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Jun 17, 2017

Wonder Woman the Movie : It was WONDERFUL!

I caught the movie last Friday and boy was it good! I'm sorry if I'm blowing the entire mystery of this entry to bits by disclaiming so early in that this movie is amazing!

I've watched many blockbusters recently and one just disappoints me more than the other. Even the stuffs from Marvel weren't able to pump me up as much as Wonder Woman had - and no, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the heroine is a female.

May 25, 2016

X-Men : Apocalypse (Fan ramble)

I just caught the new X Men - Apocalypse movie and it was so good!  Like I've mentioned in my Captain America - Civil War blog entry, I hate reviewing shows so this will just be a fan rave. 



May 7, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

5 days after the premiere of Captain America Civil War, I finally caught it! I didn't bother myself with any trailers save the endless Audi and WHIH advertisements looping on YouTube. But I've been anticipating the movie a lot. 

* Updates: I finally caught the movie again with a prime seat and now finally understand the story build up! Everything made sense hahaa
The movie runs for approximately 2 hours and 20 min. The plot of this instalment centres around the diversion of the Avengers as political, societal and emotional pressure weighs on our heroes.

May 31, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past (fan girl ramble)

Just caught the Xmen movie a few days back and I'm here to vent/ channel out my fan opinions. This post is loaded with spoilers so don't read if you haven't watch the movie!



Well to be honest,  I don't watch many cartoons as a kid. The ones I can remember were only Captain Planet , X-Men and I think Gem ? Can't claim to be the biggest Xmen fan around but I've definitely watched all the movies and have been looking forward to this film for a while!



And I might have to say I feel a little disappointed.  I found myself shifting around a lot during the movie and feeling nonchalant at all those sob worthy scenes =_=; maybe I wasn't allowing the drama to go into my heart :/

But I felt the story was a little jumbled up. Things moved a little too fast for those sad drama moments to really sink in.



That said though, the parts with the sentinels ripping and piercing the mutants apart was heart wrenching to us Mutant lovers. It's so sad to see colossus (iron clad man) get ripped into two T.T. Sad to see the mighty magneto so weak and frail and powerless against them and Bishop getting blown apart. And storm,  my goddess getting killed with a single stab from the back T.T



In fact, I think that final showdown (or should I call it massacre?) Scene , played in slow motion was probably the highlight for me. It was so sad to see my childhood heroes who seemed so invincible get torn apart so mercilessly and easily. Argh hate those sentinels!



The other highlight of the movie for me was unexpectedly;  Quicksilver. Man! I'm such a fan now haha. Not the diehard fan but I enjoyed his sequence a lot! In fact his part was the part that left the deepest impression when I walked away from the theatre.






Of course, I loved the sequence at the kitchen scene. It really erupted so much laughter in the theatre and the song fit the whole sequence so well! Props to Evan Peters for his awesome portrayal. I never bothered researching about a movie before watching it so I didn't know so many people hated Quicksilver's image.  But honestly I can see why they hate it.



The 90s spykid outfit aside because I think that is actually quite legit for a teenager but his hairrrr! It just look so fake! Couldn't they have done a better job with it ><?

Thankfully,  the whole mischievous quality came through very well on screen and made quicksilver out to be an unexpectedly joyful character to watch. Especially considering how sombre the rest of the characters are.

And his imply smile before he broke the glass was super cute haha :)

Overall, this is a show that I think I should probably rewatch to better appreciate. There are plenty of questions and loop hole to ask .

Apr 4, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Just finished watching Captain and ooowwww I'm in such a Marvel mood now haha. Feel so much wants to rush home (actually otw home now) and rewatch the other marvel heroes movie xD.

The movie was both better and not as good as I expected. Let's start with the not so good parts.


My first complaint was the lack of colours. Sorry if that sounded like such a kindergarden complaint but I'm really more coming from the cinematographic composition and aesthetic pov. I know I know, the whole feel and setting is meant to be in modern New York so it’s all steel and concrete but I don’t know, everything just looks so dull on the big screen. Maybbbbe because Avengers had such a myriad of colourful superheroes (even Captain’s costume was more colourful there LOL!) , this movie on comparision just looks dull and under saturated.


And Scarlet Johansson’s makeup look a little aging =(


I think the makeup artist was going for a more natural and matured look but to me, she just looked tired and washed out. Too much bronzer and pale lips. Ok, Scarlet Johansson fans, please don’t get me wrong, I LIKE this girl! When I watched Avengers on the big screen, I COULDN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF HER! She looked so outstanding in The Avengers so I guess I had very high hopes for her to continue her ‘Eye Candy’ reign. Speaking of Eye Candy, I must say this movie had a lot less Bishie Captain moments -_-; Maybe because I was more focused on the storyline and failed to notice or enjoyed Chris Evan’s focus scenes but mannnnn I wish he’d continue being Captain America ! Okay wait, I just did some googling and it seems like the retiring rumours were just overblown media stunts.


Okay back to the movie.


The storyline was unexpectedly good. I admit, I was expecting a typically straight forward ‘safetheworld’ kind of storyline. And while I did get the ‘safetheworld’ part down, I didn’t foresee most of the plot twists until we got really close to them xD There was multiple plot twists and some unexpectedly humorous scenes where everyone in the theatre laughed. I think that’s the best thing about watching in the cinemas, the sense of belongingness. Even though we don’t know each other, we’re watching and getting affected by the same film, i don’t know, I like the feeling of that. 


The whole Black widow x Captain America chemistry was brewing very heavily in this movie but I’m glad the producers never made them make out or something. That would totally spoil both heroes /heroine’s image. They did however made them smooch a little to throw their pursuers off their trail.


Like i mentioned above, the movie had a lot of plot twists and nifty usage of weapons and technologies. But they all come and go so fast I missed out on a lot of details. And dang, that light sabre thing is so cool! Would love to watch again!


Oh and another complaint, I don’t know about you but I found many scenes looking rather plain. Once again, maybe it’s the colours and textures that’s making me feel this way but I don’t know. There’s NO scene from the movie that really strikes out to me. I just came out from the movie a couples of hours back with supposedly fresh memory but ask me if there’s any particular scene that stands out for me and I’d say none. For music songs, they always try to incorporate some sort of hook in certain parts of a song . It can be a sentence of repetitive lyrics or a simple jingle. Basically, anything that will help listeners to remember and rebroadcast (sing lol) it is considered a ‘hook’. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is unfortunately one of those shows that didn’t have any ‘hooks’ or iconic scenes. Citing the Avenger’s example, one of the most iconic scenes from the movie would be the final gear up/ get ready scene with all the 7 heroes back to back rounded up in a circle while the steady cam went full circle around them. That scene was SO GOOD.


But all in all, it’s a very nice feel-good superhero movie and while that’s so atypical, I really wouldn’t want it any other way. People likes and watches superheroes stories because of the fight and more importantly the encouragement a superhuman human gives us.

Nov 14, 2013

Thor 2 - The Dark World

Watched Thor-The dark world last night and it was goooood! Let me disclaim that I am neither a Thor nor Loki fan. I mean, the first movie was boring. Thor didn't have a lot of scenes in Avengers and Loki was so weak in Avengers he shouldn't have dared to call himself 'god' =_=;;;

BUT this movie changed things xD 

The entire movie was filmed beautifully. I guess the difference for this movie was that most of the scenes were in Asgard (Green screen FTW!) and the graphics were as usual of most Hollywood productions these days; breathtaking. Thor and Loki were given more chances to exhibit their fighting skills. And Loki exhibited that he was entirely capable of handling a handful of Dark elves with just a dagger >_>. And I never knew their mother was also a warrior herself with powers to make illusions/tricks. Jane FOster also had a much bigger role this time which is welcomed since women are always sidestepped in american movies.

There were many scenes this time also made the actors looked so charming *_* Fans of Tom Hiddleston/ Loki will be delighted at the scenes he got. This time, I myself feel a little smittened by the 2 actors too *_* <3

The storyline was relatively easy to get and while the converging of the 9 realms was technically a fuzzy thing to explain much less present on screen. The show managed to display the teleportation nature of the portals that form when convergence happen pretty well. I love how they even made comedic effect of it.  

And oh, there was so many unexpected funny moments in the movie that was very welcomed.There was a big twist towards the end which I shall not spoil xD

May 11, 2012

Avengers !!

Watched Avengers a few days ago and it was awesome ! I'm still some what in a superheroes mood so don't mind me xD

I missed a few of the marvel comic heroes movie before this so we organised a movie marathon at Pichu 's place the night before. Even we called it marathon we really only watched one movie because we started too late :x

Anyway we watched Thor. And even though the CG was fabulous I cannot help but feel the story has been overly condensed. And the Jane x Thor part was so xD

Anyway back to avengers !

My favourite hero is Captain America. I know you are not surprised xD I admit , he is probably the weakest hero amongst them ( the 2 agents not included) but he makes up for it with his leadership skills and morally upright character. Kinda weird why he only choose a shield as a weapon when he had so many other choices. Also wonder why the shield works like a boomerang o. O

Next favourite would have to be Iron Man. Love to see how helpless he is around Peppers xD Moe much ! And other than Hulk, he has got to be the one with the most offensive power.

Overall , the movie is too short for me. Too much eye candy and too little time !

Oh yes! Scarlet Johansson is so hawt too *_* I couldn't stop looking at her through out the show. Awesome skin and perrrfect makeup xD. Plus I think the stylist did an awesome job with her hair. It takes a very strong face to pull that hair off !

Thor was .… disappointing. As a god I was expecting him to exhibit a bit more power but his attacks all looked so melee. Wai no simultaneous multiple lightning shots ??!

And … I never knew Hulk is so powerful =.= even more powerful than a god.

And Loki … lol. Puny god. But the actor has awesome skin :D I kindddda cann understand why he can be likeable but the fandom for him is shocking o. O

Oh ! And I find it really intriguing to spot the link in between all these heroes and their movies . Like the power cube in Thor that belonged to the blue frost people . It fell to earth and was used in Captain America by the red skull Hydra. The same cube was of course, also used in Avengers xD

And the blood of Captain America was somehow used by Hulk to develop his own serum. And and and I realise there is also a playboy-ish genius mechanic Mr Stark in Captain America xD

Can't wait to rewatch it !!

End of fangirl rants.