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Jan 14, 2014

Big Eyed Gyaru makeup

So early this month I filmed a 3 minute makeup challenge video. Now I’m back with another instalment! Not exactly another 3 minute makeup challenge but more like what I did AFTER the screwed up 3minute makeup hahaha. Click here to watch the funny 3 minute makeup challenge.


Eyes open


Eyes closed

This makeup is a dramatic big eyed Gyaru-ish look that looks fresh and natural on camera. The overly dramatic lashes made it a bit over the top to see in real life but if you swap the lashes this can be a very naturally looking look.



Side angle.

Captured Videos

Obligatory comparison photo of the BEFORE and AFTER. The lashes make SUCH a big difference for me! Without them I look like I have no eyes –___- |||

And yes, I forgot to apply lip colour  /_\

Makeup used:

  1. E.l.f Studio Flawless Finish Foundation
  2. Canmake Color Stick Concealer 01
  3. Za Perfect Fit 2 way foundation
  4. E.l.f Studio 85-Piece Complete the Look Palette
  5. SKINFOOD Sugar Bloom Shadow Box
  6. Dolly Wink black liquid Eyeliner
  7. Top Lashes (random brand)
  8. Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Adhesive Glue

For really proper Gyaru Makeup, bottom lashes are actually very important. But as I was initially going for a natural everyday look, I skipped that step. But then it dawned upon me that my lashes made it looked too dramatic and not ‘everyday’ at all LOL. Like I explained in the video, I choose that pair of lashes in the beginning because I wanted to use it in the 3 minutes makeup challenge to offset any bad eyeshadow application I’d do in my rush so…. yeah. It’s okay, I normally skip bottom lashes if I’m not cosplaying since I never have time for them @_@;

Remember to leave a comment and tell me what you think! If you tried this makeup, remember to show me a photo of it on twitter (@Kaika_TCC) or facebook xD!