Nov 9, 2015

Getting Data Sim in Kansai

So I visited Japan for the Cherry blossoms earlier this year. While I was there, i bought so-net’s Prepaid LTE Data Sim card. Unlike b-mobile which needs to be pre-ordered and shipped to the airport, so-net’s prepaid data sim are sold either via a vending machine or a shop inside the Airport. Which is of course, extremely useful for people who decide to splurge on a data sim card in the last minute. Not to mention the data plans are the cheapest by far.


Official website:







There are 3 service plans available. Check out the table below.




While 1GB seemed like a reasonable amount for 11 days, I found myself maxing out by day 7 and I didn’t even watch any Youtube videos! It seemed like Samsung Note 3 (phone I was using then) sucks a lot of data. But if you need to top up you account, you can do so online. I had some problem with the website when I topped up with my mobile phone. The confirmation page didn’t come up and I ended up charging 2000 yen to my credit card twice -_____-;; So here’s a heads up for you guys.





Here are the lists of locations you can purchase this data sim card.



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