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Aug 18, 2015

Review: Sony Alpha 5000

I am a photo enthusiast who currently owns a Canon 700d along with 2 other canon Point and shoot cameras (Canon g12 & Canon ixus 1000). I am nothing near a good photographer but I have been trying to learn and has gotten some progress with my canon 700d. However for my 5 weeks Europe trotting trip, I've come to the conclusion that lugging a dslr around is not only extra bulky but also extra dangerous since i will mostly be staying in dormitory hostels.

Here is my simple /non - technical  review of the Sony alpha 5000 after lugging it around for 5 weeks. I am writing based on my experience as a simple user who wants nice photos easily and not as a hardcore photographer .

Model: Sony Alpha A5000 (White coloured)
Kit Lens: 16mm - 50mm
Free gift: Sony 8gb SD card (15mb/s)
Price: SGD$364 (*Price fluctuates) + SGD18 (shipping)
Bought from: Qoo10

*Edit: I recently dropped my camera lens down & the lens is now wonky. I contacted the Qoo10 seller multiple times but didn't get a respond. While dropping and spoiling the lens is not covered under the warranty, I just thought I should let you guys know about my less than desirable experience with the seller - after all, someone else might have a problem with the camera that is covered under the warranty. Granted though the camera is incredibly cheap and if you are careful with it, there isn't too much to fear. Just thought I should follow up on this entry.