Jun 22, 2012

More skin care hauls!

Arghhhh I keep buying these stuffs. Well I guess in my defence, I keep buying then because they are a necessity. I use then every day and night so it make sense for me to buy more during sales and store right >.<

And more shoes again T. T I was only waning to buy new everyday flats but the black school shoes was going at $9:90. I really wish they were brown
though ... Spray ?


Teruteru Terumi said...

Waa~ very nice black shoes !!! Do you mind telling me where did you get it from ? :D Thx ;D

Kaika ( aka Elpheal) said...

Got them from Moda Paolo (i think that's the spelling ^^; )

They are not good though =\ quality was so bad, the fake pleather starting wrinkling after one wear.

Teruteru Terumi said...

Arigato Kaika~!! Just need them for cosing ;D I'll take a look when i pass by their shops then ~~ thank you~~~