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Jun 16, 2016

Nami Island & Ewha Woman’s University

It probably took me 3 hours to get from Hapjeong to Nami Island. I had known the distance was long so I woke up super early that day but I wasn’t prepared for the frustration and pitfalls that accompanied the journey.

Official website:


Apr 24, 2016

Korea Shopping Haul !

Even though I went to Korea mainly to catch the Cherry Blossoms, I didn’t waste the chance for a good haul. So I set aside more time to go shopping during this trip hhehehe. Here is my haul video!


Aug 21, 2014

Review: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)

My first Laneige BB cushion Pore Control experience came as a sample on my monthly Bellabox subscription.

Name: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)
Weight: 15 gm X 2 (they sell 1 + 1)

Price: $35:90 - $39:90 (Online price) $58:00 (Retail Price)
Buy from: Qoo10 

* Update 2: I bought my own full size product via Qoo10 and have been testing it for the last 4 months and shared my new thoughts here! I bought #13 True Beige and while I love the brightening effect, I found the colour too light on me. Take note that I am a relatively fair toned person -__-; . To neutralise the colour difference, I lightly dust my ZA 2way foundation and always tried to avoid piling too much bbcream onto my face.

What is this Laneige Bb cushion?

The Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) is a new, cushion-type BB cream that has multiple skincare properties   “Pore purifying BB Cushion for a fresh-looking and semi-matte complexion all day” .

Some of the special points below.
  1. 1 - Contains SPF50+ PA+++, this high SPF amount means you can do without sunscreen. Strong protection!
  2. 2 - Utilizes a revolutionary cushion mechanism with 800,000 pores (the cushion thing where you get your bb cream from). The mechanism helps disperse the bbcream onto the customized puff in extremely fine sprays. When the puff is used correctly (in a patting/stamping motion), better adherence and hydration is achieved.
  3. 3 - The customised puff is an Air-cell puff that can instantly absorbs the moisture and transfers moisture onto the surface of the skin.
  4. 4 - Pore Purifying Complex ™ purifies pores and protects skin against pore trouble
  5. 5 - Excellent coverage of pore and skin bumps with soft focus powder which diffuse light.
  6. 6 - Semi-matte finish. Product has a powerful dual powder formula of anti-darkening and sebum control powder regulates shine for a fresh and supple-looking complexion.
  7. 7 - Water-resistant. Strong resistance against perspiration and sebum for long-lasting Make-up
  8. 8 - Soothing effect. Fresh cooling sensation instantly cools the skin surface to refresh and soothe fatigued skin.
I’m sorry if the last few points were a direct copy from the picture below but I thought they did a great job explaining so, why not copy 8D?

Jan 8, 2013

Korean makeup trial!

Life has been so hectic I don't know how and why I'm maintaining 2 blogs. Then I remember this is a personal bimbo blog and I can do whatever I want here. Awesome ! Lets start with a pile of shit in the middle of the room !!

-- Insert random Image of a pile of dung --

Okay that was damn random. Must have rubbed off from that episode of Kangxi Laile where the Taiwanese celebrities were talking about how some property owners would put a pile of dung in the middle of the house to make the property less appealing and so nobody would buy it.

Tbh I find that action pretty radical and contradictive. Since the shit is in the middle of the house then that means the prospective buyers have to enter the house right ? If you DON'T want to sell your house, why open it up for viewing ?!

Anyway I digressed. But man was it fun to talk nonsense AHHAHAH

So my recent makeup obsession, ok not really obsession but like new target/ focus is to achieve the Korean look. I'm probably the least Hallyu motivated person around but it's not that I don't like them, it's just that I don't get exposed to them that often. But the little I've seen have been good and after seeing some other girls do the Korean makeup look, I find myself inspired to try it too!

It's a different challenge from my usual gyaru inspired look. On a side note, have any of you thought my makeup was gyaru-ish? I've always thought I was going towards the gyaru direction ( in terms of makeup) but nobody has really told me I look gyaru before. Lol.

Gyaru fail -.-;;;

Anyway this is my recent Hallyu makeup attempt and I think with dark hair, I actually look decently Korean !

Okay who am I kidding -.- I don't look Korean but hey I look different from my usual look so that's a plus! I tried to make my eyebrows even thicker and straight and also gave myself "eye pouches".

Watch out for my act emo, act doe camwhores !!