Review: K-Palette Brow Mascara

Product info:


In my opinion, one of the often most neglected part of makeup is making sure the colour of your eye brow matches your hair. There's nothing quite as jarring as a head of light hair with black brows (unless you are Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones or someone equally gorgeous xD) . I admit,  I'm guilty as charged too. It's not that I don't know about the problem,  i just find it a hassle to tackle on normal days.




If you've seen my makeup videos,  you would see me using concealer, powder, elf eyelid primer (yes.), more concealer, more powder, eyeshadow and more eyeshadows to change the colour of my brows. I feel tired just typing that out,  what more doing it on normal days =_=! It's not that I'm not aware of brow mascara previously, I was just too much of a scrounge to get it haha!


But thanks to Japalang Pte Ltd, i finally have a chance to try it! This product was given to me by Japalang Pte Ltd for review. This however does not affect my opinions on the product.



Relle from Japalang was generous enough to give me both shades to try! Cool! Now, I can use the lighter one for Cosplays :D

Review: SexyLook Redwine Platinum Intensive Firming Duo Mask

I went to Taiwan for a short trip last month to attend a friend’s wedding. Of course as a girl, one of the most important task we have while traveling is to assist in boosting the destination’s economy. So shopping is the only way to go! Don't judge me! Most of them were souvenirs for my friends!!!

To my Taiwanese readers (don’t think I have any 8D) , I have done my part for your nation! Go you!

Anyway, on the last day of my trip, I went shopping around Shilin area since it was literally where my hostel was (read my hostel review here). Most of the shops were not opened yet except for Bubble Tea shops and Drug stores =( . Anyway, cut my bullshit short, the drug store was having a 1 for 1 promotion so I bought 2 box of Taiwan facemasks!

Photo credit: SexyLook Singapore

Liquid Eyeliner Challenge

I don’t quite know how , but I am currently in possession of 8 (and growing) eyeliners. So I decided to put them to the test and see how they fare against a smudge, water and oil test! I will also share my personal experience and opinions about each product.


IMG_9009 edit

Review: Fun Taipei Hostel

I went to Taipei (Taiwan) for a short 4d3n stay last month and stayed at The Fun Hostel Taipei. This is my review of the place. Fun Hostel has a few branch around Shilin area so don't get confused by the different address.


Name: Fun Taipei Hostel
Address:  No.5, Xiaobei Street, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-28881112  (Overseas), 02-2888-1112 (Domestic), 2888-1112 (Public phone in Taipei City)
Room type: Dormitories.  Bunk beds in separate rooms.
Price: 500TWD
Nearest MRT: Shilin MRT
Nearby attractions: Shilin Night Market & National Palace Museum (via bus)




Review: Smile Hotel Tokyo Asagaya Hotel ( Tokyo, Japan)

I stayed in Smile Asagaya Hotel during my Spring Tokyo trip and had a very good experience there.


Nearest Station: 1 min walk from Asagaya station
Address: 3-37-11, Asagaya-minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0004, Japan
Contact : TEL:03-3220-8755/ FAX:03-3220-8766







I stayed alone in their single room for 4 nights. As that was the only room type I had access to, my review will solely focus on that.


Fullscreen capture 2362014 22532 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 2362014 22609 AM.bmp


The rooms are really small and only absolutely necessary walking space is allocated. However, being in space constrained Tokyo, that is something to be expected.  I am a petite Asian girl and I find the space comfortable enough for a single adult. However friends of heavier volume might find it difficult to manoeuvre around. 


Fullscreen capture 2362014 22212 AM.bmp



The room includes the basic amenities such as

  • A small fridge
  • Cup and water boiler
  • 1 Complimentary green tea sachet that is refilled everyday
  • Telephone (I did not try calling out)
  • Television with remote control
  • Air conditioner / heater
  • Small 1 door cabinet with 2 hangers
  • A bathing robe/nightgown
  • Towel
  • Disposable slippers
  • Air freshener spray
  • Comforter
  • Single bed with 1 pillow and blanket
  • A wooden chair
  • Toilet
  • Shower and bathtub
  • Complimentary shower soap, shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Complimentary vanity pack (shower sponge, comb, toothbrush & toothpaste)


In front of level 2's lift is a metal rack with pillows that hotel guests can freely take to their room. Staying in level 2 itself meant I quickly grabbed a buckwheat pillow for myself the first day I checked in :D .




The bed was a simple mattress with pillow and thick blanket but man, it was SO COMFORTABLE!


Fullscreen capture 2362014 22129 AM.bmp


The mattress was soft but not too soft and was at the right density for both comfort and good spinal support. The buckwheat pillow also gave the sleeping experience additional points as not only does it smell heavenly, it also felt very good on my neck.

I tend to feel anaemia easily so I always have to sleep with a high enough pillow. If I don't,  I wake up with massive headache. I might have to say the bed and pillow is probably the best of all hotels/hostels I've tried, beating even 5 star hotels.

There is additional comforter in the top cabinet.




The toilet is tiny and feels a little cramped even for someone as small as me. However the basic amenities are in place.


Fullscreen capture 2362014 22654 AM.bmp


There are hot and cold water for shower and  at the wash basin. Complimentary vanity items such as toothbrush, tooth paste, shower sponge and comb are provided. 


Fullscreen capture 2362014 22431 AM.bmp


Much like most of Tokyo, the hotel also provides automated toilet bowls.




Everything looks clean and new. Nothing to jump about ;)



Absolutely in love with the location! The nearest JR station is JR Asagaya Station. And any hotels near a JR station is good for tourists!




On first look, Asagaya looked like an unfamiliar place for a tourist to stay in. But it is actually only 5 JR Train stations away from Shinjuku.

The hotel is a comfortable walking distance (5 minutes walk) from JR Asagaya train station and the area is a bustling little suburb by itself. Being an area where local Japanese reside in, the area is filled with restaurants, cafes, super markets, grocery shops and drug stores. Things there are generally more affordable too.




I bought most of my souvenirs from budget stores or candy stores around Asagaya (Alert: cheapskate! LOL) . I bought a lot of Japanese chocolates back as souvenirs for my family and friends xD




The counter service is available 24hours a day, which is good of course.  The hotel requires all guest to leave their room keys at the counter before going out. When they return, the Hotel guests will pick up their room key by telling the staff their room number.

To be honest I find this arrangement highly insecure. No form of identification was required to pick up the keys. What if some stalker decides to try something funny?




The hotel staffs I came in contact with were all very helpful and friendly.  Deep conversations in English would be difficult but simple directions and usual travelling questions would not be a  problem there.

One of the staffs even kindly printed out a train map and wrote down travel instructions for me!  Highly impressed and touched ;)



Overall, I must say I am very pleasantly surprised by the hotel. Other than the ‘key pickup’ part which made me felt a little insecure, I really enjoyed my stay with them.

The hotel has relatively new furniture, is clean, well maintained , reasonably priced and well located. I honestly cannot ask for more!

My Big Eyes Dream Event (Feat. Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup Artist Kevin)

Was invited to attend the AB Double eyelid tape launch event at Sasa last Saturday and had so much fun! Guest of the day was Mr Kelvin from Taiwan. I’m sure Mr Kevin needs no introduction to any Asian girl who’s interested in beauty.


Edit:  AB Singapore has started a mini competition for you guys to take part! Stand to win the full range of AB products, $150 cash and Kevin 老师’s autographed poster. More details below!




Kevin sensei is a Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist ; he is a regular guest on one of Taiwan’s most popular and evergreen Beauty TV program ( Nu Ren Wo Zui Da 女人我最大) and He has endorsed countless beauty products. Being such a leader in the beauty world, it’s nothing short to say he would only recommend the best products




The stage event lasted for near an hour but not a moment went past dull for Kevin Sensei’s experience, talent and amiable personality worked like a charm on everyone. Being so used to the stage and sharing about Makeup, this guy probably has makeup and art blended into his very blood.

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream & Peri’s Lip Tint

I reviewed the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream & Peri’s Lip Tint! I must admit, this is my first Matte lip stick and Lip Tint and I feel pretty excited about them 8D





Name: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Bought from: Watsons x SMoochiez
Price: $16.90
Rating: 3.8/5
My Colour: Tokyo


2014-03-08 02.47.22



- Matte finish & pastel coloured.

- Very pigmented. Colours comes off exactly like how it looked in the tube

- Has a total of 22 shades! That means a lot of colour options

- Affordable. Ok, to me, this is not cheap because the local distributors marked up the price a lot more and I had to get it at $16.90 each. But for those of you who can get it at $6 (According to the website), lucky you!!

- Tokyo is such a natural and complimenting colour for me! Looks like I don’t have much lip product on



- Slightly dry for sensitive lips like mine. I have to make sure I apply a good layer of lip balm (and let it stay on the lip long enough to be absorbed) before using it. To be fair, I always have dry lips and I constantly need to reapply lip balm; so it could just be my lips. For those of you with normal lips, you will be happy to know this product isn’t provokingly dry :D

- Dryness tends to emphasize and settles into the lines

- Formula seems to wear off not-so-gracefully. Like this zoomed-in photo below, the lipstick after a few hours, have worn off almost completely except in the middle where it has ‘caked’ up.



- Does not last as well as I would like to. I’ve worn this to a couple of Photo-shoots and  found the colours either don’t last or doesn’t really show up on photographs. Then again, It could be me licking my lips/eating  too much or because Tokyo is such a natural looking colour that it blends in.





Overall Conclusion:

I like it ! Despite the cons I said, I still like it. I look forward to slowly acquiring more of it!






Name: Peri’s Tint Water (6.5ml)
Bought from: Qoo10
Price: $5.90
Rating: 4/5
My Colour: 01 Cherry Juice





- Stains instantly

- Good pigmentation

- You can layer the colours

- Relatively long wearing and waterproof. However it will not withstand a meal

- Very affordable!

- Easy to use

- Multi purpose. You can use this as a cheek tint too

- Cute packaging



- Dries too fast so you have to blend it out very fast

- Wears off patchy.


Image 1


Overall Conclusion:


Again, I actually like it. I’ve only always used this for the ombre lip look, so my review might not be entirely fair to this product. But as a stain with a water texture, I like how flexible it can be used. I can overlay it on top of another lipstick for the ombre effect, I can use it by itself as a lip stick or I can use it to modify the colour of another lipstick.  I can also use this as a blush!



13 things I learn as a twenties

Inspired by the many many “ 10/20/30 things I learnt ____________________” webpages I’ve read, this is my humble rendition of wisdom nuggets I wish I had known 10 years earlier.


Sequence 01.Still001


Every day and every year, I grow older, uglier and weaker (we all die yea? Lol) but if there’s anything I fear about aging, it would be to grow old but not grow any wiser. What kind of life would I have lived if I don’t go through situations and learn from the struggles? Anyway, these are just some stuffs I put together. Not any life mandates and you don’t have to agree with me, I am after all, just a little nobody xD


Review: Graymelin 100 % Pure Beta-Glucan

Name: Graymelin 100 % Pure Beta-Glucan
Bought from: graymelin on Qoo10
Price: $26.00 (+ $3.00 shipping)
Rating: 4.5/5





Before this, I was using Arsainte ECO-THERAPY ideal essence from TheFaceShop. Then I went on to use their  Serum with Essential. But the thing about skincare is , it has to evolve with your skin and well, unhealthy skin gets influenced by the condition around it easily. Ok, cut the story short, I felt like my serums didn’t seemed as effective anymore (It could just be me asking for too much) and I decided to try something different. 

What is Beta-Glucan?

According to the seller’s webpage; Beta Glucan is a “ Third generation New concept of moisturising ingredient”.


Basically, this product promises to deeply moisturise, brighten, tightening and relax skin. It is also free from synthetic fragrances , artificial pigments, paraben , benzophenone, mineral oil and alcohols.

How to Use?

Apply this after using your toner and before your moisturisers. Just drop a suitable amount onto your palm and then pat it into the skin.


The packaging is predominantly black and white and reminds me very much of Kiehl’s products; very science and doctor-ish lol. The bottle seems to be made from some high quality plastic instead of glass which is a is made out of glass (according to my mom lol) but it feels very durable and not overly heavy. As I mentioned in the video, I like the packaging as it emits an image of quality , professionalism and trust (LOL, machiam buying insurance) and makes for a good gift idea.

Texture & Colour:

50% viscosity, nice runny texture that isn’t too watery. Product is clear in colour with no fragrance.

Absorption rate:

Gets absorbed into the skin very fast, especially on dry skin.

Effects on the Skin:

Intensely hydrates without greasing up the skin. Did not break out my skin nor irritated it.


- Intense hydration
- Affordable
- Does not irritate the skin
- Absorbs very well
- The seller ships and deliver very fast!


- none


Overall, I give this product 4.5 /5 stars. I really like this product and can’t find anything bad to say about it. That said though, this serum won’t allow you to replace your usual moisturisers with it. You will still need your usual gels, creams and sunscreens to take care of your skin.

According to my Qoo10 purchase record, I bought the product on the 26th March and received it on the 29th March evening. Talk about efficiency! The product came bubble wrapped in a small cardboard box . The delivery guy called because nobody was at home and he stuffed the box into this little gap around my door haha.

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