May 11, 2012

Avengers !!

Watched Avengers a few days ago and it was awesome ! I'm still some what in a superheroes mood so don't mind me xD

I missed a few of the marvel comic heroes movie before this so we organised a movie marathon at Pichu 's place the night before. Even we called it marathon we really only watched one movie because we started too late :x

Anyway we watched Thor. And even though the CG was fabulous I cannot help but feel the story has been overly condensed. And the Jane x Thor part was so xD

Anyway back to avengers !

My favourite hero is Captain America. I know you are not surprised xD I admit , he is probably the weakest hero amongst them ( the 2 agents not included) but he makes up for it with his leadership skills and morally upright character. Kinda weird why he only choose a shield as a weapon when he had so many other choices. Also wonder why the shield works like a boomerang o. O

Next favourite would have to be Iron Man. Love to see how helpless he is around Peppers xD Moe much ! And other than Hulk, he has got to be the one with the most offensive power.

Overall , the movie is too short for me. Too much eye candy and too little time !

Oh yes! Scarlet Johansson is so hawt too *_* I couldn't stop looking at her through out the show. Awesome skin and perrrfect makeup xD. Plus I think the stylist did an awesome job with her hair. It takes a very strong face to pull that hair off !

Thor was .… disappointing. As a god I was expecting him to exhibit a bit more power but his attacks all looked so melee. Wai no simultaneous multiple lightning shots ??!

And … I never knew Hulk is so powerful =.= even more powerful than a god.

And Loki … lol. Puny god. But the actor has awesome skin :D I kindddda cann understand why he can be likeable but the fandom for him is shocking o. O

Oh ! And I find it really intriguing to spot the link in between all these heroes and their movies . Like the power cube in Thor that belonged to the blue frost people . It fell to earth and was used in Captain America by the red skull Hydra. The same cube was of course, also used in Avengers xD

And the blood of Captain America was somehow used by Hulk to develop his own serum. And and and I realise there is also a playboy-ish genius mechanic Mr Stark in Captain America xD

Can't wait to rewatch it !!

End of fangirl rants.

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