Apr 19, 2012

My hauls … again

I received my latest GMarket hauls yesterday. My green iPhone mobile charger and cable :D Just looking at them makes me happy ;D Yes more money spent T. T but it is necessary buys no???

Bet you can't guess my favourite colour XD

Also, I had time to spare during lunch yesterday. So I waltzed into Watsons to pick up my Bb cream. I ended up buying another 10 piece of face masks on top of the Bb cream :x Again , they were a discounted item. They were going at $11:60 for 10 and I was running out of hydration masks so I thought why not :x?
Spending on your skin and body is a worthy investment hokays :x!

Also, I finally dyed my hair again. It is now ash brown, a colour I've always liked but fades super quickly. Ah well, as least the annoying black roots are gone. Because I am cheap , I used Liese's bubble dyes. Reminder to self, need to trim my sloppy bangs ASAP.

I'm in the midst of packing for my Indonesia trip now. I happen to be one of those anal packer when it comes to clothes. Not only will I draw them out, I'll also try wearing them. In the midst of it, I came out with this new mix and match combination . Thought it looked pretty good.

To end this horribly random haul entry, I'd like to inform all of you that I also just bought a bolster.

The journey home with it was like this.


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