Dec 11, 2014

Review: Healthy Care Lanolin Cream w/ Vit E

Name: Healthy Care , All Natural Lanoline Cream Tube
Price: Bought it locally at a discount for maybe AUD 5?
Volume: 100 gm

The actual name of the product is pretty confusing thanks to the packaging design and the website but I hope I got them right! I bought this during my first trip to Australian a couple of years back when i attended S.M.A.S.H.  i only bought it because it was on extreme discount and definitely didn't think highly of its cheap looking container at all.
However this turned out to be one of my best skincare purchase from Australia! I have gone on to finishing 5 jars haha! Sadly i didn't managed to get any on my recent trip back T.T

Colour and scent

The product is opaque white in colour but like all other opaque white moisturisers; it disappears into the skin after some massaging. No white cast was observed.

It is very heavily scented and smelt like some old-school face powder our Grandmothers use. The smell alone might put some people off however i was able to put up with it as the scent wears off quickly.

Absorption rate

Goes onto the skin relatively fast.  It was easy to blend and has a surprisingly non-greasy effect. It dries matte , doesn't have a sticky residue and feels light on the skin! 


This is definitely a 'Cream Moisturiser' in my opinion. It does a good job of preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin however the hydration ability by itself is limited.
For people with dehydrated skin like myself, this is definitely not hydrating enough. For people with naturally oily skin, this is a good option to look it as it can moisturise and nourish without adding too much oil to your skin. My favourite part about this product has got to be how light and matte it felt on the skin! It felt like there were dimenthicone blended into it that makes this cream moisturiser feels a little like a silicon primer.
The lack of Parabens is extremely appreciated because this was one of those cream moisturisers that I can safely use without pore blockage or Breakouts. A lot of the other Cream Moisturisers I used works well too but after a couple of days , my face starts to show signs of blocked pores. This usually means the moisturisers are too moisturising for me =(   Healthy Care’s Lanolin cream however doesn’t make my skin feel that way.


If you bought it in Australia itself, the price point is honestly hard to beat. At less than sgd10 for 100ml, it has got to be one of the cheapest moisturiser I've ever used!!


I use a thin layer of this on top of my water/hydration based moisturisers just as an extra lubricant and to prevent moisture from evaporating. I love how it doesn't feel greasy like the other lanolin cream I've used and best of all, it doesn't break me out! I suspect it's due to the lack of Parabens and Petrochemicals . I've been through 5 jars of it to know ;)
To conclude; would I recommend you to buy it? YES!
Especially if you're on a trip to down under and can get them cheap at Eastwood or other affordable local stores. At such a competitive price even if it doesn't suit your face you can use it on the body!
Like i mentioned before, this moisturiser is not hydrating enough for dry skin. But for dehydrated skin like mine that is also acne prone, this product is a God sent as it allows me to have a layer of cream on top of my face to prevent chapping but isn't so greasy that it breaks me out.
Oily skinned people can probably get away with just this moisturiser! The lack of Parabens and grease should also be a plus point since they help delay oiling
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