Jun 18, 2014

My week in photos (Ok not really)

Incoherent rambles ahead. Proceed with caution.


Took Totoro to Gardens by the Bay last month. Awesome blessing from my Pastor (She paid for my entrance lol)

Life has been ok recently. Having experienced juggling bloggin, vloggin, cosplaying (super minimal -_-) part time studies, full time work all together previously, it suddenly seemed like nothing is impossible for me to achieve with my time lol. That said though, I find myself losing interest in many things and procrastinating even more.


Work had been very busy and incredibly boring.  I know those two adjectives shouldn’t be in the same sentence but it was for me *big sigh*. And when my brain feels bored, like most people, I start dwelling on the unhappy things that happened in the past.  I know it’s unhelpful to dwell on negative thoughts and memories but let’s just say I am only human and I’m still working to achieve that angelic state of outlook in life.  I think my habit of bottling up myself in real life can be a sort of suicide sometimes. Sometimes I think I am too sensitive for my own good , other times I think I am so oblivious Icannoteven. And yeah, when my head is bored/tired , that’s usually the best time for Satan to push ideas into them while digging up some old scores for me to frown over -“-;;;;;


Life is so unfair”. As someone who grew up with little, I’ve long given up saying this phrase and I’ve stopped ranting about what really bothers me (not like I care to share those intimate thoughts anyway). Partly because growing up and knowing Jesus have helped me come to terms with the problems in life (and given me hope) but also because I have learnt the hard way that ranting to people can often cause more hurt than console.


I’m sure this is a familiar story to many. As a kid, I blab everything to my parents. Whatever nonsense thoughts or jokes came to my mind, I told them. My mom however, never saw the humour side of things and more often than not, I walked away with a scolding, a puzzled mind and a hurt soul. Now, I’m not slamming my Mom. I love her and she’s a wonderfully capable and talented woman and she takes very good care of me. However, her child raising method was definitely too rigid for a free spirited Gemini. What happened when you keep reprimanding a Kid? They eventually stop telling you things because there’s no point in it if you’re just going to scold or humiliate them. 


And the same can go to friends too. Sometimes people just want to rant, but not everyone knows it. And at the end of the ranting, you get a lecture/preach which you really can do without.  *Sigh* Which can be pretty annoying on SNS when you see everyone on your friend list ranting childishly about their every little problem but then when you do it, you get a lecture.  Like people who doesn’t like your facebook page or take notice of your cosplays before suddenly jump in to criticise the way you do something when you do it wrong. I know they meant well but it can be a little annoying to have someone who never really communicate with you suddenly crash in and point out your mistake then twirls away when you acknowledge it.  It’s like, huhhhhhhh that’s it?! ?


It’s the same as receiving wedding invites or request for help from someone you haven’t talked to the past few years out of the blue.


I know I sound like a picky bit*h but if you’re going to invite someone you haven’t talked to for a while (3 years maybe?) to your wedding, at least start the wadsapp conversation with a small chat! Oh while you are at it, a personalised message would be nice too. Not something like “Dear All, please come and share in our joy as we…” . Can I see some effort and sincerity please?


Also, if we haven’t been in contact for the past few years , please don’t ask me to design and draw wedding cards for you when you accidentally bumped into me at Mac Donalds. I don’t mind helping my friends but I don’t appreciate you reprimanding me for not picking up your call (to design your precious wedding cards) and agreeing to a task you suggested impromptu-ly at our chanced meeting. I had a bad day and when I have a bad day, I will avoid communications because I need to sort these emotions out by myself (hey, I am only human). But I’m sure all those are not as important as your wedding cards because, you didn’t bother finding out why I didn’t answer your call and because well, I know I’m not very important anyway.


I have no idea what I’m saying, really. I think I just need to vent all my work and life frustrations somewhere. I kinda stopped sharing much about my personal life with people around me nowadays because I find it too difficult to explain and find my life too boring to share. I’m sure that is a bad thing because I think that is some sort of social suicide and my relationship with people will only get shallower. It’s not that I don’t care about people, it’s just that sometimes I get hurt too easily. I think the morale of the story is to build my heart up and have a more resilient spirit. I have so much to learn from Jesus =(


I promise I’m a much more objective and sane person than this post makes me out to be. It’s just a lot of different stress and frustrations culminating into a  pinky finger stab that has caused me to wanna rant here. After all, nobody reads this blog anyway XD



On a totally different note, I refound this YouTube channel again and the hilarity of their videos just cheered me up so much. Go watch if you’re having a bad day.




I went to the Aquarium last week! The crowd was so overwhelming T_T




Brought my Canon 700D along to shoot my fishy friends and it was ….so difficult. The glass was very thick and interfered with the focusing a lot so I could only get a clear shot if I was facing the glass perpendicular. Any slight tilt and it blurs out. Not to mention my fishy friends swims too fast for the camera to capture well enough in low light conditions.





My attempts were hilariously amateur but ah well… this is a post about a week in photos so, photos it is.




This little stingray was hilarious! It kept sticking itself to the glass like this while flapping his fins vigorously and going up and down. If he wasn’t a fish you would have thought he was drowning LOL! Soon after this, my camera battery fell flat and I got so upset with myself for failing to bring the extra battery I just charged -__- ;




Nevermind, use my phone to shoot !

Nah, Jellyfish!




More jellyfish! This batch is super funny, they kept falling down backwards then float up again and then fall back down and then up again infinitely. 





They are a very beautiful bunch though <3  Deadly but beautiful ahhaa




Friend suggested I take a photo with them fishies and this was the outcome. Must act pretty and melancholy for the photo once in a while  LOL. That said , I find this person in the photo a little unrecognisable. I think said friend must have felt my face is too rough and needs more digital sanding hahahaaa. Still an awesome pic though hahaha




And check out who I met! He was totally checking me out! Super love this picture!




Isn’t he dashing? Should have gotten his number! Ok wait, what if he is a a she LOL.




I attended AB Double Eyelid accessories’ Event later that evening and met Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup Artist, Mr Kevin! Read more about it here


Photo: My TFS loot last friday. The member birthday month discount promotion is not valid anymore ; ( a lot of the stuffs I wanted is OOS or discontinued so it was very difficult to hit $60


My TFS loot last Friday. The member birthday month discount promotion is not valid anymore ; ( And a lot of the stuffs I wanted to get either OOS-ed or discontinued so it was very difficult to hit $60 T_T I wanted to hit $60 because they were having a promotion for minimum spending of $60 and above.



My Watsons loot last Thursday.  Sorry for letting those sanitary pads be in the photo too, hopefully nobody would feel too grossed out by them. This loot cost me $118 -_-;




Then comes my most expensive purchase ; B-liv  Blackhead sebum gel. Sasa was having a 20% discount and I got 3 for $237.88. It’s a hefty sum but my skin is unfortunately, pretty reliant on it to be clear. Sadly, these 3 bottles will only last me 6 months and come December I will have to hope for Sasa to hold a discount for them again. Please don’t tell me to try using them sparingly because I have tried and it doesn’t work. And that’s saying a lot considering I have been using this product for close to 8 years (i think).



Oh, I saw a Siberian husky last Sunday too *_*  I said hi to him and he was going to approach my outstretched hand but his leash held him back =( His owner returned before I had more time to play with him T_T I must let you know my favourite dog breed is the Siberian Husky; a dog I probably will never be able to have =(.


Okay, I seriously need to pee so I shall end this incoherent post this instant! Hope you had fun reading about my boring life. Good nights!

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