against perspiration and sebum for long-lasting Make-up
  8. 8 - Soothing effect. Fresh cooling sensation instantly cools the skin surface to refresh and soothe fatigued skin.
I’m sorry if the last few points were a direct copy from the picture below but I thought they did a great job explaining so, why not copy 8D?

Aug 6, 2014

Review: Automatic Beauty, Single Eye Tape

So you guys know i attended the awesome AB Mezical fiber event which Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup artist Mr Kelvin graced. Japalang Pte Ltd was nice enough to let each blogger walk away with a bag full of AB products and I'm here to share my experience with them. Sorry for being so slow!

Brand introduction

Automatic Beauty is a Japanese Beauty Brand under Dear Laura Inc.. This Brand focus primarily on makeup products for creating natural looking double eyelids. As of current, they have a range of 6 products and it comes in a variety of materials such as fiber, rubber, liquid, and tape.
Mr Kelvin informed us during the event that he had chosen to work with AB eyelid tapes (amongst the multitudes of double eye tape brands) because he personally endorses the quality of the product and approves of the way QC is being done for this product. Other than making sure the eyelid tapes work, AB also tested vigorously to ensure that even with multiple uses of sticking on and peeling off , the product would not cause any discomfort to the wearer. Producing safe and quality products that works was the brand objective.


Product introduction

In this entry, I'm using the Single Eye tape ( Yellow Box) which is sticky only on one side; much like traditional double eyelid tape. Each product comes in a cute and sturdy plastic box that I will totally re-use for other makeup stuffs 8D. Inside the box is 4 sheets of the pre-cut eyelid tapes ( 80 pieces in total ) and a small Shaping stick .

Jul 26, 2014

Review: K-Palette Brow Mascara

Product info:

In my opinion, one of the often most neglected part of makeup is making sure the colour of your eye brow matches your hair.


There's nothing quite as jarring as a head of light hair with black brows (unless you are Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones or someone equally gorgeous xD) . I admit,  I'm guilty as charged too. It's not that I don't know about the problem,  it's just that I find it too much of a hassle to tackle on normal days.
If you've seen my makeup videos,  you would see me using concealer, powder, elf eyelid primer (yes.), more concealer, more powder, eyeshadow and more eyeshadows to change the colour of my brows. I feel tired just typing that out,  what more doing it on normal days =_=! It's not that I'm not aware of brow mascara previously, I was just too much of a scrounge to get it haha!
But thanks to Japalang Pte Ltd, i finally have a chance to try it! This product was given to me by Japalang Pte Ltd for review. This however does not affect my opinions on the product.

Relle from Japalang was generous enough to give me both shades to try! Cool! Now, I can use the lighter one for Cosplays :D

Jul 13, 2014

Liquid Eyeliner Challenge

I don’t quite know how , but I am currently in possession of 8 (and growing) eyeliners. So I decided to put them to the test and see how they fare against a smudge, water and oil test! I will also share my personal experience and opinions about each product.

IMG_9009 edit

Jun 16, 2014

My Big Eyes Dream Event (Feat. Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup Artist Kevin)

Was invited to attend the AB Double eyelid tape launch event at Sasa last Saturday and had so much fun! Guest of the day was Mr Kelvin from Taiwan. I’m sure Mr Kevin needs no introduction to any Asian girl who’s interested in beauty.


Edit:  AB Singapore has started a mini competition for you guys to take part! Stand to win the full range of AB products, $150 cash and Kevin 老师’s autographed poster. More details below!




Kevin sensei is a Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist ; he is a regular guest on one of Taiwan’s most popular and evergreen Beauty TV program ( Nu Ren Wo Zui Da 女人我最大) and He has endorsed countless beauty products. Being such a leader in the beauty world, it’s nothing short to say he would only recommend the best products




The stage event lasted for near an hour but not a moment went past dull for Kevin Sensei’s experience, talent and amiable personality worked like a charm on everyone. Being so used to the stage and sharing about Makeup, this guy probably has makeup and art blended into his very blood.

Jun 14, 2014

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream & Peri’s Lip Tint

I reviewed the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream & Peri’s Lip Tint! I must admit, this is my first Matte lip stick and Lip Tint and I feel pretty excited about them 8D





Name: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Bought from: Watsons x SMoochiez
Price: $16.90
Rating: 3.8/5
My Colour: Tokyo


2014-03-08 02.47.22



- Matte finish & pastel coloured.

- Very pigmented. Colours comes off exactly like how it looked in the tube

- Has a total of 22 shades! That means a lot of colour options

- Affordable. Ok, to me, this is not cheap because the local distributors marked up the price a lot more and I had to get it at $16.90 each. But for those of you who can get it at $6 (According to the website), lucky you!!

- Tokyo is such a natural and complimenting colour for me! Looks like I don’t have much lip product on



- Slightly dry for sensitive lips like mine. I have to make sure I apply a good layer of lip balm (and let it stay on the lip long enough to be absorbed) before using it. To be fair, I always have dry lips and I constantly need to reapply lip balm; so it could just be my lips. For those of you with normal lips, you will be happy to know this product isn’t provokingly dry :D

- Dryness tends to emphasize and settles into the lines

- Formula seems to wear off not-so-gracefully. Like this zoomed-in photo below, the lipstick after a few hours, have worn off almost completely except in the middle where it has ‘caked’ up.



- Does not last as well as I would like to. I’ve worn this to a couple of Photo-shoots and  found the colours either don’t last or doesn’t really show up on photographs. Then again, It could be me licking my lips/eating  too much or because Tokyo is such a natural looking colour that it blends in.





Overall Conclusion:

I like it ! Despite the cons I said, I still like it. I look forward to slowly acquiring more of it!






Name: Peri’s Tint Water (6.5ml)
Bought from: Qoo10
Price: $5.90
Rating: 4/5
My Colour: 01 Cherry Juice





- Stains instantly

- Good pigmentation

- You can layer the colours

- Relatively long wearing and waterproof. However it will not withstand a meal

- Very affordable!

- Easy to use

- Multi purpose. You can use this as a cheek tint too

- Cute packaging



- Dries too fast so you have to blend it out very fast

- Wears off patchy.


Image 1


Overall Conclusion:


Again, I actually like it. I’ve only always used this for the ombre lip look, so my review might not be entirely fair to this product. But as a stain with a water texture, I like how flexible it can be used. I can overlay it on top of another lipstick for the ombre effect, I can use it by itself as a lip stick or I can use it to modify the colour of another lipstick.  I can also use this as a blush!



Mar 8, 2014

Drugstore Makeup haul & chunky necklaces!

Walked through AMK Hub just now and found Watsons to have started a bazaar market in basement one's foyer. They're always having some sort of fair or bazaars there but the stuffs on sale this time is different!!

It's a big selection of Drug store makeup you seldom see in Singapore! I'm talking about NYX, Coastal Scents, LA colours, e.l.f and essence! They also had China Glaze and O.P.I stuffs. Check out some of the photos I took of the incredible range of products.



Had wanted to buy the 252 Ultimate palette but it was going for like $79.90 ><;;; I reckon I’d try my luck and buy it online





After what seemed like eternity, I finally bought these 2 product. N.Y.X's Incredible Waterproof Concealer and Soft Matte lip Cream. 

 2014-03-08 02.47.22


I feel so amazed with the Lip cream! The texture and swatch was nothing like I've ever tried. The cream is applied with a wand that came attached and the product dries matte on your lips! Amazing! This lip cream was selling for $15.90


A swatch on the back of my hand. All the big swatches are from the Soft Matte lip Creams, all matte!


No more on-site photos after this because one of the staff came up to me and told me not to take photographs. She said if I want to see the colour, I should go google it. I can understand how sometimes some companies have to be secretive about their products to give themselves an edge over their competitors and have the element of surprise etc. But having them laid out on such a non-exclusive shop/area + collaborating with the largest drugstore in Singapore makes it seemed a little unnecessary to even try restricting people from taking photographs. Not only that, in our Social Media empowered generation, having a photograph to share an exciting news is usually more benefit for the seller than anything else. But then again, what do I know about running a business right? The 'googling' part of her rebuke was pretty silly though. 


So many Youtube gurus say the same thing; concealer is one of those product that you will have more than one (technically all other products also can have more than one lahhhh but different concealers for different skin problem really takes the cake). I've been thinking of getting a new concealer to target my horrendous eyebags. 


I tried it on the spot (as with almost evvvvvverything they had there ^////^;; ) and felt so blown away! I randomly tried to cover one of the blue veins  on my wrist and this thing covered it completely! Not only that, I tried rubbing it many times and it didn't budge hehe. My first impression of it (from trying the testers, have yet to try my own stick) was that this product lives up to it's name as an 'incredible waterproof concealer' but it also seemed a tad bit dry so I wouldn't recommend using it to cover the dark eye circles. But because I wanted something to specifically to cover my eyebags (there is a difference xD), this consistency seemed perfect. This concealer was selling for $12.90


I found out afterwards that all products were from SMOOCHIESZZ and if you bought it from their warehouse, it will be slightly cheaper. You can find more information about them at their facebook page :


Also bought like, 5 box of Peppero (Korea Pocky with crushed Almonds!) for $4. What a steal and a jolly good way to invite Sore throat xD!


Walked out of  the AMK Hub and found Pasar Malam (Night Market)! It was bustling with so much nice products and I found this store that sold very unique and edgy necklaces.




Check out my T-rex necklace! Rwarrr!!! The skeletons are actually not an entire piece of metal but consists of individual components and so that means the T-rex can move! I think this was $15



Bought another necklace for a friend who I think will look pretty in this xD



On a totally different note, I finally filmed yet another Cosplay makeup tutorial xD Look this time is Setsuka Heel from SKIP BEAT!  I love all my photo editing photo Apps! The filters make everything look so much better !! Hopefully you guys will like the makeup look & video when it comes out >.< While filming is fun it is also stressful and time consuming. I started filming around 9pm (i think?) and ended at near 12 midnight! A lot of time is used before the shoot to research and get inspiration, a lot of time afterwards to return everything back to their places haha. 




I had fun portraying Setsuka but due to the nature of the fabric I used, the cuff always manage to make my arm look like this afterwards. It doesn’t hurt at all but I think it’s some form of abrasion while a friend suggest the stress from the cuff busted some of the blood vessels under my skin @_@; Not sure which is true but I sure know these will take me a long time to recover T__T


ok, I’m dozing off and i need to sleep now! Good nights!!

Jan 14, 2014

Big Eyed Gyaru makeup

So early this month I filmed a 3 minute makeup challenge video. Now I’m back with another instalment! Not exactly another 3 minute makeup challenge but more like what I did AFTER the screwed up 3minute makeup hahaha. Click here to watch the funny 3 minute makeup challenge.


Eyes open


Eyes closed

This makeup is a dramatic big eyed Gyaru-ish look that looks fresh and natural on camera. The overly dramatic lashes made it a bit over the top to see in real life but if you swap the lashes this can be a very naturally looking look.



Side angle.

Captured Videos

Obligatory comparison photo of the BEFORE and AFTER. The lashes make SUCH a big difference for me! Without them I look like I have no eyes –___- |||

And yes, I forgot to apply lip colour  /_\

Makeup used:

  1. E.l.f Studio Flawless Finish Foundation
  2. Canmake Color Stick Concealer 01
  3. Za Perfect Fit 2 way foundation
  4. E.l.f Studio 85-Piece Complete the Look Palette
  5. SKINFOOD Sugar Bloom Shadow Box
  6. Dolly Wink black liquid Eyeliner
  7. Top Lashes (random brand)
  8. Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Adhesive Glue

For really proper Gyaru Makeup, bottom lashes are actually very important. But as I was initially going for a natural everyday look, I skipped that step. But then it dawned upon me that my lashes made it looked too dramatic and not ‘everyday’ at all LOL. Like I explained in the video, I choose that pair of lashes in the beginning because I wanted to use it in the 3 minutes makeup challenge to offset any bad eyeshadow application I’d do in my rush so…. yeah. It’s okay, I normally skip bottom lashes if I’m not cosplaying since I never have time for them @_@;

Remember to leave a comment and tell me what you think! If you tried this makeup, remember to show me a photo of it on twitter (@Kaika_TCC) or facebook xD!

Jan 4, 2014

3 minute makeup challenge

I kinda uploaded this to TheCosplayChronicles then I realise it should really be here instead LOL. So yeah I’ve gotten very much into makeup filming recently. I think I like the fact that it gives me the chance to 'cosplay' without any serious commitment while giving me a chance to practise my makeup skills.

But this 3 minute makeup challenge was SO HARD!!!! I didn't even get to do my lips! I also intended to stick falsies on but ...totally ran out of time T_T Do you think I passed or failed? Comment and let me know!

Jan 8, 2013

Korean makeup trial!

Life has been so hectic I don't know how and why I'm maintaining 2 blogs. Then I remember this is a personal bimbo blog and I can do whatever I want here. Awesome ! Lets start with a pile of shit in the middle of the room !!

-- Insert random Image of a pile of dung --

Okay that was damn random. Must have rubbed off from that episode of Kangxi Laile where the Taiwanese celebrities were talking about how some property owners would put a pile of dung in the middle of the house to make the property less appealing and so nobody would buy it.

Tbh I find that action pretty radical and contradictive. Since the shit is in the middle of the house then that means the prospective buyers have to enter the house right ? If you DON'T want to sell your house, why open it up for viewing ?!

Anyway I digressed. But man was it fun to talk nonsense AHHAHAH

So my recent makeup obsession, ok not really obsession but like new target/ focus is to achieve the Korean look. I'm probably the least Hallyu motivated person around but it's not that I don't like them, it's just that I don't get exposed to them that often. But the little I've seen have been good and after seeing some other girls do the Korean makeup look, I find myself inspired to try it too!

It's a different challenge from my usual gyaru inspired look. On a side note, have any of you thought my makeup was gyaru-ish? I've always thought I was going towards the gyaru direction ( in terms of makeup) but nobody has really told me I look gyaru before. Lol.

Gyaru fail -.-;;;

Anyway this is my recent Hallyu makeup attempt and I think with dark hair, I actually look decently Korean !

Okay who am I kidding -.- I don't look Korean but hey I look different from my usual look so that's a plus! I tried to make my eyebrows even thicker and straight and also gave myself "eye pouches".

Watch out for my act emo, act doe camwhores !!