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Oct 25, 2016

Review: Omo White Plus Soap Mix

Product name : Omo White Plus Soap Mix
Price: $5.50 + $1.70(shipping) (Qoo10 link)
Rating: 2/5

And so this whitening soap was making its round on Qoo10's digital newsletter and caught my eye. This is a whitening soap from Thailand that appears to be making waves in taiwan. Many Qoo10 buyers commented that whitening was observed after just one use and I decided to try it out.
I had just received a tan from a two weeks tour to Cambodia and Thailand and was desperate to get it off. I also have tan lines on my body that tattle taled my every day dressing styles so I thought this product was perfect for me.

Price & Packaging
At $6.60 a bar (that's how much I spent before it's current sale), the soap stands on the slightly expensive side for me. I started using the soap on 25th September and after a month of every day use, the soap is almost spent. Might not be the best value for money product.

The packaging is cute and the rainbow coloured soap is Instagram worthy. There are small black sesame seeds (or what looks like one ) dotted within the soap.

Texture & Fragrances
The soap smelt like old, dried Pandan leaves - which I'm not a fan of. But it is mild enough to overlook.

I placed my bar in a netted bag which I used to foam it up and bring all over my body. It doesn't take much effort to create foam but the quality of the foam is not very dense. I'm guessing it has a very high soap content.

My skin feels dry after showering and needed substantial amount of body lotion to soothe the dryness. My skin instantly brightens up after I apply body lotion.

Unlike the YouTube review video here, I didn't bother letting the foam sit on my skin. Since this is a cleaning product, I think it is unlikely there is any significant ingredients worth soaking in. Not to mention prolonged contact with cleansing foam will only aggravate dryness.

Here are some pictures of my legs for your references. Please don't laugh at my stubby short legs. I admit that my legs did look somewhat fairer in the subsequent pictures but like I mentioned, I was tanned after a holiday. Given near a month of wait, it was only natural that my skin would slowly regain its fairness so it's hard to pin the credit to the soap.


To be honest, I don't think I noticed any significant whitening. I didn't bother taking photos Everyday because I was too lazy and I doubt it would have mattered.

To a certain extent, my legs actually looked worse after the soap. The soap bar seemed to have made my skin dehydrated and dull. Overall , not recommended.