Apr 24, 2014

Day 98 (report from Dayre)

Still feeling the excitement of last Sunday's (This post is a repost from my Dayre account. It is a few weeks late LOL ) photoshoot. 8D


I cosplayed as Lyfa from Sword Art Online along with Kirito; cosplayed by Yuanie! Its so fun to cosplay with friends who share the same fandom, experiences and mind-set. I've really had enough with cosplayers who take my time for granted or are too busy for me.


I mean no offence to anyone specific. But I'm a very serious kind of person, in cosplay and out of cosplay. Sometimes too serious for my own good =_= ;; But yeah , I just find working with someone that doesn't look at our cosplay team/pairing as seriously as I do very suffocating and humbling. It makes me feel stupid to be pouring my heart out for something the other party are doing half heartedly. Which is why i only work with people I trust.


Its just my overall rant about life, not pertaining only to cosplay. Even though lately I've started to feel that some cosplayers really tend to take things for granted or forget what they promised. Same goes for photographers lol. Or maybe that's just human's nature or slyness and forgetfulness and has nothing to do with cosplay or not.

That said though, I also constantly remind myself not to slip and become those I don't like. Nothing more hypocritical than enforcing an ideal on everyone else but oneself.


I'm not talking about anyone specifically but the more I continue in this hobby, the more I feel the need to be discerning about the people I work with. I treat everyone I work (cosplayer or photographer) with as my friend. I may not be the teeny bouncy super attached kind of friend but I really care and respect. However there are times where I feel my definition of " friend" might be sorely different from some others and I find myself tattered and scarred and disappointed at the end.


Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to draw the picture of a victim here. It takes 2 hands to clap and I often reflect on my own actions and wonder aloud to myself too. But you know what's the best thing about growing up? Its how you grow numb towards hurt and how you learn to take a step back to revaluate the situation objectively instead of shouldering all the hurt and shame.


These days I can handle undesirable situations a lot better and I understand what they always say about not worrying for tomorrow as tomorrow can worry for itself. No one has full control over everything. Take life one step at a time and rely on God.

Not sure why i suddenly talked about this. Maybe the frustration and opinions have been accumulating and I decided it should have a conclusive ending. As such, I've decided to be nicer to myself and do things I like instead of trying to swing to someone else's beat.

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