Dec 19, 2013

Shopping loots & random WIP

Been so mentally held up with work and stuffs that I just can't find the time nor mood to blog. Anyway I met Vivian for dinner yesterday ! 

Haha she is very crazy as usual. Love her company ! 

Bought Bio-essence eye serums. They were having a Christmas promotion and this bundle pack cost me only $39.90! It usually cost near $60+ for two. So this is a steal xD 

I already have a bottle of their lifting serum but its running out so I guess I should stock up now xD I'll do a review soon ! 

My neon green translucent tights from eBay are here! I'm intending to make fairy wings out of them, lets hope that works T. T

Also , my latest batch of Taobao costume have arrived! It will be a long while before we can actually shoot this costume because the 3dmg will take forever to make sigh. 😩 But yeah, these days I've really taken to buying costumes instead of making. I have no more time and my time is getting increasingly more expensive. So now, I exchange cash for effort ( buying costumes). 

Maybe I should do a makeup tutorial first! 

This is the blade of a sword I'm working on. It's for a new costume too but propping takes forever for a noob like me :(

Here's an old WIP of another prop I'm working on. It's for Lee Syaoran from CCS! I've coated the handle with a few layers of modge podge and have since this photo, sprayed them gold. I think tonight I shall assemble everything together. I think I need to double up my pace !!!! 

Oh I bought ZA's pressed powder again. My annual Christmas pilgrimage is their Christmas bundle of a special edition foundation case and 2 pressed powder and a little pouch. I don't like the mustard yellow pouch but I like the green tint on my foundation case xD 

Also bought a lovely concealer and blush from Daiso

Isn't the packaging pretty ><?! I wish I could yank out the product and put my own stuffs in. This concealer is pretty goods shall review soon! 

And then the pink blusher from Daiso too. It's actually pretty good and natural looking. 

I think this is the blusher from this set. Well either that or it's from the 'peach' blush range. 

I now have all the blushes from the princess range -_-;;; I wasn't intending to buy this many ><|||

But I forgot I had to attend Macau Government Tourist Office's thank you party the other night and had to rush to buy makeup to put my face on =_=||||  

Anyway, I'll end my rambles here. Talk more next time ! 

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