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Nov 12, 2013

Post Japan syndrome

Ever since returning from Japan, I get by almost every nights with my head nodding off at the table. Found it so difficult to do anything, I haven't even managed to go through all the videos and photos shot!! Either that or I was in such a lousy mood I was watching Anime to escape from reality lol. 

Anyway I blogged about the International Drama Festival in Tokyo. I have a tone of things to talk about I just wish I have the time to get everything out. 

This trip has been such a fun adventure and I woke up everyday thinking to myself " I'm having so much fun!" . Kinda makes coming back to reality double sucky :( 

On the side note though , Japan's climate made me break out. I'm not sure if its the dry weather , the creams I used to counter the dryness, the daily thick makeup or not cleaning my face thoroughly enough each night @-@ I'm sure it's a few of them all together blehhhh 

So if there's anything I enjoyed as soon as I came out from Changi airport and that's the humidity. My skin , my eyes, my lips felt relieved instantly. The natural humidity in the air that no amount of facial mist can replace xD 

I have so much things to say and to blog about when I go about my day. But when I get down to sitting in front of my laptop I turn so frustratingly inefficient :( either nothing comes out or it takes too long to produce -,-; I haven't been touchin my costume stuffs either !

There's too much distraction ! And I'm having a headache now T. T

Also my toothache has finally forced me to visit a dentist yesterday. The dentist said I have no choice but to do root canal :( sigh , that is easily $2k out of the window T. T guys please help click on the ads !!!!