Jun 24, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Aloe Vera)

Bought from: Gmarket ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg)
Price: $1.5 - $3
Rating: 4.5/5


Ok, so some of you might think I'm trying to buff up content by splitting reviews for this mask. I had every intention to go the lazy way and review the product as a whole but then I realise I would not be doing the product justice and neither would my readers know which masks to buy.

Anyway back to the review. I bought this along with my usual bright up mask for the sake of trying. And I reckon since I was already taking the effort to do online purchasing, might as well buy more right? (that is such a dangerous shopaholic mentality O. O;;; )

My initial impression with it was pretty mweh. Its not that it's bad, it's just that it wasn't alarmingly good. While my face felt hydrated after it, nothing really shouts out about it. I'm not a very observant person.

Until my skin allergy struck again. To read more about my skin issues and what it has went through, read this. My skin was flaky, painful and disturbed. Using the bright up mask could only hydrate it for a short while before my skin cries out in protest again.

Then I tried the aloe Vera mask and it turned out to be the holy grail! Granted it did not single handedly saved my allergy but it did significantly made my skin felt so much better afterward. My skin calmed down and was able to slowly recuperate.

Soft, thin and heavily coated with the product. Adheres to skin very well. Unlike the Vita Bright mask, this one seems to be made from a gauze like fabric though you can barely tell.

Calms redness, soothes the skin and acne while hydrating.

Effectively calms and soothes the skin. Relatively affordable.

Difficult to purchase.

Good, will and have bought again. Now I use this as a first aid remedy when my skin needs some rescuing or there is pimples or redness I want to calm. If I feel like my skin allergy is creeping back, I use this mask first.

If you are interested to purchase it, this is where I always buy mine. Yes, i might earn some commission if you buy via the link but I tell you, that is the store that sells it cheapest on Gmarket! Many other stores adds addition cost afterwards .  They take 2 weeks to ship though…. maybe it’s because I’m cheap and always opt for the $0 shipping option =x

Have fun masking xD! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review~ I have very sensitive skin and it reacts to almost everything, so it's good to know there's such a nice soothing mask on the market.

I think I have watched too many of your youtube videos because I always end up reading your blog & fb posts in your voice (haha, creepy?)

Thank you for sharing

Kaika ( aka Elpheal) said...

Glad the review was helpful!