Sep 24, 2015

Splendid Salzburg (Austria)

The beautiful little town made world famous by the movie ; "Sound of Music" and of course, for being the birthplace of classical composer Mozart Amadeus Wolfgang.

Composer Mozart Amadeus Wolfgang was born in 27th January 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. The young talent first performed for the King of Austria when he was 6. He soon went on to compose many of the classical scores we now adore.

Prague Train Station

I took a long train from Prague to Salzburg, changing at Linz. I didnt reserve any seats on the train and finding an empty seat in Czech was harder than i thought. The wagon I happened to board was packed to the brim. Thankfully I met an American girl who's mom had gone ahead to recce and she told us that he wagons ahead were all empty. There's just a lot of people standing around the corridors of the wagon we were in and blocking everyone else. Running up and down the platforms,  I was glad my luggage was able to give me mobility. The mission for my next trip is to pack even lighter!

I found an empty seat in a compartment of 6. There were 3 german girls and an American couple. The american couples were going to Salzburg too so the 3 of us got out at Linz together and then found a seat on our next train together. None of us knew what we were doing and just winged it. Along with another Hong Kong girl, we had a very nice chat from Linz to Salzburg.

There were a lot of korean travellers in Prague

One of the train staff while checking our tickets, fined the American lady €70 because her feet was on the seats and the fees was for cleaning it @_@; While dirtying the seats isn't good, fining someone for something they didn't explicitly say not to, felt very unfair to me.

Anyway, I'm just glad Melanie and Mark took the incident very well and didn't let that affect their mood at all. Maybe it's because of their stronger currency but man , I would be so miffed if they fined me €70!

I arrived pretty late in Salzburg. Took some time to find my hostel and stock up groceries at the nearby supermarket. By the time I went out it was probably 7pm already.

But I'm sure you wouldn't have known if I didn't tell you because the sky is still beaming!

The hostel I stayed at was superbly located,  it's beside the river and was walking distance from the Mirabell Garden. Check out my review of the hostel by clicking here if you want

First attraction I went to; Mirabell garden. Entrance is free and this is where a scene of the Sound of Music is filmed.  The part where Maria taught the children to sing "Do Re Me".

I then met 3 Finnish girls. So promptly dressed and waiting expectently at the gates, it doesn't take a genius to guess they are huge fans of the movie waiting to take a picture with the gate. I approached them for a photo and even helped them film a short video reenactment of the movie hahah. Such fun!

Unicorn statue!

Mirabell Palace


This is one of the statue that was in the movie. I cannot remember which statue exactly but it was one of these gnomes LOL

I think this terrace was in the movie too! But I might be wrong LOL.

Beautiful roses were in full bloom when I was there. They were beautiful!

I explored the garden a little more and decided to head back for dinner which is half a pizza, tiramisu and some berries. Bought everything from the Supermarket nearby and it cost me just €5.80!

I didn't spend a lot of time in Salzburg itself because I took a day trip to Hallstatt and was left stranded there. The rest of my Salzburg trip was spent just walking around and taking in the sights.

These are the photos of the Old Town.

The Old Towns here reminded me very much of Prague albeit on a much smaller scale. And not as bustling as Prague.

The looming clouds in the background really gives it a dynamic vibe.

Europe has some of the nicest Mac Donald buildings/stores!

Salzburg is a nice little area that can be reached on foot everywhere. That said, when I was there and armed with the map from the Hostel, I found it hard to find the Hellbrunn Palace and did not eventually find it.

The vibe of the old town is nice, peaceful and reassuring. However it is hard not to notice the influx of tourists (I am one too LOL) and overwhelming amount of luxury shops. That made everything felt a tad bit touristy. Nevertheless, Salzburg remains a worthwhile stopover; especially for fans of Mozart and Sound of Music.