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May 31, 2012

What I dislike because hate is a strong word.

If someone would ever ask me what I hate most, I'd say I hate people who go on and on about THEMSELVES.

I hate people who expect other people to do things for them. Family members not included.

I hate people who only talks but DON'T LISTEN

I dislike people who think others are below them.

I hate people who only talk but never does anything.

I hate people who talks unobjectively and bias-ly behind a person's back. And then starts talking nicely to them once they 'get to know' the person.

I don't like people who needs to have an opinion on EVERYTHING

I absolutely cry when people recycles the exact same thing (memory/experience/ review/ joke etc) which I have no interest in! To make it really unbearable, they repeat it at least 2 times continuously in one paragraph. Yes, I hear you! You don't have to repeat and repeat and repeat and repeatttttttt

I absolutely cringe when people actually takes my polite replies for real and goes on to praising themselves.

I don't like it when people are absolutely oblivious of the people in their surrounddings.

Don't like it when people don't move in on trains

Don't like it when people rush to get out and tries to push their way through when there is obvious blockage/delay in front.

Am I a bitch for thinking like that? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But I am a work in process.

Yes, I am in one of my bitchy, frustrated moments. One of those days where small annoying things just like to happen at the same time. My own fault. Blarhhhh.