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Dec 21, 2015

PMS jokes are not funny. Period !

I hate the end of a month. Not because I'm down to my last few penny but because I'm given the monthly reminder of my birth burden. Other than the nausea, headache, giddiness and lethargic-ness. The thing I abhor the most is the emotional roller coaster. Oh, I think they call it PMS -_-

Pic credit: found on the internet =X 

Jun 18, 2014

My week in photos (Ok not really)

Incoherent rambles ahead. Proceed with caution.


Took Totoro to Gardens by the Bay last month. Awesome blessing from my Pastor (She paid for my entrance lol)

Apr 24, 2014

Day 98 (report from Dayre)

Still feeling the excitement of last Sunday's (This post is a repost from my Dayre account. It is a few weeks late LOL ) photoshoot. 8D


I cosplayed as Lyfa from Sword Art Online along with Kirito; cosplayed by Yuanie! Its so fun to cosplay with friends who share the same fandom, experiences and mind-set. I've really had enough with cosplayers who take my time for granted or are too busy for me.


I mean no offence to anyone specific. But I'm a very serious kind of person, in cosplay and out of cosplay. Sometimes too serious for my own good =_= ;; But yeah , I just find working with someone that doesn't look at our cosplay team/pairing as seriously as I do very suffocating and humbling. It makes me feel stupid to be pouring my heart out for something the other party are doing half heartedly. Which is why i only work with people I trust.


Its just my overall rant about life, not pertaining only to cosplay. Even though lately I've started to feel that some cosplayers really tend to take things for granted or forget what they promised. Same goes for photographers lol. Or maybe that's just human's nature or slyness and forgetfulness and has nothing to do with cosplay or not.

That said though, I also constantly remind myself not to slip and become those I don't like. Nothing more hypocritical than enforcing an ideal on everyone else but oneself.


I'm not talking about anyone specifically but the more I continue in this hobby, the more I feel the need to be discerning about the people I work with. I treat everyone I work (cosplayer or photographer) with as my friend. I may not be the teeny bouncy super attached kind of friend but I really care and respect. However there are times where I feel my definition of " friend" might be sorely different from some others and I find myself tattered and scarred and disappointed at the end.


Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to draw the picture of a victim here. It takes 2 hands to clap and I often reflect on my own actions and wonder aloud to myself too. But you know what's the best thing about growing up? Its how you grow numb towards hurt and how you learn to take a step back to revaluate the situation objectively instead of shouldering all the hurt and shame.


These days I can handle undesirable situations a lot better and I understand what they always say about not worrying for tomorrow as tomorrow can worry for itself. No one has full control over everything. Take life one step at a time and rely on God.

Not sure why i suddenly talked about this. Maybe the frustration and opinions have been accumulating and I decided it should have a conclusive ending. As such, I've decided to be nicer to myself and do things I like instead of trying to swing to someone else's beat.

Jul 17, 2013

Frustration and angers are a rite of life

It’s been a lousy day. Not so much of the day itself being very lousy, just how people made me feel and how I feel about myself.

You know one of those days where nobody cares about your opinion, everything you do feels like a bump into the wall, every question you ask seems to cause a giggle that suggests your intelligence being lower than it actually is, you suddenly mastered a 3rd language that nobody seemed to understand because everything you say seems to need a hell lot of explaining.

Sigh. It’s actually all just small unimportant things that cannot be quantified.

And like the picture above, I know I’ve conditioned my mind to only look at the negative things of the day. And I know the best thing to do at such times is to simply let go. For holding the grudge never makes anyone a better person. And I simply am too much of a lousy shitz to surmount any form of revenge.

And I know 2 months from now, I won’t even remember what made me so upset.

But I guess I should just thank God for being here. For being alive when other people have to combat horrendous diseases like Cancer to be alive. Not just an aching tooth or a painful zit but a life paralysing disease.

Indeed, I should go reach for a bar of chocolate. Fever? what fever?

Apr 20, 2013

Why I can never be a Shoujo Manga Heroine

It was a slow weekend so I decided to catch up on some Animes. Wanted to watch Gintama but I guess Episode 1 was too old to be online. So I turned to Uta no Prince Sama, Season 1. Have no freakin idea why I chose that... Oh! I remember! I chose it because season 2  of the series is still running and it happened to be on the front page of a streaming site. The rest is easy to figure out.
As of current typing, I just finished episode 9 (update: I finished season 1!). And I think I'm really getting too old for Shoujo series, I find myself gawking and face palming more than gushing xD
But don't get me wrong, I evidently enjoyed the series! Wouldn't be able to explain finishing 9 episodes in one evening otherwise. 

It's just that... why must all the boys fall in love with the same girl?! And why does she always fall into the right arms and bang into the right guy xD? The whole Shoujo cliché runs so obviously it's hard not to catch and laugh at it xD Or I am really getting too old for it –____- ;;;;;;;;

That said, the animation quality is so beautiful! The colours are so vibrant yet pastel-ly! I especially love the blueness of Syo's eyes! And yes, all the boys are so dashing *_*

But through out the whole series, I couldn't stop  this thought from surfacing in my brain. The thought that yes , " this is why I will never be a Shoujo Manga heroine". I know Uta Prince is not a manga but it sounds better that way xD 

So below is a compilation of reasons I picked up from Uta No Prince Sama


I don't sing with a bunch of kids on a playground while it is snowing. Firstly, it doesn’t snow in Singapore and that’s a big boo-boo because we all know anything with Snow is more romantic 8D. And I definitely won’t be caught singing with a bunch of Kids in the playground while it’s snowing. Because I’m freaking scared of the cold! The past few times I’ve been to Japan in Autumn and late Spring had me wrapping myself up like dumplings much less in Winter! I cannot imagine stopping over in the cold streets to sing. And Kids don’t like me, I know I won’t have the charming ability to garner their attention and voices. Yes, I am so not cute =_=;


I don't help a lost kid find her mother. Not like I won’t, it’s just that through all my years on earth I’ve never encountered one! Maybe Singapore’s too safe a place or I’m too scary looking and no sane kids would proactively initiate contact with me. They probably prefer to stay lost =_=. So yeah, I’ve never met a lost kid much less get seen helping him/her. The only times I get seen is when I wear a skirt and the f**king wind blows it up=____= @#$%^&*()!!!! …Which is why I wear opaque stockings now.


I sure as hell won't look for scattered pieces of paper that had been tousled by the wind and flown to God know where! I know I know, this whole arc is to highlight Nanami's incredible determination, patience and kindness but how high is the chance of finding those torn papers >.<? I think I’d have better chances forcing it out of Ren’s mouth.

I guess this is why I can never be a shoujo heroine, I’m too scary  @@;


I won't follow a stray cat into a pitch black forest alone. I love animals but I've never had the good fortune to keep one, except hamsters. So I would be really wary if one of them leads me to a dark forest alone on an unfamiliar island. It could be me with my unusual Interest in serial killers and all but doesn't that speaks spooky?

I would only call for the cat outside the forest and wait until the creeps forces my retreat. I mean hey, animals are better survivors than a city girl in a forest. I have a lot more to lose if I venture in and disappears while the cat with his super natural abilities would likely stroll out unscathed and untroubled the next day. He probably even forgot there was a human following him.

Fullscreen capture 1542013 95034 PM.bmp


I won't close my eyes and tell a guy who injured 50,000 person that I trust he won't do anything cruel. 50,000 is a big number, you need more than 10 fingers to count it. It is probably crude to judge a person based on their past but you have to admit, this form of assessment has been proven correct more often than not. Anyone with a violent past will likely continue their violent streak when the chance presents itself. I mean come on dudeeeeeee, I am like 5 inch away from getting my face smashed! Am I too cynical to say I am definitely scared of him and his biceps O_o?

Then again, I guess it can also act as a reverse psychology strategy to manipulate the perpetrator to act otherwise… but it will only work in

1) people who has a good heart and
2) in Anime.



Lastly, I am probably not creative enough to break the rule set out by the school and choose all 5 boys as my partner.  I haven't quite decided whether to judge Nanami as Selfish or just plain creative.

Fullscreen capture 2042013 93503 PM.bmp

So I guess all that pretty much sums up my cold heartedness and why I don’t deserve 6 bishounen's attention. Take what I said with a teaspoon of salt and leave me a comment on your opinion!

Feb 5, 2013

Pre-CNY Ramble

And I can't believe a year is coming to an end soon. Time really flies when you're busy and I'm almost tearful to say I have nothing worth reporting in 2012 to my relatives. The dread!!!

I think I will negotiate with my mom to limit the visitings to just one day :D

Oh btw, Clementi cemtral's Pasar Malam is selling nice fake flowers for $1:90! Cosplay props ?