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Jun 8, 2015

Review: LAM SAM YICK 林三益 Clean Acne Bye-Bye Brush

Name: LSY 林三益 X 柳燕粉刺焕颜限定组
Price: $700 TWD - SGD$18.90 on Qoo10 (Price varies )
Website: Lam Sam Yick Official Website & Qoo10 sale page




Lam Sam Yick was a calligraphy brush making company that started in 1917 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The company relocated to Taiwan in 1946 and has since spanned across four generations. With the decline in use of calligraphy, the business has since ventured into the world of beauty brushes. Lam Sam Yick’s brushes are said to be incredibly soft and comfortable.


This Skincare brush range is made in collaboration with the Beauty Guru/ Skincare Teacher from Taiwan;  Liu Yan Teacher. She is most famous for being a regular on the hit Beauty talk show; Nu Ren Mo Zui Da. This Bye-Bye brush specifically targets removal of blackheads. The brush has a ring of short soft bristle on the outside while the inside consists of extreme fine but tough and flexible synthetic fibres.






Clean Acne BYE-BYE Brush

Teacher Liu Yan is very particular on cleansing as cleansing is the most important step for a beautiful and healthy skin. With the collaboration with LAMSAMYICK (LSY), they have specially designed a two-layer brush which has a mix of different diameters in the inner and outer layers.

Clean Acne BYE-BYE Brush is made of Synthetic Fibers 化纖 where bristles will not break. Designed with a softer-touch exterior and a harder-touch interior bristles.With the inner layer bristles smaller than your pores made of 0.07 mm, it is able to penetrate deep into the pores where the underlying dirt are. While the 0.10 mm outer bristles are responsible for loosening the blackheads/whiteheads and acnes, accelerates the acne health and boosts metabolism time.

For those with healthy skin, this outer layer of brush can also be used to clean the deepest part of the skin, to help adjust the skin so as to prevent the growth of any blackheads and acnes.
Able to use this for your nose, hairlines and other parts.”

~ Info from Qoo10


Apparently the Bye-Bye blackhead is so effective in removing blackheads, Taiwanese Singer & TV host Pauline Lan even managed to remove a 10 year old blackhead with it.