Qoo10 Review: TrendFactory mini handbag

Item name: OB041 Korea style candy color shoulder bag mini bag handbag messenger bag cross bag 6 color
Bought from : trendfactory
Price: $18.00 - $3.10 (discount) = $14.90 (final price)
Rating:  4/5






Ordered on the 24th March and received it on 3rd April. Took around 9 working days to arrive from Korea.


Product came wrapped in grey black plastic envelope.  The bag is wrapped with a thin layer of cotton and plastic. Inside the bag is scrunched paper to help it hold it's form. Nobody was at home when they delivered so the delivery guy stuffed the package into this gap within my main door and the iron gate. That probably crushed it a little and caused that stress line on the left of the bag. But oh well, at least I got my bag and it doesn't require me to pick it up from the post office or something.


Product Quality


The quality of the leather is smooth and feels good on the touch. My favourite part is the fact that the colour looks exactly like the photos!  Dull light khaki ^_^b





The inner lining is dark brown fabric that feels thin, rough and papery on the skin, not exactly thrilled. The inner zip also feels a little brittle, I hope it doesn't wear out before the bag does.





The rose gold coloured zips and handle buckle-thingy looks sleek and doesn't weight a lot unlike some bag accessories. In fact, much to my relief, the entire bag was very light! The zips,  like all inexpensive bags tends to be a little hard to zip up. But that can easily be fixed by rubbing some candle wax along the teeth of the zip.



Size comparison of the bag alongside a Samsung Note 3


Even though the bag had been squashed from the shipping, it managed to bounce back and stand on it's own with a bit of straightening. I guess that means the pleather itself has a pretty rigid form. That said though, the bag is soft and not at all as stiff looking as the commercial photographs look.


I'm going to turn this into a girly camera bag so I'll be adding hard foam backings and all. And after I'm done this baby will look even more rigid xD





The workmanship is average at best but well, you get what you paid for. There were many loose threads and the seam around the back zip has come off at one of the corner.





I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Maybe I'll glue the threads down to the pleather with superglue or something because if that thread continues to run the zip would eventually come off.




As promised by the seller, there are indeed embossed English words on the front. The words however are just gibberish.






The loose threads around the zip can be an annoying problem but other portions of the bag are acceptable for $14:90. Overall, I’m still a happy buyer and would definitely recommend someone to buy this bag as long as the total cost doesn’t go beyond SGD$15 (The price fluctuates ).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Just finished watching Captain and ooowwww I'm in such a Marvel mood now haha. Feel so much wants to rush home (actually otw home now) and rewatch the other marvel heroes movie xD.

The movie was both better and not as good as I expected. Let's start with the not so good parts.


My first complaint was the lack of colours. Sorry if that sounded like such a kindergarden complaint but I'm really more coming from the cinematographic composition and aesthetic pov. I know I know, the whole feel and setting is meant to be in modern New York so it’s all steel and concrete but I don’t know, everything just looks so dull on the big screen. Maybbbbe because Avengers had such a myriad of colourful superheroes (even Captain’s costume was more colourful there LOL!) , this movie on comparision just looks dull and under saturated.


And Scarlet Johansson’s makeup look a little aging =(


I think the makeup artist was going for a more natural and matured look but to me, she just looked tired and washed out. Too much bronzer and pale lips. Ok, Scarlet Johansson fans, please don’t get me wrong, I LIKE this girl! When I watched Avengers on the big screen, I COULDN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF HER! She looked so outstanding in The Avengers so I guess I had very high hopes for her to continue her ‘Eye Candy’ reign. Speaking of Eye Candy, I must say this movie had a lot less Bishie Captain moments -_-; Maybe because I was more focused on the storyline and failed to notice or enjoyed Chris Evan’s focus scenes but mannnnn I wish he’d continue being Captain America ! Okay wait, I just did some googling and it seems like the retiring rumours were just overblown media stunts.


Okay back to the movie.


The storyline was unexpectedly good. I admit, I was expecting a typically straight forward ‘safetheworld’ kind of storyline. And while I did get the ‘safetheworld’ part down, I didn’t foresee most of the plot twists until we got really close to them xD There was multiple plot twists and some unexpectedly humorous scenes where everyone in the theatre laughed. I think that’s the best thing about watching in the cinemas, the sense of belongingness. Even though we don’t know each other, we’re watching and getting affected by the same film, i don’t know, I like the feeling of that. 


The whole Black widow x Captain America chemistry was brewing very heavily in this movie but I’m glad the producers never made them make out or something. That would totally spoil both heroes /heroine’s image. They did however made them smooch a little to throw their pursuers off their trail.


Like i mentioned above, the movie had a lot of plot twists and nifty usage of weapons and technologies. But they all come and go so fast I missed out on a lot of details. And dang, that light sabre thing is so cool! Would love to watch again!


Oh and another complaint, I don’t know about you but I found many scenes looking rather plain. Once again, maybe it’s the colours and textures that’s making me feel this way but I don’t know. There’s NO scene from the movie that really strikes out to me. I just came out from the movie a couples of hours back with supposedly fresh memory but ask me if there’s any particular scene that stands out for me and I’d say none. For music songs, they always try to incorporate some sort of hook in certain parts of a song . It can be a sentence of repetitive lyrics or a simple jingle. Basically, anything that will help listeners to remember and rebroadcast (sing lol) it is considered a ‘hook’. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is unfortunately one of those shows that didn’t have any ‘hooks’ or iconic scenes. Citing the Avenger’s example, one of the most iconic scenes from the movie would be the final gear up/ get ready scene with all the 7 heroes back to back rounded up in a circle while the steady cam went full circle around them. That scene was SO GOOD.


But all in all, it’s a very nice feel-good superhero movie and while that’s so atypical, I really wouldn’t want it any other way. People likes and watches superheroes stories because of the fight and more importantly the encouragement a superhuman human gives us.

Budget Japan: Introduction, Flight & JR Pass

I was invited to Japan last October as one of CoFesta's oversea Influencer Ambassador due to my continuous work on the Social Media in promoting Japanese related content. I extended my trip for 9 more days and it totalled to 13 days and 12 nights trip in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.  I spent a grand total of SGD$2186 on this trip and that includes airfare, JR Pass, accommodations for my extended 9 nights and everything else.


In these on-going blog post about my Japan Trip, I will attempt to share all my spending and experience with you guys because I believe a trip to Japan doesn't have to break the bank! To start off, let me tell you where most of my money went to. $740 went to a return ticket with JAL airline and $380 went to getting a 7 days JR Pass.

Our day tour at NHK Studio Park with the awesome NHK Staffs. Read here



I screwed up and missed my sponsored flight and ended up buying my own tickets on the morning itself. It was a miserable experience and I implore all of you to make sure you check the closing time for your flight's check-in. If there's anything I learnt from this experience, other than reaching the airport earlier, was to buy a return trip instead of a single trip in such situations.


If you have the unfortunate luck of being in the same situation as I was, make sure you ask the staff at the counter for the price quote of BOTH the return and single plane tickets. And you ask me why? That's because surprisingly, return tickets are usually a lot cheaper. The staff at JAL had the wisdom to highlight this to me in my grief (lol) and even wrote the price comparison down on paper to let me make the decision.

Single ticket to Tokyo: $1000+
Return tickets to Tokyo & Back: $740


SERIOUSLY, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU PURCHASE?!! Even if I had no intention of returning, darn I'd still get the return tickets and skip the return flight back. We're talking about over $300 of savings!


If I had bought my tickets earlier, I'm sure I could get a much better deal and slash my spending a further $200 more. So my tip is to plan in advance. And be at the airport early -_-;


Japan Rail PASS:

Before I went to Japan, I had planned and arranged my itinerary semi-meticulously. I said semi because I only arranged the rough flow and left the itsy bitsy parts like places-to-visit till I was there. Normally I would prefer a more meticulous plannign but this time I was lazy and decided to go with the flow when I'm in Japan. Afterall, that's the perks of traveling alone isn't it?



I bought my JR Pass at the Japan Tourism Board (JTB Pte Ltd, ION Orchard) in Singapore. They are located at at ION Orchard. Full address below.

Japan Tourism Board (JTB Pte Ltd, ION Orchard)

2 Orchard Turn, #B4-29, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Tel: 6595-0600

For a full list of authorised agents to purchase JR Pass in Singapore, click here. http://www.jnto.org.sg/japan_rail_pass_singapore.html

Online website to order JR Pass: http://www.jrpass.com/ & http://www.japan-rail-pass.com/

JR maps: http://www.jrpass.com/map & http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/ttp/sg/07-Transportation/MediumINdex/04-RegionalJapan.html


The JR Pass thingy can be pretty confusing and overwhelming in the beginning so I'll try to explain as clearly as I can. The JR Pass is a special tourist pass that allows you to travel on all trains owned by Japan Railway Company ( train lines that says JR Line LOL). The packages are roughly divided into 2 category ( Green & Standard) and further divided into different duration and price.



The JR Pass package is also categorised by directions; directions that the trains you buy can go to. They are categorised into Nationwide, West, East, Hokkaido. Kyushu and All Shikoku Pass For more information about those, click here. I wasn’t able to find any JR Websites that directly talks about the different regional JR Pass so I’m sorry I can’t give more information about that.


The Green category are for use with the "Green trains". In short, they are the more expensive and luxurious trains hence the significantly higher cost. The Standard category is well, for ordinary cars and folks like us. I took the standard category because I am oh-so-ordinary. The Duration columns are the slightly tricky part. They come in 7, 14 and 21 days package and the longer days directly reflects in the price tag.


One thing good about this package is that the duration doesn't start until you get it to. Which is awesome for my trip as I intended to spend 6 days in Tokyo and only leave for Kyoto on the 7th day which is the day I'll have my JR Pass activated. After that, I get 7 days on my JR pass which will then last me right up till the day I fly back to Singapore.



The validity date is printed onto the JR Pass. This is the actual pass you will use to show the staffs at the train stations, this is your ticket!


If you intend to get a JR Pass, planning is CRUCIAL as it affects the overall structure of your itinerary. Getting your JR Pass activated at Japan's train stations requires a whole blog entry by itself so I shall not delve into it now. I believe I bought the Ordinary , Adult, 7-days , National JR Pass for $380. (Japan-rail-pass.com seems to sell it a lot cheaper -__-; )


I summarised all the main points below:

  1. 1) JR Pass can ONLY be purchased outside of Japan for tourists abroad for sight-seeing, under the entry status of “Temporary Visitor”. If you want to get it, BUY IT BEFORE entering japan.
  2. 2) Buy JR Pass only if you intend to cross states(Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka etc) more than once
  3. 3) Do not buy JR Pass if you only intend to travel within Tokyo
  4. 4) You can ride on all Shinkansen except the fastest 'NOZOMI' train
  5. 5) Try to reserve a seat for your shinkansen beforehand at the Ticket exchange counter (the place where you exchange for your JR Pass). It is a lot of hassle and embarrassment if you arrive at the next stop and realise you're sitting on someone else's seat.
  6. 6) NEX (Narita Expression, a train that goes from Tokyo striaght to Narita Airport) has power sockets so bring your cables & adaptors ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=590378644332796&set=a.291151434255520.62428.139368942767104&type=3&theater)
  7. 7) If you are buying the JR Pass physically at a shop, ask the staff tonnes of questions to make sure you are getting the best suited plan. Share your itinerary and intentions with them.
  8. 8) Bring your passport along when you intend to use the JR Pass,  sometimes they will check. Especially Shinkansens.


More links related to JR Pass:


Hope you guys found this entry useful! I’m so sleepy now zzzz

Review: Evangelist BB Cream + Tokyo Luxey Invite!

Name: Evangelist BB Cream
Bought from: TokyoLuxey
Size: 40g
Price: JPY 3,990 (US$ 41)
My Rating: 3.5/5




The nice people from Tokyo Luxey invited me to an introductory session last month and generously gave each of us a bag of goodies to try out.  Chie-san enthusiastically raved about this BB cream from beginning to end and apparently, this product is a 2 year Winner for Best BB cream on Cosme (leading Japanese beauty and cosmetics website).  OOohh~ I feel excited already *_*

Okay, on to some product stats!


An award winning “3D” BB Cream that combines all-in-one makeup functionality with skin-care from ingredients such as placenta and EGF.


Use this BB cream and you will enjoy smooth, natural-looking skin, due to the cream’s splendid “concealing” ability, as well as skin-care benefits that come from its beauty ingredients, such as placenta and EGF. Although this new BB Cream will help you to create 3D make-up effects, it is so light that, soon enough, you will even forget that you are wearing it!


•- Sold 10,000 bottles in four-and-a-half months - from May 15, 2010 until the end of September

•-Sells 2,000 to 3,000 bottles monthly through ecommerce alone


•- No.1 BB Cream for 2 years running on the leading Japanese beauty and cosmetics website, @Cosme

•- No. 1 best selling product in the “Make Up” section of Japan’s leading ecommerce site, Rakuten

•- Best-selling product in two divisions of Amazon’s Health and Beauty section (moisturizer and pore concealer)

•- Featured in 30 magazines




Texture & Consistency


Relatively runny. I fumbled a bit to take a photo of the bb cream with my left hand and as you can tell, within those fumbling seconds the product have quickly slipped between my fingers.

Product is slightly fragranced. I don’t quite know how to put my fingers to it but it smells like refreshing…. laundry powder LOL. I don’t usually like fragranced products but this one was light and refreshing enough to make it bearable. The smell diffuses very fast though.


Application & Feel

Like most BB cream, I just apply with my bare fingers. Ain’t got not time for brushes man!

The BB cream tends to feel a little greasy on the skin. However, I did discover that if I skipped my sunscreen for the day and used the bbcream as my sunscreen instead, the greasiness is much reduced.  But that comes with a price as  without the additional grease, it can be slightly harder to blend. Of course it’s not ridiculously difficult, it just takes a little more time than when it was a little greasier. I’m guessing the grease is probably due to the moisturising and sun protecting properties (EGF, Placenta, SPF 31 and PA++) it carries.


The product feels light on the skin though slightly greasy (If I used it with a layer of sunscreen underneath).



I didn't have much skin problem the first time I used the product (though I do have very puffy morning face =_=;;). And trust me, it takes a lot of courage to put my bare face online =_=;;


Sorry for looking so mweh but i don’t like wearing too much makeup on normal days.


After the product my skin tone is significantly evened out and my face looks so much brighter and refreshed. The small blemishes and spots looked a lot less noticeable though they have not entirely vanished. The bbcream however, was not able to cover the heavy dark eye circle and freckle on the right side of my face. But I guess this level of coverage is expected from a BB cream.



However I did breakout on my right cheek a week later (likely due to all the CNY goodies, stress, late nights and thick makeup) and I took the opportunity to test out the evangelist bb cream again. As expected, it was not able to really cover the pimples. However it did a pretty good job of colour correcting it and took a lot of the embarrassing redness away. Maybe next time I should try slapping more product onto the problem areas and see how it fares.


No concealer was used for all the shots because I wanted to see how the cream did by itself.  Even though the coverage is average, I actually really liked how natural it made my skin look. It doesn’t quite cover all my flaws and pores but it  brightens the overall complexion and people can barely detect that you have anything on your face.


Friends with bad skin and are conscious of it might want to give this product a miss though.  



This BB cream has 3 different tones to choose from, which is quite a bit compared to many other BB creams. I was given the shade 01 and it fits my skin tone perfectly. Probably also propelled by the fact that it is quite sheer by nature, henceforth any colour difference between the face and neck are harder to detect. Still, I really liked how it almost looked like a second skin on me.


photo credit: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/evangelist/item/20000/



Staying power

I am a rough person.  And I'm especially rough on normal days where I just slap foundation onto my face. I would continue to rub my eyes, blot my face or lean my face on my palms for support (horrendously bad habit I know).


I have combination and dehydrated skin so I tend to oil quite a bit on my t-zone. However i do notice that at the end of the day, even though my face looks oily and tired , i can still see traces of the effects of the product. Am I making sense ?





Here are some  “Good Skin Day” photo I took at the end of 2 different but both as long days. Some tissue blotting but no touchups. As you can tell, my face looks oily and my pores are realistically human sized (T.T ) and my eye bags really need some concealers … but I think I still look presentable. Of course I could definitely do with a dash of powder to mattify my face but after 12 hours, let's say this is not bad at all.



This sells for 3900yen for 40ml. That puts it in the high-end range for me. ITo be honest, it might be a little too pricey for some people.


Overall conclusion




I can see why the Japanese ladies love this So much. For the very dry japan, anything that can quench or moisturise the skin is much sought after.  Coupled with the Placenta and EGF benefits , it is indeed a skincare-and-makeup-in-one product for the dry skin.


The product however might not work as miraculously in humid Singapore as it can grease up easily. I wouldn't recommend this product for oily or teenage skin. But I think dry or matured skin will benefit from its moisturising and anti-aging properties. Combination and matured skin individuals can use this on the cheeks alone .


I like the light texture of the cream and how it doesn’t leave me with a greasy mess at the end of the day. Some foundations and BBcream seems to block my pore (though it could be the primer I was using) and I found myself with a lot of whiteheads at the end of the day. Thankfully Evangelist never gave me any of those problems, the product always seem to gracefully fade away LOL.


Overall I do like the product despite my 3.5/5 review. But I would reserve it for dry or good skin days. But as always, products work differently on different skin. What works for me might not work for you and vice-versa so why don't you try it for yourself?





Tokyo Luxey is currently looking for her Luxeys and you might just be it!

First off, what is Tokyo Luxey? Tokyo luxey is an online website dedicated to sharing valuable beauty and lifestyle related information, tips, videos and products and as the name suggests they specialises in Japanese products XD


We are a “LUXE” community that supplies Japanese-made beauty and lifestyle-related information and products of genuine high quality.

The LUXE beauty and lifestyle we advocate are not solely focused on outward appearances; rather, we seek beauty that simultaneously originates from the outside and from within. With these types of LUXE products, every day can be filled with happiness by bringing prosperity to the livelihood of women like you.

We believe that for LUXE beauty and lifestyle goods, nothing surpasses products originating from Japan. They are safe and reliable while simultaneously possessing exceptional functionality, and they are all-in-all thrilling products. We carefully select products from Japan that fill this narrative of genuinely superior goods. We introduce this curated selection to the LUXEY like you, who understands the policies and mindset of TOKYO LUXEY.

The LUXE beauty and lifestyle goods we send include the following:

  • ・Skincare
  • ・Makeup
  • ・Hair
  • ・Healthcare
  • ・Beauty & Health Foods
  • ・Apparel
  • ・Miscellaneous Goods

In addition to the products we provide, we share videos of skincare and makeup techniques from famous Japanese makeup artists. We also provide solutions to your beauty-related worries, and we do whatever else we can to help you actualize a LUXE lifestyle & beauty.

One other great feature is our community of LUXEY women. We LUXEYS are trendsetters, and we support and engage a team of women who have the power to rapidly spread information via blogs and social media. Through our product reviews and by word of mouth, we are spreading real, substantive information. Via product development collaborations with LUXEY, we are providing a specialized service for the LUXE demographic that has never existed before. ”

from: Tokyo Luxey.com


To learn more about the company’s profile click here.


Now that we’ve had an idea of what the company and website is, what does being a Luxey means?


“ What we look for in a LUXEY
  • ・Possesses her own ,independent lifestyle
  • ・Is ever-striving for luxury
  • ・Has a strong interest in beauty and lifestyle-related goods and information
  • ・Disseminates information through the active use of blogging and social media
  • ・Regularly shares information about beauty and lifestyle goods
  • ・Values and frequently uses beauty and lifestyle goods made in or originating from Japan
  • ・Values quality over price when making purchases involving beauty and lifestyle goods
  • ・Is a trendsetter

After you sign up, TOKYO LUXEY will review and approve applications on an individual basis

Your role after being accepted as a LUXEY
  • ・Try beauty and lifestyle goods supplied by TOKYO LUXEY and publish reviews of the products on your blog and via social media channels
  • ・Publish beauty and lifestyle-related content and information supplied by TOKYO LUXEY on your blog and via social media
  • ・Share and introduce the content from your blog and social media accounts to the TOKYO LUXEY site’s timeline
  • ・Introduce TOKYO LUXEY to friends who you feel would be appropriate for our community
What you get as a LUXEY
  • ・Receive exclusive & new Japanese beauty and lifestyle-related information and content from TOKYO LUXEY
  • ・Sample exclusive beauty and lifestyle products from Japan
  • ・Participate in the joint development of Japanese beauty and lifestyle-related goods via TOKYO LUXEY sponsored programs
  • ・Receive special pricing reserved only for TOKYO LUXEY members on products that you sampled
  • ・Become eligible to participate in TOKYO LUXEY’s affiliate program (details will be sent separately)
  • ・Become eligible to participate in exclusive experiences sponsored by TOKYO LUXEY (e.g. a makeup session with a famous Japanese makeup artist)
  • ・Special invitations to Japan will be offered to individuals who are recognized for remarkable involvement or results as a LUXEY ”


Luxeys are basically independent and stylish individuals who rock their own groove and set their own trends. Someone who appreciates beauty and lifestyle products originating from Japan and is passionate about learning and sharing beauty information with other people. And above all, they are someone who values quality above all else


If you are interest to try out the evangelist BB Cream(and the other products available!) for yourself then join me as a Luxey by applying here!



Gonna end this entry off with a selfie like all the other beauty bloggers do! Simply because I am an unoriginal copycat haha XD

Drugstore Makeup haul & chunky necklaces!

Walked through AMK Hub just now and found Watsons to have started a bazaar market in basement one's foyer. They're always having some sort of fair or bazaars there but the stuffs on sale this time is different!!

It's a big selection of Drug store makeup you seldom see in Singapore! I'm talking about NYX, Coastal Scents, LA colours, e.l.f and essence! They also had China Glaze and O.P.I stuffs. Check out some of the photos I took of the incredible range of products.



Had wanted to buy the 252 Ultimate palette but it was going for like $79.90 ><;;; I reckon I’d try my luck and buy it online





After what seemed like eternity, I finally bought these 2 product. N.Y.X's Incredible Waterproof Concealer and Soft Matte lip Cream. 

 2014-03-08 02.47.22


I feel so amazed with the Lip cream! The texture and swatch was nothing like I've ever tried. The cream is applied with a wand that came attached and the product dries matte on your lips! Amazing! This lip cream was selling for $15.90


A swatch on the back of my hand. All the big swatches are from the Soft Matte lip Creams, all matte!


No more on-site photos after this because one of the staff came up to me and told me not to take photographs. She said if I want to see the colour, I should go google it. I can understand how sometimes some companies have to be secretive about their products to give themselves an edge over their competitors and have the element of surprise etc. But having them laid out on such a non-exclusive shop/area + collaborating with the largest drugstore in Singapore makes it seemed a little unnecessary to even try restricting people from taking photographs. Not only that, in our Social Media empowered generation, having a photograph to share an exciting news is usually more benefit for the seller than anything else. But then again, what do I know about running a business right? The 'googling' part of her rebuke was pretty silly though. 


So many Youtube gurus say the same thing; concealer is one of those product that you will have more than one (technically all other products also can have more than one lahhhh but different concealers for different skin problem really takes the cake). I've been thinking of getting a new concealer to target my horrendous eyebags. 


I tried it on the spot (as with almost evvvvvverything they had there ^////^;; ) and felt so blown away! I randomly tried to cover one of the blue veins  on my wrist and this thing covered it completely! Not only that, I tried rubbing it many times and it didn't budge hehe. My first impression of it (from trying the testers, have yet to try my own stick) was that this product lives up to it's name as an 'incredible waterproof concealer' but it also seemed a tad bit dry so I wouldn't recommend using it to cover the dark eye circles. But because I wanted something to specifically to cover my eyebags (there is a difference xD), this consistency seemed perfect. This concealer was selling for $12.90


I found out afterwards that all products were from SMOOCHIESZZ and if you bought it from their warehouse, it will be slightly cheaper. You can find more information about them at their facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/smoochiezzsprees?ref=profile


Also bought like, 5 box of Peppero (Korea Pocky with crushed Almonds!) for $4. What a steal and a jolly good way to invite Sore throat xD!


Walked out of  the AMK Hub and found Pasar Malam (Night Market)! It was bustling with so much nice products and I found this store that sold very unique and edgy necklaces.




Check out my T-rex necklace! Rwarrr!!! The skeletons are actually not an entire piece of metal but consists of individual components and so that means the T-rex can move! I think this was $15



Bought another necklace for a friend who I think will look pretty in this xD



On a totally different note, I finally filmed yet another Cosplay makeup tutorial xD Look this time is Setsuka Heel from SKIP BEAT!  I love all my photo editing photo Apps! The filters make everything look so much better !! Hopefully you guys will like the makeup look & video when it comes out >.< While filming is fun it is also stressful and time consuming. I started filming around 9pm (i think?) and ended at near 12 midnight! A lot of time is used before the shoot to research and get inspiration, a lot of time afterwards to return everything back to their places haha. 




I had fun portraying Setsuka but due to the nature of the fabric I used, the cuff always manage to make my arm look like this afterwards. It doesn’t hurt at all but I think it’s some form of abrasion while a friend suggest the stress from the cuff busted some of the blood vessels under my skin @_@; Not sure which is true but I sure know these will take me a long time to recover T__T


ok, I’m dozing off and i need to sleep now! Good nights!!

Shopping Loots! Monoke Hime & Girly stuffs!

I think my life is so horrendously boring -__-;; I can’t even remember when was the last time I hung out with friends on a weekend. This blog entry will be highly incoherent and full of random photos.


On a totally different note, I am currently blogging while watching for the Nth time “Mononoke Hime”. In case you don’t know, Mononoke Hime is a 1997 animated movie by Studio Ghibli. I never had the chance to watch the movie when it first came out, I’ve only watched it like last year. But I’m so in love with the whole production*_*


FunPlayer Childview2 2822014 110105 PM.bmp

And I really liked the main lead; Ashitaka. The last prince of his tribe who was forced to leave his village after he killed a monster boar and was cursed. Ashitaka is an old fashioned sort of anime guy. Very masculine/boyish looking , full of righteousness , chivalry and very gentle to everyone. I like guys like that ^////^;;; Unfortunately they only exist in the fictious world u_u;


FunPlayer Childview2 2822014 111321 PM.bmp

He also have this very cute and loyal Red Elk as his steed. Yacob is very cute and I so wanna have a pet like him >w<


I’m also super in love with the live orchestra performance of the OST by Joe Hisaishi. That’s guy’s a legend and he’s responsible for pretty much all the Studio Ghibli productions music. Please go and watch the video of it above! The musicians are so talented, they did such a beautiful performance there and when synchronised with the choir and the animation, I could feel all my feels gushing through me *_*



Bought some random makeup from my neighbourhood SINMA.



This liquid eyeliner from Thailand is really quite cool. Goes on smoothly and pretty pigmented though I have yet to use it for a day out. Look forward to using it for a day out and see how it performs under the sun and my facial grease. But I am too much of a hobo to dress up and have anywhere to go to  on the weekends =w=; *Loser*



My recent Daiso loots! The mini sewing machine looks darn cute and the needle moves! was wanting to use this for my future DIY tutorials but it doesn’t work for that purpose =(



Here’s some artsy shot of the makeup from the loot. Don’t their packaging look sooooo pretty >.<? The purple and pink eyeshadow stick’s are pretty good. Super good staying power and nice colour payoff. But it stays on so well that it’s probably very hard to blend ^^;



My Daiso loot from yesterday =X I ended up buying so much snacks because I was feeling very hungry /_\ DON”T JUDGE MEEEEE



The snack bar currently behind me xD homggggggggggggggg so much snackssssssssss /_\



Oh, check out this super femmy retractable measuring tape. Bought from Daiso too xD  My old measuring tape was starting to become a little wonky so here’s my super needlessly kawaii measuring tape to replace it ahah.


I also received the parcel from Jerry Polence from the USA! First met her in HongKong for the Animax Halloween Treats Party and I’m so happy we are still keeping in contact via internet. She sent me makeup and pepperoni xDDD


I told you this entry is random! lol!

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