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Dec 14, 2015

More Daiso makeup review !

I reviewed a few Daiso Makeup earlier this year in another blog post. But I thought I'd do a video review and cover some new products I've bought from Daiso. In this blog post, I'll share pictures of the product and give my written reviews. Some of the products have appeared in the first blog post and will not be repeated here.

Daiso is a Japanese thrift store that sells everything for a set price of 100yen. In Singapore, Daiso sells everything at just SGD2. Ever since the huge dip in Japanese yen, I've been saving all my Daiso purchases for Japan because 110yen (100yen + 10yen tax) is just SGD$1.3!! That's 70cents cheaper than Singapore!

Mar 15, 2015

Review: Daiso Makeup review!

I have been a big fan of Japanese thrift store franchise ; Daiso, since it first came to Singapore. I always have fun going through aisles of it’s budget makeup section while pondering over which to purchase. In case you are unaware, Daiso is a Japanese thrift store that sells everything for a set price. In Singapore, Daiso sells everything at SGD2 with a few exception. 

While Daiso Makeup is a good place to start your Makeup adventures, not everything that’s cheap is good. So here’s my review on some of the makeup I’ve used!

1) Ellefar Princess Eye shadow palette (Twilight)


I really really liked this! I was expecting it to be absolute thrash but I found myself reaching for it all the time. It is also the Eye shadow palette you'd find most often in my travel makeup pouch because it has all the colours necessary for a basic to smoky eye look. Yes, it’s that versatile.


Mar 1, 2014

Shopping Loots! Monoke Hime & Girly stuffs!

I think my life is so horrendously boring -__-;; I can’t even remember when was the last time I hung out with friends on a weekend. This blog entry will be highly incoherent and full of random photos.


On a totally different note, I am currently blogging while watching for the Nth time “Mononoke Hime”. In case you don’t know, Mononoke Hime is a 1997 animated movie by Studio Ghibli. I never had the chance to watch the movie when it first came out, I’ve only watched it like last year. But I’m so in love with the whole production*_*


FunPlayer Childview2 2822014 110105 PM.bmp

And I really liked the main lead; Ashitaka. The last prince of his tribe who was forced to leave his village after he killed a monster boar and was cursed. Ashitaka is an old fashioned sort of anime guy. Very masculine/boyish looking , full of righteousness , chivalry and very gentle to everyone. I like guys like that ^////^;;; Unfortunately they only exist in the fictitious world u_u;

Oct 9, 2013

My week last week

<St>I always seem to end up blogging here on Sundays. xD maybe because its usually the only slow day of my week. </St> Okay, so I ended up finishing this on Wednesday. Sometimes I wonder where did my time go to -__-;

I overslept today ( last sunday) and totally missed church :( feeling pretty damn mweh and guilty because I was up till 5am last night editing the elf makeup video. Not at all a good reason to be missing church for. 

Video of transformation here.

Check out this Before & After makeup comparison. Such a big difference I feel embarrassed /_\

Spent the previous few waking hours trying to understand some SNS stuffs and trying to draft my Kirito sword. I feel like crap whenever I prop because my propping skills are horrendously poor. Also feeling a little ashamed of myself for not spending more effort into my prop making skills despise cosplaying for more than a decade. But I guess to give myself some credit , I did focus more on dressmaking :( but now that I have decided to buy my costumes instead, I suddenly feel a weird sense of regret and waste. Like all the lousy skills I have been levelling the past decade is suddenly irrelevant :(

Anyway, enough of the emo crap. I'm more than happy to buy costumes because now I suddenly can Cosplay a lot of the characters I always wanted to but could never muster enough resolution to make xD 

But now I'm stuck with the props /OAO\|||| *flips table*

I bought mahjong papers to help me draft my swords and I felt so badasses holding it like a weapon xD

All the costumes I bought I always choose to make the weapons myself. Partly to save money and mostly  because because because because.... I don't want to be labelled as  a pretty face cosplayer />_<\ nooooooo~~~~~

Though I'm beginning to regret my choose -,- 

*slaps self * kaika snap out of it ! You've decided and its time to stick to your decision! BE A MAN! 

But wait .... Why should I be a man ?! I'm a woman ! 

Ahhhhhh but never mind I think I get the drift I am typing. Do you understand my dilemma and nonsense? Comment and let me know ;( 

My Gakuen from taobao came but I think the fit is wrong :( 

My Daiso loot last Saturday. The brown sugar banana chips is awesome !!! I highly recommend it xD 

Jul 4, 2013

Review: Daiso Silicon Mask

Name: Silicone Moisture Mask
Bought from: Daiso
Price: $2
Rating: 4.5/5


Chanced upon this product randomly and felt so amazed that someone actually made this! I've entertained thoughts of making something similar because even though I love face masking, I find that piece of fabric pretty troublesome some times.

Silicon, what else were you expecting ?

Keeps the mask snugly onto your face. Prevents moisture and skin care products from evaporating prematurely.

- Affordable
- Reuseable
- Helps keep the face mask in place while you go about your daily business. The forehead, nose and chin area is slightly raised and curvy to allow space for the natural reliefs in the face
- easy to clean


- Prolong wearing hurts the ears. But then the product wasn't meant for long usage.

I can see this product being very useful for people living in the cold and dry climate. When my skin allergy was at it's height and I had to travel to colder countries. It was such a torture to my skin because not only were the dry air in the country hurting my face, the super dry air inside the plane was also a challenge.

When I went to Australia last July, I put my hoodie on and covered my face with a serviette (like a mask) to minimise the contact my face had with the dry air inside the plane. My friends laughed at me but I daresay it works! So if a tissue can achieve some results, I'm sure an impermeable silicon can do better.

Now I mostly use it to stop my face masks from falling or drying too fast. Sometimes I also use it as a sort of sealer / steamer to promote the absorption of my nightly skincare routine. It's hard to assess how effective this product is in promoting absorption but at $2 each, its more a hit than a miss to me .

Jun 18, 2013

Daiso+ randomness

It's so awesome to have time. I missed the feeling of freedom so much and now that I don't have any pressing things to do, I can finally dedicate more time to myself.

I spent the whole of last Saturday just taking photos and altering the clothes I bought from Qoo10. It's kinda annoying that I have to spend time altering something I bought but alas , I do not have money to tailor make my causal clothes nor do I have the figure of a model.

I took some "before" photos and am waiting to take some "After altering " photos. Will do up a simple altering tutorial for you guys. Nobody reads this blog but it's ok, just dishing out what I know. Lol.

Anyway, I also finally sorted out my shoes. After my shopping spree with Reiko and Cvy the night before, the trouble of finding space to store my shoes surfaced yet again. And I have so many nice shoes that I've only worn once /_\ mostly I stopped wearing because they bite ;( but also because they are put away in their boxes and out of sight, out of mind.

Decided to give this Under-bed storage bag I bought from Daiso another go. Initially found it to be too small and flimsy but I eventually found a way to make it work.

Stuffed two shoe box and lid into it and now it has a structure xD

I went back to Daiso yesterday hoping to get more of that under-bed storage and while the crowd was packed, I still had an enjoyable time marvelling at the cuteness of everything. Seriously why are the Japanese so cute at everything ??

Colourful cupcake cups.

Bento Soya sauce Bottles. Super love them. I bought a few and used them to contain pretty much everything except soya sauce LOL. I mostly use them as travel sized toiletries or skin product. Really like the little animals one. Unfortunately their opening is too small thus weak, after a few uses they just break apart.

They are just pushpins ... Why Daiso why do you have to make them so cute >o<

Animal pouches xD

Big bells. Good for cosplays I guess.

Eventually I only bought these. The face mask thingy on the left Is a silicon Face mask u wear to assist in absorption. Also bought a new bathing net to replace my old one. Regret not getting my previous pink one though, I think the old one foams better.

Randomly decided to try their sunglasses on XD Big sunglasses makes anyone looks celebrity-ish xD Maybe I should go back for it hohoh...

Dec 7, 2012

Daiso loot!

I Love shopping in Daiso when their new stock is in!

Was feeling pretty demoralised yesterday but decided that since the water is already under the bridge , I might as well just enjoy what I can now. And so I went to Daiso! Went to the biggest and furthest branch ; IMM. So troublesome to get there but shopping at IMM's Daiso is therapeutic xD

Bought $30 worth of random stuff and bought stuffs I always liked but don't bear to waste money on. Just to make myself feel better xD

Check out their socks collection !! Their new range of ankle high socks with Frills on the top is so cute !!!! But as with anything cheap, the quality control can be tad slack some times. Some times the sock's frills don't match up. One is frill-er than the other. But then, $2 bucks so yeah.

Daiso's fake lash and lash case section xD

I bought a pink lash case but I think I'm probably giving it away with the fake lash giveaways for TheCosplayChronicles.

This blog entry is so random. I think i made this just to show off my kawaii socks xD Anime, cosplay, karaoke and chilling out with friends ! Can't wait for my holidays to start now xD !!!!