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Dec 23, 2013

Kyoukai no Kanata ep 12 ( final ) fangirl rants

OK Spoilers alert! If you haven't watched episode 12, don't read!

Edit: Added more rants because I forgot them in the original haha

The final episode means end Liao T. T so sad :( why do they not make longer Animes anymore ? Series these days are getting shorter and shorter. While I appreciate the non- draggy story pace , I could do with more KNK moments><

I honestly liked ep 12 and was so glad Mirai came back at the end. I might cry if she didn't eventually ended up with akkey. Lol. 

But I must admit it wasn't as good as I hoped for it to be. Maybe ep 11 had surpassed my anticipation and had ended with such a blast both cinematically and emotionally that episode 12 seems rather bland and haphazardly put together. 

There were attempts to inject some light hearted moments into it such as the part where they yelled at Beyond the Bound lol. Typical KNK silliness but I'm glad that joke was only pulled once. 

I did however liked and was surprised at Akkey's very direct confession at the beginning. I love how KyoAni animated the couple's little reaction subtlety which made the scene more romantic and lovable. Reddening ears are cute okay ! Hahaha. And I was like way to go akkey! Get her !!! Hahahha

Hiyoooo I want more Mirai and Akkey larhhhhhh >w<!!! *fangirl wimbles*

I also liked how akkey was given a lot of attention and scenes this episode. Letting him confront his inner darkness was a very nice touch since in most episodes he was treated as a clown. I must admit I like Boys like Akkey who is usually calm and nice. So it makes the akkey with darkness that he so desperately wanted to contain double empathetical. 

I did however felt that portion was done too hastily with out enough emphasis on the solemnness of this emotion. Akkey's calm demeanor to his inner fears were applaudable and sets him apart from other anime characters who would probably go berserk.  But without a more melodramatic reaction from him prior ,the significance of the calm demeanor is reduced. 

And why did Mirai return ?! Let me rephrase. HOW DID SHE RETURN ?!!? Didn't she say she would disappear as she ceased to exist ?! Damn! This needs another season to explain! I DEMAND MORE KNKKKKK!!!! 

OH! AND WHY WAS THERE NO LAST/FIRST KISS? NO HUGS???? WAIIIIII I was so ready for their lips to lock or for them to chest bump but it never happened =(

That's good on certain level too I guess =\ Since that leaves much to the imagination lol.However I do want to commend KyoAni for keeping the Anime so Fanservice free! Despite the multitude of opportunities, I never once saw a panty shot. No up skirt, no lewd scenes.... even though Hiromi and Akkey have pretty weird fetishes that they openly declare . Okay and that bikini scene but generally its very Safe for Family! LOL