Apr 9, 2012

My hauls !

To be honest, I find myself shopping lesser and lesser these days. Especially for clothes and shoes. I guess I'm at the stage whereby I'm less concerned with trying to catch up with the latest trends. Unfortunately, my spendings haven't exactly dropped T. T. These days I spend most of my monehs on skincare, tech gadgets, Travel, bills and cosplays. Stuffs that cost a lot more for per item -.-;

Anyway, I finallllly jumped on the Gmarket platform and ordered my first product from it !

In fact I bought more than one :x Bought 2 HappyMori iPhone case. And 1 Skinfood Rice mask which I have been yearning to get since my Korea trip last 2010. I tried one of their tester pack after coming back to Singapore and totally regretted not buying it back -_-;;; I refuse to buy them in Singapore because the local stores have marked up the price by at least 3 times -.-. Just couldn't deal with that xD

I also bought Arsainte ECO-THERAPY Extreme-Moisture Aqua Radiance Cream but unfortunately, the seller screwed up and sent me a Mickey Mouse iPhone case instead!!! Whut the fish ?!?! Sigh …

Also bought the Taiwanese face mask at a discount from Watsons. 我的心机 caviar whitening face masks x 10 pc for $13+. Will try to do a review on it after I get around to using it :D

I also bought my b'liv blackhead serum again from Sasa which sets me back at $70+

Yes,girls are troublesome … T. T

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