Jun 27, 2013

Qoo10 please spare my soul~~

Oh dear…. I sworn to sleep before 1am today and even though I have nothing important to keep me up I am still not asleep because... I keep shopping online /_\ !!!!! Especially buying from Qoo10 Singapore since it's so easy!


Just spent $40+ on frivolous girly stuffs >////< ;;;; DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!!!!


Bought 1 of each for the hands and feet. The skin around my nails have been pretty dry and peeling…just thought I could pamper them to a mini DIY spa with these…


After much internal turbulence + deliberating for the past few nights and asking on facebook, I  finally bought the green bag. Yes, They are SO CUTE RIGHT??!?!?!!!!!!

They are smaller than I hope and they are missing the back/side zip function I like but….THEY ARE SO CUTE I COULDN”T RESIST! After discount , they only cost me $22.


Decided I should use foundation with heavier coverage instead of my usual BB cream for Cosplays. And after numerous research I decided I still don’t know what foundation is good so I settled for a cheap one –_-;;; The reviews about it is fabulous so let’s hope my skin likes it. Maybe I should have tried MAC instead =_=

Maybe I should try to turn my shopping obsession into something more constructive by blogging/reviewing about my purchase and shopping experience with the sellers here. What do you guys think?

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Kai Kuchiki said...

Maybe reviewing the items you bought will make you think how to spend next time. ^_^