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Jul 27, 2016

5 weeks and 7 countries in Europe for $4062 USD

Against the advice of many around me, I rejected a promotion, took a hiatus from career climbing and started a crazy travel and soul searching journey last year. I needed a sabbatical break from everything to give myself a chance to do the things I always wanted to do and see the world while I comfortably can. It’s all a little crazy and difficult to explain but explaining that is not my objective today. I’m here today, to share my itinerary for my 5.3 weeks in Europe in hope of helping someone plan their next escapade.
Many friends have been asking me for recommendation and travel advice to Europe. After spending 3 weeks agonising over this itinerary, I reckon I should share my fruits of labour. Other than listing out the itinerary and brief logistic arrangements, I will also delve into my reasons for visiting that destination so you can decide if it’s suitable for your trip.

Jul 1, 2016

Hallstatt (Austria): Stuck in a slice of Heaven

Hallstatt is the postcard example of the rustic Austrian mountain life. Despite being highly commercialised with tourism as it's main industry. This little village of less than 900 people still marvels. 


Due to a string of hiccups, misreading of instructions and missing of bus/trains... I arrived around 3+ in the afternoon. If anyone is interested in visiting Hallstatt for a day trip,  I highly recommend heading out as early as 6am to make full use of your day. Public transport out of Hallstatt ends early and if you don't drive, you might end up stranded like me. I'll talk more about the misfortune and miracle when the story gets there!


Dec 16, 2015

10 hours in Cologne (Germany)

Synonymously named with a type of perfume, Cologne the city has proven to be just as sweet as one.

As part of my europe solo endeavour, i took a midnight bus from Paris to Cologne. Arriving around 7am in a carpark wildly barren (to me). I somehow managed to navigate myself to a place with free toilet ( 9kg handcarry FTW) where I freshened up and to the Main Metro station. I left my bag in the awesome Leave Luggage machine for 7 euro (24 hr).

Sep 24, 2015

Splendid Salzburg (Austria)

The beautiful little town made world famous by the movie ; "Sound of Music" and of course, for being the birthplace of classical composer Mozart Amadeus Wolfgang.

Composer Mozart Amadeus Wolfgang was born in 27th January 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. The young talent first performed for the King of Austria when he was 6. He soon went on to compose many of the classical scores we now adore.

Aug 7, 2015

Picturesque Prague: Old Town Square

I came to Prague with almost no expectations. Sure,  I've seen the photos and videos and I know there are songs that reference it. But all those didn't quite seap into the brain of this traveller who doesn’t usually have a taste for city scape.