May 1, 2014

New header!

Cvy invited me to join her for a casual shoot a few weeks back with Nik. It was a sweltering afternoon but we managed to have fun. I still find it so weird to shoot casual. Arhhhh I don’t know. People are probably gonna think I’m just phishing for compliments or something but I don’t know, I just find it awkward being in front of the camera. That’s why even though i’ve been cosplaying for 13 years and I’ve only had 2 casual shoots ahhaa. I am just not Model material x-x

My best shots were taken with the tree. I love trees and nature haha. If Singapore wasn’t as hot I’d probably be out in the Parks a lot more.

NIK_5031 (1)_kaikaedit

I think I shocked Nik and Cvy a little when I started climbing the tree and doing all sorts of nonsense haha.


-sk- said...

i really like the picture. ITS SOO NICE \(^w^)/

Kaika ( aka Elpheal) said...

@sk: Awww thanks! It's big thanks to the photographer^^