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Dec 12, 2013

Review: Bourbon Alford chocolates (Japan)

Snack name: Bourbon Alford CHocolates
Price: roughly sgd$1.3 - sgd$2+
Brought from: Random snack stores in Kyoto & Sydney

First chanced upon this chocolate at my Kyoto Hostel (Ayado Gion Hostel) 's pantry. They sold for 100yen which is very affordable and I bought myself a pack as a reward for successfully traveling cross state in a foreign country by myself xD 

Anyway as far as I've seen, there is a minimum of 3 flavors. Milk chocolate, Chocolate and Matcha Chocolate. 

Taste review: 
The chocolate is smooth, relatively rich and fragrant. Admittedly it's not as rich as high end chocolates but its definitely decent. Not the sort with a lot of coco butter that's for sure ;)

As pictured, it comes embedded with a biscuit. The biscuit by itself is plain and soft and doesn't really seem like much. But I think it compliments the chocolate very well. Especially suitable for people like me who doesn't really like very sweet stuffs. Funnily, I didn't see the matcha flavored one in Japan, instead I saw it in Sydney Australia xD 

I've tried all the 3 mentioned flavors and found them to be pretty tasty. They also comes in party pack! So check them out the next time you see them, they are worth the money.