Jul 26, 2012

Sydney and back! My loots!!

This blog is so abandoned...

Anyway i'm back from a 11 days trip to Sydney Australia! It was my first trip to an "Ang Moh" country and I've never felt more stressed about a trip before. I'm glad everything turned out well xD

Here are most of my loots from Australia!

Everything was so expensive that I only dare buy from Kmart, Target and Reject shops. But I'm glad I got some really nice bargains xD

I bought these 2 eyelash case for AUD$2.5 at a reject shop! While they are too space consuming for my liking. I'm in love with it's uber cute design and have long been contemplating getting something to store multiple lashes when I travel. Each box holds 3 pairs of lashes.

Also bought this gold brown weekender bag from Target ( or was it K Mart?). Ever since I saw a hotel mate using one of these, I've been wanting one. Mainly love it for its ample storage space and ability to house my ELF palette. But now that I have tested it out, it seems a little too big =_=;  I kinda regret getting this design though, should have gotten the shocking pink and black one instead.

I lugged a big stash of Red Rock Deli chips back with no regrets! And my favorite flavor has got to be Honey Soy Chicken. It was finger licking good *_* A little salty and intense for people who doesn't like MSG in their chips but for me it's like "BRING IT ON!".

Shall randomly end this loot entry! Bye! 

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