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Jun 10, 2019

Review: Loreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil

Product Name Loreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil
Size : 30ml - 100ml 
Cost : $17.90 ‐ $28.90 (Buy from Qoo10)
Rating:  5 star

So after having my hair short for more than 2 years, I've finally started growing them out in 2018. Since long straight hair doesn't quite fit my face, I also went ahead and permed them. 

My hair is remarkably resilient against hair dye but it doesn't do as well with Digital perms. It was quite a nightmare to get my hair in order after I first dyed them last may 2018. I tried a few hair products which didnt do much at all. Then I came across a sample satchet of Loreal's Extraordinarily Oil in my beauty stash and decided this was the best time to bust it open. Best decision ever. 

There are a few variant in the packaging but they all come in the same glass bottle with a pump head. The packaging is simple and utilitarian. 

Going at $28.90 for 100ml in our local Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy is a tad bit steep. But you can always rely on the Internet and small scale neighourhood Beauty Stores to sell them at nearly half the price. 

Buy the same oil from Qoo10 for just $17.90!

Scent/ Touch
By far, I've only tried the High Shine (pink bottle )and Sublime Enhancer (orange bottle) versions of the line. I would describe both oils to be pleasantly scented and leaves a relatively light residue on the palms. The Sublime Enhancer is significantly less scented. 

Personally , I find the rose version to have a denser/heavier oil than the Sublime Enhancer . However they both apply onto the hair and washes out of the palms almost just as easily.  

High Shine Vs Sublime Enhancer  
As I've mentioned above, the Sublime Enhancer is less viscose compared to the High Shine version. It barely leaves any residue on the hand compared to the High Shine. 

However, the High Shine version is my preferred choice as it suits my permed hair and lifestyle better. 

Usually, I wash my hair in the morning and leaves the house with wet hair. High Shine fits my lifestyle better as it requires lesser product to fully coat wet hair and keeps the curls somewhat intact. Keeping the curls intact is a big deal as anyone who has ever permed their hair before would know. Those curls don't last if you don't make the effort to keep them in some sort of curled/twirled fashion everyday. 

I use roughly 2 - 7 pumps of oil depending on how generous I feel that day and how much time I have to work the product into ringlets of it's own. I usually separate my hair into 2 or 4 bundles and twirl them into ringlets before allowing them to dry naturally.

With the default oil, my hair feels lighter and fresher but my curls are noticeably looser and messier. The upside is the oil doesn't transfer onto head as much as the High Shine version so my scalp stays fresh longer. 

I would recommend the default oil for someone with unpermed hair that requires some tender loving care without weighing it down. 

Overall Impression 

Spoiler alert, I absolutely love this product. After perming my hair, my head has been a constant cosplay of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. The big and bushy version of the first movie - not the subsequently subdued and tamed Emma watsons version. 

The other products I've tried always felt greasy on both the palms and the hair. And to make matters worse, they don't even get absorbed by the hair - doing absolutely nothing for the state of my locks. 

Extraordinary oil on the other hand, goes onto the hair with ease and gets absorbed quickly. The product smoothens the appearance of my hair and locks down the shine in my hair. It makes my hair looks naturally glossy and healthy while taming it. It does not weight my hair down or feel icky like some hair product does. 

A small tip here , it is always easier to apply oil on wet hair as it ensures even distribution and smoother applications. So if you ever have problem ensuring an even application on your hair, make sure to wet your hair a little before applying. 

My hair is still a far cry from the hair you see in shampoo commercial but anything it has, I attribute it to this oil. If you have frizzy, damaged and permed hair like me, get this! 


Jun 26, 2016

Bleaching my root. FML

my life is hilarious some times. And I often muddle headedly land myself in hilarious situation.
So my black roots were growing out and it was starting to really annoy me. So I decided to bleach the roots to blend in with the rest of the head - that will give me more Colour dye options.

After all, I have the solution and the powder all at my disposal. I bought them before I was forced to darken my hair.

Mar 24, 2016

How to dye your hair Pink with Food Dye

And so for the past month or so, I've been sporting a vibrant head of peachy pink. I bleached my hair 3 times with Gatsby's EX Hi-Bleach, giving myself a couple of days in between to rest my scalp.

Jan 16, 2016

Review: Lush Solid Shampoo

I travel frequently and because I tend to travel alone, any extra ounce of weight is really a huge burden. So it should’t come as a surprise that in my quest for the lightest and most compact travel gears, I’d venture into solid shampoos. 

While I was in France early this summer, I stayed over at a friend’s place and heard her gush over Lush’s solid shampoo. I tried a little of her’s and feel intrigued to get one of my own. Reckon I could break it apart and bring it along for a vacation. I did a bit of google work and was appalled to find out that Singapore sells the same thing for a whopping $10.81 MORE !!! It’s almost 70% more than in France! Do I need anymore reasons to get one? The staff at the store recommend I get Lullaby since I told her I wash my hair almost everyday.

Read on for my short review of the Lush Solid Shampoo.

Dec 17, 2012

Hair treatment !

After procrastinating for more than a year , I finally went for professional hair treatment.

So loving my post hair treatment hair >
Now that I think about it , I've never had saloon hair treatment done before ! Ahhh ...yes I'm cheap like that u. U
I'm still somewhat skeptical about saloon treatment and I think the silky smooth feel will soon disappear. But I'm loving how smooth it feels now. Especially after having grass like hair for the past year ... I almost forgot this is how hair should feel ><