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Jun 20, 2015

Itinerary: 11D10N in Hangzhou, Shanghai & Suzhou.

They say “ 上有天堂,下有苏杭“, implying that the beauty of Hangzhou and Suzhou is on par with Heaven. And indeed, these 2 places were beautiful.
I just came back from a 11d10n trip to China. The trip involved 3 beautiful cities and 5 towns, not a very rushed trip as you can tell.  I personally prefer to take my time meandering around a new city and experiencing the different possibilities. I also had to allocate more time for myself to find  my way around as I was travelling alone in a place I have never been to before. 
But going around on my own made for a really experience rich trip that I can't wait to ramble about. However before I venture into 1000 word long essays of each attractions, here's a picture itinerary with some description. This entry will share the flow of the trip and hopefully, give prospective travellers some information to base their next trip on.
Let me know if you guys liked such entries.

May 13, 2013

Chek Jawa @ Pulau Ubin

I went Pulau Ubin last weekend ! It was just a short half day trip but it was fun and tiring xD ever since a horrible cycling accident a few years ago, I have yet to step back to the island so I was pretty excited and couldn't wait to jump onto a bike.

But because my church mates tried cycling to chek jawa the week before and advised against doing it again , we just ferried a van this time . $2 per trip, $4 for a return trip. We paid the uncle $4 each up front and he told us to call him 15minutes in advance and he would come back to pick us up.