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Jun 18, 2013

Daiso+ randomness

It's so awesome to have time. I missed the feeling of freedom so much and now that I don't have any pressing things to do, I can finally dedicate more time to myself.

I spent the whole of last Saturday just taking photos and altering the clothes I bought from Qoo10. It's kinda annoying that I have to spend time altering something I bought but alas , I do not have money to tailor make my causal clothes nor do I have the figure of a model.

I took some "before" photos and am waiting to take some "After altering " photos. Will do up a simple altering tutorial for you guys. Nobody reads this blog but it's ok, just dishing out what I know. Lol.

Anyway, I also finally sorted out my shoes. After my shopping spree with Reiko and Cvy the night before, the trouble of finding space to store my shoes surfaced yet again. And I have so many nice shoes that I've only worn once /_\ mostly I stopped wearing because they bite ;( but also because they are put away in their boxes and out of sight, out of mind.

Decided to give this Under-bed storage bag I bought from Daiso another go. Initially found it to be too small and flimsy but I eventually found a way to make it work.

Stuffed two shoe box and lid into it and now it has a structure xD

I went back to Daiso yesterday hoping to get more of that under-bed storage and while the crowd was packed, I still had an enjoyable time marvelling at the cuteness of everything. Seriously why are the Japanese so cute at everything ??

Colourful cupcake cups.

Bento Soya sauce Bottles. Super love them. I bought a few and used them to contain pretty much everything except soya sauce LOL. I mostly use them as travel sized toiletries or skin product. Really like the little animals one. Unfortunately their opening is too small thus weak, after a few uses they just break apart.

They are just pushpins ... Why Daiso why do you have to make them so cute >o<

Animal pouches xD

Big bells. Good for cosplays I guess.

Eventually I only bought these. The face mask thingy on the left Is a silicon Face mask u wear to assist in absorption. Also bought a new bathing net to replace my old one. Regret not getting my previous pink one though, I think the old one foams better.

Randomly decided to try their sunglasses on XD Big sunglasses makes anyone looks celebrity-ish xD Maybe I should go back for it hohoh...