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Apr 4, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Just finished watching Captain and ooowwww I'm in such a Marvel mood now haha. Feel so much wants to rush home (actually otw home now) and rewatch the other marvel heroes movie xD.

The movie was both better and not as good as I expected. Let's start with the not so good parts.


My first complaint was the lack of colours. Sorry if that sounded like such a kindergarden complaint but I'm really more coming from the cinematographic composition and aesthetic pov. I know I know, the whole feel and setting is meant to be in modern New York so it’s all steel and concrete but I don’t know, everything just looks so dull on the big screen. Maybbbbe because Avengers had such a myriad of colourful superheroes (even Captain’s costume was more colourful there LOL!) , this movie on comparision just looks dull and under saturated.


And Scarlet Johansson’s makeup look a little aging =(


I think the makeup artist was going for a more natural and matured look but to me, she just looked tired and washed out. Too much bronzer and pale lips. Ok, Scarlet Johansson fans, please don’t get me wrong, I LIKE this girl! When I watched Avengers on the big screen, I COULDN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF HER! She looked so outstanding in The Avengers so I guess I had very high hopes for her to continue her ‘Eye Candy’ reign. Speaking of Eye Candy, I must say this movie had a lot less Bishie Captain moments -_-; Maybe because I was more focused on the storyline and failed to notice or enjoyed Chris Evan’s focus scenes but mannnnn I wish he’d continue being Captain America ! Okay wait, I just did some googling and it seems like the retiring rumours were just overblown media stunts.


Okay back to the movie.


The storyline was unexpectedly good. I admit, I was expecting a typically straight forward ‘safetheworld’ kind of storyline. And while I did get the ‘safetheworld’ part down, I didn’t foresee most of the plot twists until we got really close to them xD There was multiple plot twists and some unexpectedly humorous scenes where everyone in the theatre laughed. I think that’s the best thing about watching in the cinemas, the sense of belongingness. Even though we don’t know each other, we’re watching and getting affected by the same film, i don’t know, I like the feeling of that. 


The whole Black widow x Captain America chemistry was brewing very heavily in this movie but I’m glad the producers never made them make out or something. That would totally spoil both heroes /heroine’s image. They did however made them smooch a little to throw their pursuers off their trail.


Like i mentioned above, the movie had a lot of plot twists and nifty usage of weapons and technologies. But they all come and go so fast I missed out on a lot of details. And dang, that light sabre thing is so cool! Would love to watch again!


Oh and another complaint, I don’t know about you but I found many scenes looking rather plain. Once again, maybe it’s the colours and textures that’s making me feel this way but I don’t know. There’s NO scene from the movie that really strikes out to me. I just came out from the movie a couples of hours back with supposedly fresh memory but ask me if there’s any particular scene that stands out for me and I’d say none. For music songs, they always try to incorporate some sort of hook in certain parts of a song . It can be a sentence of repetitive lyrics or a simple jingle. Basically, anything that will help listeners to remember and rebroadcast (sing lol) it is considered a ‘hook’. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is unfortunately one of those shows that didn’t have any ‘hooks’ or iconic scenes. Citing the Avenger’s example, one of the most iconic scenes from the movie would be the final gear up/ get ready scene with all the 7 heroes back to back rounded up in a circle while the steady cam went full circle around them. That scene was SO GOOD.


But all in all, it’s a very nice feel-good superhero movie and while that’s so atypical, I really wouldn’t want it any other way. People likes and watches superheroes stories because of the fight and more importantly the encouragement a superhuman human gives us.