Aug 18, 2015

Megabus Stops in Rome, Venice, Milan & Paris

I just returned from a 5 weeks trip and to facilitate my budget travel, I took Megabus coaches a lot from one country to another.

If you are not familiar with Megabus, it is an intercity Bus service that is pretty famous for their low fares. Their wikipedia description attached below.

Megabus website:

" Megabus, branded as, is an intercity bus service of Coach USA/Coach Canada and DATTCO (a non Stagecoach company, under contract) providing discount travel services since 2006, operating throughout the eastern,southernmidwestern, and western United States and in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Megabus is notable for using curbside bus stops instead of traditional stations, low fares starting at $1, and in recent years, operating a point-to-point network of routes with buses making few stops en route to their destination. "
source: Wikipedia

I took the Megabus for the following routes; Paris to Cologne. From Rome to Venice. From Venice to Milan and from Milan to Paris.

This blog entry is to share details about the bus stops for Rome , Venice, Milan and Paris because Megabus does such a lousy job of describing their Bus stops to their potential customers. The information here will be useful for anyone planning to travel with Megabus and departing/arriving from these points.


Address: Rome, Autostazione Tiburtina Piazzale Mazzoni
Nearest Metro station: Tiburtina FS
Nearest Railway station: Roma Tiburtina Railway station (above the metro stn)

The Megabus departs either from or outside the Autostazione Roma Tiburtina (Bus Terminal).

Autostazione Roma Tiburtina (aka Bus Terminal)

The Autostazion Tiburtina is directly opposite the Roma Tiburtina FS Railway station which is above the Roma Tiburtina FS Metro station. But it is a bit hidden from sight so you will have to walk further down.

This bus terminal on the left of the Tiburtina FS is NOT the Megabus Terminal.

From the Tiburtina FS Railway station's main entrance, just cross the street all the way till you see the sign of the Autostazione Tiburtina. Megabus however, is not officially listed as one of the bus companies served by the Autostazione so look around for the help of the staffs. I found that showing them my megabus itinerary print out is very helpful.

Entrance of the Tiburtina FS

If you are taking the Metro to Tiburtina FS. Turn right when you come out from the control station. Look out for “P.le Staz. Tiburtina” in the signboards. At some point you will have to move upwards to the ground floor.

Many parts of the train station and malls were closed by the time I came so I actually exited the station directly via a flight of stairs in front of the control station. After that I took another flight of stairs and crossed the road.

Inside the Roma Tiburtina FS Metro Station

One of the guys on the same bus told me a Megabus staff had told him the bus will depart from 8 Stallo ( Translation: Platform 8).

But because our bus starts at 01:00am, the autostazion had to close before that and we waited for our bus directly outside the terminal.

Miscellaneous info:The autostazione seems to provide Baggage depositing services as displayed in the signboards around. However I did not bother verifying nor do I know their opening hours and rates.
There is a small cafe across the street that sold sandwiches, snacks and beverages. I bought a 1.5ml water for just 1.50 euros. The vending machines in the Bus Terminal charge more than that for 500ml. While I did not notice how long the shop opened till, they did not show signs of closing when I bought my water around 12:00am.


Address: Venice, Tronchetto People Mover
Nearest Waterbus stop: Tronchetto Mercato (recommend going Tronchetto Car Park instead)
Nearest People mover: Tronchetto

The Megabus stop is directly opposite the front entrance of the Tronchetto People Mover station. 

To go into Venice, you can either take a People Mover (which is like a train) to Pizzale Roma station and catch a Water Bus.

Tronchetto People Mover Station
A look inside the People Move trains

Or you can walk maybe 10 minutes more to the Tronchetto (Car Park) Waterbus Stop and take a Waterbus directly. The Tronchetto Mercato Waterbus stop is slightly nearer but they don’t sell tickets there.

The Tronchetto Mercato Waterbus is right behind the People Mover Station while the Tronchetto (Car Park) Waterbus station is to the right of the Tronchetto People Mover Station. Both Tronchetto Waterbus station only has Bus “N” and “2”.

I definitely recommend taking the water bus straight away if the waterbus takes you to your hotel immediately. Otherwise, you can make a stop at Pizzale Roma, which is a central stop and can bring you everywhere albeit it can be very overwhelming.

Miscellous info:
Venice Public transport Map:
ACTV waterbus timetable :


Address: Milan, Autostazione Lampugnano
Nearest Metro station: Lampugnano

The Megabus stop is directly opposite the Lampunano Metro station. On the right of the entrance you will see a multi storey carpark.

Lampugnano Metro station
The Bus platforms are directly outside the Metro station


Address: Paris, Porte Maillot Coach park
Nearest Metro station: Porte Maillot Metro station on Line 1 & RER C

From the Port Maillot metro station, take Exit 1 ( towards the direction of Palais des Congres ).

Continue down those stairs

What you see when you exit the train station. You will walk down the flight of stairs and find yourself in an underground area like the photo below. Walk all the way to the end and turn right before entering the mall. After some walk, more stairs up.

Turn right into the red corridors

When you come up, you will see the Le Palace De Congres Paris Building on your right. Walk straight, and turn right , you should see the Bus Terminal across the street.

Le Palace Des Congres Paris building on your right when you exit the Metro station.
Walk further down with the building still on your right.
The Bus Terminal is across the street

This is a view from the car park of the Bus Terminal. You linger around here for the right bus to arrive.

Miscellous Info:Paris Metro map :


Hope you find these photographs and directions helpful. If they did, please leave a comment and let me know!