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Oct 18, 2018

Itinerary: 12 days In Greece On A Budget With Public Transport

Budget Airline Scoot introduced a few new destinations into it's ever expanding menu of routes last year. So a friend and I decided to take advantage of their national day promotion (which featured a 1-for-1 deal) and managed to get return tickets for just $480 each! 

Since it was a promotional flight, travel dates were limited and we eventually settled on a winter tour of the beautiful country from 27th Feb to 13th March. Approximately 12 days and 11 nights. 

If you've always wanted to explore Greece but hasn't a clue how to start, you're in for a treat! Continue reading to learn more about where we went, how we travel and how much the place cost. I'll drop as much travel tips as I can so this blog post should be pretty informational. 

Jun 14, 2017

How to survive the Mongolian Gobi Desert!

Before I realize, it's nearly two years since I embarked on my Trans-Siberian journey and toured the Gobi Desert. Yes, I have a problem staying on top of this blog thing.  I know the Trans-Siberian journey is one of legends and myths and is on the Bucket list of practically every wanderlusts. And many young wander "lusters" like me, rely solely on the internet for our travel research because we're too cheap for Guide Books. So I'm paying it forward here with a short entry xD

- Click here to read about my 6 days in the Gobi Desert.


Other than being known for having the longest and oldest train routes on earth, the legendary Trans-Siberian journey is also famous for the diverse landscape and cultural experience it provides.  A trip into the exotic and charismatic Gobi desert is a must-do if you ever decide to take on the Russia –> Mongolia –> China route.

Without further blabbing, here is my short entry on preparing for the Gobi Desert while you are on your Trans-Siberian adventure because ... let me be honest with you, it's harder than you think.

Jun 28, 2016

One week in Korea with 1 Cabin Baggage

I cannot stress enough the benefits of packing light and how liberating it makes you. I went to South Korea early April to catch the Cherry Blossoms. Click to see my travel adventures!

Being early spring, Korea was a little cold when I was there but I managed to arrive with a half filled cabin luggage. And I decided I would share with you what I packed.

Hope you enjoy this video! Please give me a thumbs up and a comment if you think I did a good job!

Mar 11, 2016

10 tips to travelling Japan for Cheap!

I marvelled my friends when I told them I travelled Japan for 15 days, covered 5 cities, 1 distant village and spent a grand total of just SGD $1730, all inclusive! I kinda cheated a little by spending 6 nights at 2 friend’s place. But given my spending record, even with 6 additional days of accommodation, I doubt I would burst SGD $2000.

And take note that within those 15 days, I did not starve. There were even days that I even splurged on restaurants (Korean Barbeque and Japanese Sukiyaki, yums!) and presents for my family and friends back home. So I'm here to share a few tips on how to travel Japan for cheap.


Mar 9, 2016

Tips to packing light for travel!

Packing light is essential for a solo traveller. It is especially important if you need to be on-the-go a lot, chasing trains and changing destination every other day because the weight (or lack of it) will allow you to move faster and be less vulnerable in undesirable situations. In many big cities, navigating the crowded train stations and going up flights of stairs with a bulky luggage is something you will not enjoy. There’s just so many perks to travelling light and I’m here to share with you some tips on how I pack. 

Just to let you know, I went to Europe for 6 weeks and did the Trans-siberian for 7 weeks all with just a carry on baggage. The key is to prepare even before you open up your suitcase!

There is too much travel packing tips to share so this blog entry shall focus only on tips that directly decreases your travel load. 

Mar 5, 2016

Data sim card vending machines in Narita Airport

I onced blogged & vlogged about acquiring a Data sim card in Japan via pre-order. It’s been 2 years since that blog and Japan have finally opened up it’s telecommunication options for tourist, perhaps in a bid to win back it’s dwindling tourism. None the less, the new sim card purchasing option is far easier and cheaper. I blogged about a similar data sim card for purchase in Kansai previously, click here to check it out.

LIke the new Data sim card option in Kansai, Data sim card vending machines are available in Tokyo. I’ve been able to acquire them in both Narita Airport Terminal 1 and 2 last year without fail. When I was there, I found 2 different vending machines carrying a different brand of Data sim card.

IMAG1409Narita Airport , Terminal 1

Nov 9, 2015

Getting Data Sim in Kansai

So I visited Japan for the Cherry blossoms earlier this year. While I was there, i bought so-net’s Prepaid LTE Data Sim card. Unlike b-mobile which needs to be pre-ordered and shipped to the airport, so-net’s prepaid data sim are sold either via a vending machine or a shop inside the Airport. Which is of course, extremely useful for people who decide to splurge on a data sim card in the last minute. Not to mention the data plans are the cheapest by far.


Official website:




Apr 27, 2014

Acquiring a Data SIM card in Japan

So I asked on Facebook and it seemed like you guys would like to know how to get data service on mobile (for mobile surfing, Facebook, twitter, Skype etc) in Japan. 


Feb 10, 2014

How to travel on Buses in Kyoto (Japan)

So I went to Kyoto alone recently and experienced first hand how travelling solo in a foreign country is. I went on many wasted paths and had to learn everything by myself.

So I'm going to share everything I know about the Kyoto Bus systems with you guys, hopefully this is helpful to someone!

kyoto on bus

Why take the Bus? :

Compared to Tokyo, moving around is a very different ball game in Kyoto. In Kyoto, it's all about the buses and you can reach pretty much any attractions with the buses. For in-depth explanation about transporting in Kyoto, you can go to Kyoto City's website.

I'm going to briefly explain the bus system in Kyoto and then explain how to use the Kyoto City Bus Map.  I will also share some hands-on tips not found in other tourism website .